Maitreyi Ramakrishnan’s Boyfriend in 2023: Is the Devi Actress Single in Real Life?

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend in 2023. The Devi actress from Never Have I Ever is currently single in real life.

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan‘s vivacious character Devi steals the show in the Netflix blockbuster Never Have I Ever. Her dating troubles and back-and-forth with possible boyfriends are relatable and entertaining to watch, and her debut program has already made her a fan favorite among the crowd.

As the show’s fourth and final season comes to a close, viewers are wondering about Maitreyi Ramakrishnan’s love life off-screen. Does she really have a boyfriend in real life? Well, let’s find it out.

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2023: Maitreyi Ramakrishnan Does Not Have a Boyfriend; The Devi Actress Is Single in Real Life!

As of 2023, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (@maitreyiramakrishnan) from Never Have I Ever doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend in real life. However, we cannot be certain; the Devi actress could be dating or in a relationship with someone in private. But since the details are kept secret, we may presume the cast of the show is currently single.

However, the Never Have I Ever cast has previously discussed her relationships and attraction in an interview with Laverne Cox‘s If We’re Being Honest. Appearing on the show, she stated that when it comes to dating, she is more concerned about her partner’s personality.

She explained, “If you get that banter with me, you can read my face perfectly, I don’t care if you’re a boy, girl, or in between. You are my person, and you are just the package that that person comes in. I’m very much about personality and don’t do labels for attraction.” Likely, the actress went on to say that she’s more concerned about meeting someone who understands her.

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan doesn't seem to have a boyfriend in 2023. celebsindepth.comMaitreyi Ramakrishnan doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend in 2023.
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Maitreyi Ramakrishnan also acknowledged that she is currently single, and unlike her Never Have I Ever character, she likes to be alone for the time being. She stated, “The other day, I said to Mindy [Kaling], ‘I think I’m just more of a badass when I’m single.’ Right now in my life, I am so happy just doing me and being there for myself.” She also confirmed that she hasn’t been in a significant relationship in many years.

Similarly, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan has previously opened out about her own path with self-love in an interview with Teen Vogue, saying,

I think my journey with self love is pretty normal, I like to think, because it’s not one that goes one way or the other all the time. One day I can be on top of the world and the next day I can feel like sh*t — but that’s life, right? That is life. And I always just try to strive for the better, but some days it’s harder than others.

Never Have I Ever Season 4: Who Does Devi End Up With?

While the friends are playing Never Have I Ever, the one and only Ben Gross makes his grand rom-com debut. He travels all the way across the nation to tell Devi that he not only likes her but that he loves her. Devi confesses her feelings for him, and Kamala agrees to cover so they can scooter away to Ben’s place and enjoy a beautiful night together. When they wake up in the morning, Ben suggests they stay together and try long-distance dating.

Devi agrees and returns home, surprising her mother by being fully awake, packed, and mostly bathed on time. Devi rushes upstairs before they depart, exclaiming, “What’s poppin, gods?!” Instead of requesting smaller pores or a guy who can do one-armed push-ups, she thanks them for her amazing life and loved ones, asks them to look after her mother while she’s gone, and adds “I’ll see you at Princeton” to a photo of her father.

Devi ends up with Ben Gross in the series finale. celebsindepth.comDevi ends up with Ben Gross in the series finale.
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A montage shows Nalini and Andres laughing over a glass of wine, Fab enjoying a robotics class with Gears, Eleanor acting with Trent nearby, Paxton studying at Arizona State, Kamala and Manish (FINALLY!!!!) grabbing ice cream, and Ben and Devi cuddling in her dorm for a movie night before the series ends. Later, Never Have I Ever’s reliable narrator John McEnroe stated before signing off,

After four rocky years of high school, Devi had both the boy and the college of her dreams. There would be other dreams, of course, like becoming the first Supreme Court Justice who’s also a hip hop artist, but in this moment, our little hot head from the valley was pretty happy.