Midori Francis Girlfriend 2021 – Afterlife of the Party Actress’s Relationship with Macaulee Cassaday!

Midori Francis is an actress who rose to international fame last year after appearing in the hit Netflix series Dash & Lily. The romance holiday-themed movie was a massive success with fans as the short rom-com was devoured soon after it’s release. Now she is appearing in another Netflix production and fans want to know more about her personal life. Here we will let you know everything about her girlfriend in 2021 and some other details.

The Afterlife of the Party actress was born on 16 April 1994, to her parents in Rumson, New Jersey. She is of mixed race, Japanese on her father side, and has one younger sibling. The family live in New Jersey for a few years after she was born but soon moved to their first home, leaving their apartment behind. Since then the actress says she has not been back but she would like to visit again.

Soon after moving Midori moved to a new high school and upon finishing there she enrolled in Rutgers University, studying Fine Arts. After graduating in 2014, the actress moved to London where she started her training to become a professional actress. Seven years later and Midori Francis has two hit Netflix productions under her belt. But if you are looking for more information about the actress’ personal life, here is everything we know about her girlfriend in 2021.

Midori Francis Girlfriend 2021 – She Appear to be Dating Macaulee Cassaday

midori-francis-girlfriend-2021Midori Francis is dating her girlfriend Macaulee Cassaday. They proabably started dating in 2017 but we are not certain if they are still together in 2021.
Image Source: Midori Francis Instagram

Midori Francis started her career in 2015 with a short movie, but since then the actress has appeared in many shows and movies. But her most famous role was in the Netflix hit romance comedy series Dash & Lily. She plays Lily in the show, a girl who loves the holiday season and starts a game with Dash via the library. Well, in the show a heterosexual romance is show, which is not exactly Midori’s sexual orientation.

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According to her Instagram profile, the actress loves her fellow females. She is a lesbian and who is not shy about who she is on social media or real life. Her support for the LGBTQ+ group is evident and we think the actress has date a girlfriend in the past. Through our research, we found a girl, Midori sharing pictures with and earlier photos reveal an intimate relationship between the two.

Midori Francis Appears to be Dating Her Girlfriend Macaulee Cassaday

In the research across various social media channels revealed Midori Francis has a girlfriend. Well, we cannot be certain as they never call each other their special someone on social media, but everyone appears to be convinced they are dating. The person Midori is supposedly dating in 2021 is Macaulee Cassaday, who is also an actress and has appeared in a handful of productions in the past.

Macaulee Cassaday is from Canada and her acting credits include one episode of Netflix show Daredevil. She has also appeared in a few short movies over her budding career. As for her relationship with Midori Francis, according to our research, the duo met for the first time in 2017 and have been together ever since. There pictures of the two in each other’s Instagram pages.

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The oldest post featuring Midori’s girlfriend, on her page, was from 1 November 2017. The photo shows Midori and Macaulee inside a theatre while the Dash & Lily actress is holding a bouquet of flowers. After the first picture there have been a steady stream of cozied-up pictures featuring the two. Though Midori never calls Macaulee her girlfriend, fans appear to be sure and even give their approval.

More recently, however, pictures featuring the two have dried up a little. The last picture featuring the two is from 26 August 2020. The picture show the duo holding hands and wearing white dresses. Since then it has been silent on both fronts. Macaulee’s Instagram is unavailable and Midori has not posted any photos of the two. So, it is not certain if Midori Francis is still in a relationship with her girlfriend in 2021.

Midori Francis Plays Lisa in the Netflix Movie Afterlife of the Party

When a performer succeeds on Netflix, the probability of seeing them in more streaming content is high. Netflix actors keep coming back for more as the platform offers the biggest reach among young viewers. So, after the success of Dash & Lily, it was only a matter of time before Midori Francis was back starring in another Netflix production.

This time she is trading in her series performance for a also starring role in the movie Afterlife of the Party. The movie is about a social butterfly who is all about going clubs and having fun in the moment. During her birthday party, she dies, suddenly, leaving devastated friends and family behind. But while waiting to move on to another world, she gets five days to fix some of her wrongs.

Midori Francis plays Lisa in the highly anticipated movie. Lisa is the best friend of the protagonist, Cassie, and someone who is opposite of her best friend. Lisa is shy and clumsy when it comes to matters of heart, so Cassie is tasked with giving her friend confidence and helping her hook up with a cute man. But she also needs to mend her relationship with Lisa before times runs out.

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Afterlife of the Party is streaming on 2 September 2021, only on Netflix. The cast is led by Victoria Justice as Cassie and Midori Francis as Lisa, with Robyn ScottTimothy RenoufAdam GarciaGloria GarciaMyfanwy Waring, and Spencer Sutherland also starring.

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