Miah Madden Girlfriend 2021 – Is the Dive Club Actress in a Relationship?

Miah Madden comes from a family of famous people, from her father to her sisters, everyone has made their mark in Australia. Miah herself is a successful actress who is currently starring in the Netflix series Dive Club. With a budding career and a visible international show, Miah’s star is on the rise. So, we wanted to take a look at her dating history and possible girlfriend in 2021, all the details that we could find.

The Aussie actress was born on 9 April 2001 to her father Lee Madden and mother Belinda Kirkpatrick. She comes from a indigenous heritage from her father side. She has one younger sister and three older half-sisters, with whom she has a good relationship with. Miah was 2 years old when her father died, her younger sister never got to meet their father.

Miah was only 11 years old when she made her on-screen debut in 2012. Almost a decade later she is leading a Netflix show and making a splash all over the world. A slow trickle of international fandom is sure to find the actress and they would love to know more about the actress. So, before we get into any more details, here is everything you need to know about her girlfriend and other relationship details in 2021.

Miah Madden Girlfriend 2021 – Relationship Details of the Actress

miah-madden-girlfriend-2021Miah Madden is rumored to be dating her girlfriend Aubri Ibrag in 2021.
Image Source: Aubri Ibrag Instagram

Miah Madden has been in the spotlight ever since she was in her teen years. Coming from a well known family and following in the footsteps of her actor sister, the actress’ name was the well known. Show business was something she wanted from a young age and soon she found success. But over the years she has also redefined herself, refusing to be type casted and finding herself.

It appears the actress identifies with the LGBTQ+ community. Her Instagram posts show a few hints that the actress is not heterosexual. Then there are the pictures of the actress with her Dive Club co-star that has gotten fans talking. The commenters on Instagram think Miah Madden is dating girlfriend Aubri Ibrag in 2021. Well, let’s see if we can get to the bottom of this.

Miah Madden is Dating Her Rumored Girlfriend Aubri Ibrag in 2021

When it comes to fans, they are okay with shipping anyone they like together. There have been many fan conjured up relationships in the past so it may not come as a surprise that Miah Madden’s Instagram comments are filled with some wishful fans. It all started with a single post and since then some fans things Aubri Ibrag is Miah Madden’s girlfriend.

Miah shared a photo of herself and Aubri Ibrag together on 19 February 2021. It was promoted content as the duo appeared to be part of “Love is Love” campaign, promoting equality. The post resulted in few question if the two were dating. But things got even more murky a few months later as a close photo of the two was being fawned over by the fans.

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Posted on 20 May 2021, two pictures of the duo was captioned, “Missing my Anna ?.” The post resulted in a lot of comments asking if the couple was dating. Same was the case in Aubri’s Instagram when she posted pictures from the same day. Aubri has been out as a lesbian for a while now and fans were loving that the two were possibly a couple.

Though neither of them call each other girlfriends, nor there are extremely intimate pictures featuring the two. It appears Miah Madden is possibly dating a girlfriend but we are not certain if it is Aubri Ibrag. They starred in the new Netflix show together and are close in the show which has resulted in fans to turn that connection into a reality.

Miah Madden Plays Maddie in the Netflix Series Dive Club

Dive Club is a Queensland filmed show which was one of the first productions to star filming after a long pandemic lockdown. It took 3 months to get the show finished as the cast and crew headed home in February. After a short post production the show was released on 29 May 2021 on 10 Shake. All 12 episodes of the series have been released in Australia while Netflix will bring the show to the international arena.

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The new Netflix show follows a group of talented divers who are thrown into mystery after a girl goes missing in their quiet Cape Mercy. Later they find a message from the girl which say that she found something and she was now in danger. Sensing the bigger mystery, the group star searching and they are not ready for what will be a town shaking revelation.

Miah Madden plays Maddie in Dive Club. Maddie is the lead of the show and there has not much said about the character. We know she is close with Anna and has a group of friends who all love to go diving in the ocean. More will be revealed about the character when Dive Club arrives on Netflix.

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Netflix is releasing Dive Club on 3 September 2021. The cast of the show is led by Miah Madden as MaddieGeorgia-May Davis as Lauren, Aubri Ibrag as AnnaSana’a Shaik as StevieMercy Cornwall as IzzieJoshua Heuston as HenryAlexander Grant as HaydenJoseph Spanti as BradPhoenix Mendoza as Camille, and Jai Koutre as Chief Jack Rose.

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