Ncuti Gatwa Faced Criticism for the Scar on His Face

Dec 24, 2023 @ 4:36 GMT-0500
Ncuti Gatwa Faced Criticism for the Scar on His Face - Many people are curious to know about Ncuti Gatwa's scar, which is on the right side of his face. There are rumors that the scar is from his birth. Until 2023, he has not mentioned any reason behind the scar, but he has mentioned facing negative comments from his school days.

Mizero Ncuti Gatwa, better known as Ncuti Gatwa, is a Rwandan-Scottish actor who is known for his role as gay teenager Eric Effiong in the Netflix comedy series Sex Education. Recently, he has been in the news after appearing in the trailer for the British science fiction television series Doctor Who season 26. What is the name of the character Ncuti is playing?

Ncuti auditioned for the part in Doctor Who in February 2022. When he was asked about his new journey before the audition, he mentioned that he was ready but nervous to step into his new role. Recently, he has mentioned that playing the role was the most fun role in the world. He is portraying the Fifteenth Doctor on Doctor Who, making his debut in the 60th anniversary special and leading the upcoming Christmas special, which will be released on December 25, 2023.

People are expecting Ncuti to do his best in his new movie. Some of his fans also believe that he has hidden his scars to look good in his new movie. In this article, we will be talking about his scar, personal life, and dating history. To know more, read this article.

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Ncuti Gatwa Has a Scar on the Right Side of His Face

Ncuti Gatwa's (@ncutigatwa) scar is on the right side of his face, and people are curious to know the reason behind the scar. People say that the scar might be the result of a big accident or that it might be a birthmark, but till now he has not revealed the story behind the scar.

Ncuti Gatwa's scar is believed to be a birthmark. celebsindepth.comNcuti Gatwa's scar is believed to be a birthmark.
Source: Instagram

Ncuti's scar has made people curious about his childhood life. Some people believe that his scar was his birthmark, while others think that the scar was due to a big accident. His age and the incident seem to be the most surprising things you guys have ever heard and to learn more about him, read more.

Ncuti Gatwa’s Scar Led Him to Face Several Criticisms

Ncuti Gatwa, who is very popular for his teenage gay role in sex education, is currently 31 years old. Is he a decade older than he’s supposed to be? There is a guess that people believe that his scar is the result of getting bitten at an early age, as he used to be bullied for his color and sexuality. His scar is on the face, on the right side near his eyebrow.

Ncuti Gatwa's scar has been in the discussion lately because of his upcoming appearance in the 26th season of the series Doctor Who. The trailer for the series is already out, and the season will premiere on December 26, 2023. While some people think that he has covered his scar for his role, others have claimed that it was just for the poster. The rumors started spreading after the sex education star posted a poster for the series.

Ncuti Gatwa's scar is visible occasionally. celebsindepth.comNcuti Gatwa's scar is visible occasionally.
Source: Instagram

In the picture, Ncuti's scar on his face is hidden, but it looks like it was not meant to be hidden intentionally. The picture is clicked from the right side, so the scar might not be visible, which is why people might be confused. Until the show won't be released, the rumors might spread more, but we think the rumors are fake.

Ncuti Gatwa Is Facing Criticism for His Color, Sexuality, and His Nationality

Ncuti Gatwa has been dealing with racism from an early age. In 2019, when he appeared on BBC Doc Black and Scottish to talk about his experiences growing up in Scotland, he revealed how fellow students of his high school had set up a Facebook page to racially abuse him. He said that the incident wasn’t pleasant, as he stated;

I was like, you can’t know me and not like me. I was actually quite confused! So I was like, okay, fine. I’m just going to carry on being myself and they’re going to fall in love with me sooner or later. And they did. He even ended up becoming friends with the boys who’d come up with the page. It was really a good lesson to me about the difference between hate and ignorance.

Not only for color, Ncuti Gatwa has also faced negative comments for being Scottish and for his sexuality. During an interview, he said that people have tried to fight him; there’ve been times when he has been on a night out and people ask him where he is from. He also shares his thoughts and mentions that people really cannot understand the concept of a black boy in a tracksuit in London being from Scotland.

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