Is Nicole Byer With Her (Partner) Husband, Wes? Child!

Nicole Byer shut down the rumors about dating Wes and announced her partner as Dan Black through her Instagram. Previously, she had also dated many men and women, and she has a husband named John Milhiser. She was separated from John as the relationship was just for John to achieve a green card, and Cole doesn’t have a child yet.

Nicole Byer is an American comedian, actress, and television host best known as the host of the Netflix comedic reality bake-off series Nailed It. She has recently been in the news after revealing her experience with the worst thing she tasted. What did she taste?

During an interview, Nicole said that she had never thought that Nailed It! would be as big as it was or that she would be known for hosting a food show. She mentioned that she knew the reality show was different from other cooking shows with gourmet-level food to judge. During her time as the show host, she said that she tasted the half-baked cake and that it was not the worst thing she had tasted.

After the interview, many people seemed curious about her current personal life. In this article, we will be talking about her love life, personal life, and dating history. Did she have a child? To know more about her current partner, read this detail.

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Nicole Byer Announced That She Is Happy With Her Partner Dan Black!

The relationship between Nicole Byer (@nicolebyer) and her partner, Dan Black, seems to be creating confusion with the rumors of Dan having a spouse named Christina Calph. Nicole’s love life has been a question mark many times in the past when she had a husband named John. Despite having many relationships in the past, she hasn’t had a child till now.

There are many things about Nicole Byer’s love life that you might not be aware of. Her sexuality, partner, and marriage life seem to be like a movie story. In 2022, she announced that she had been dating comedian Dan Black which shocked her fans. However, recently on Reddit, one of the users claimed that the couple had separated. Why did they break up?

Nicole Byer's current partner, Dan Black, is a comedian. celebsindepth.comNicole Byer’s current partner, Dan Black, is a comedian.
Source: Instagram

The user claimed that Dan is dating Christina Calph, as referenced multiple times on her social media. He also said that people have been believing in fake news and that Dan is not his real-life partner of Nicole. However, the post-Byer posted in 2022 claiming Dan to be his partner has not been deleted yet. People seem to be upset with the news of Dan and Nicole being fake with them, while some claim them to be hilarious people.

Who Is Nicole Byer’s Husband? Is Her Spouse’s Name Wes?

The news of Nicole Byer and her partner Dan Black being separated is not confirmed yet, and we hope the rumors are fake. Before dating Dan, Nicole had a few partners, and she was also married to a man named John Milhiser. The relationship was later claimed to be a fake one, and during an interview in 2016, she said that she made John her husband for money and stated;

On one episode, I get married to a man for money, and he gets married to me for a green card. Now I can talk about it because the statute of limitations is up … I truly have no shame. He was a teeny tiny little Indian man who wanted to stay in America, and I was a lady $30,000 in debt who wanted to continue living

Nicole Byer and Dan Black are yet to be husband and wife. celebsindepth.comNicole Byer and Dan Black are yet to be husband and wife.
Source: Instagram

As the relationship was not made out of love, Nicole Byer and her ex-husband, John, got divorced. During the interview, she also talked about her single life and said that she wanted to be in a relationship and that she would go on a date with a weirdo because maybe they could be her weirdo.

Nicole Byer also mentioned her thoughts on love, as she said she thinks love is real and she does think she is going to find it. Well, everyone thought she had found her love after she posted about Dan and her relationship, but it looks like the relationship needs one more confirmation.

Meet Nicole Byer’s Rumored Partner Wes!

Some people on the internet think that Nicole Byer might be dating Weston Bahr, also known as Wes, the stage manager and associate director of the baking show Nailed It. The people are guessing wrong, and they are just good friends. Nicole and Wes do not have any children together, but Wes has a child with her current partner, Jessica.

Talking about Nicole’s sexuality, in many interviews and on her podcast, Why Won’t You Date Me? She has shared her experiences and thoughts about relationships, dating, and sexuality. She often highlights the importance of self-acceptance and being true to oneself.

She also identifies as a pansexual person which means that she is attracted to people regardless of their gender or gender identity. During an interview, she also mentioned that she had dated both men and women and her partner has always been her support system.