Pasted Nip’s Net Worth: How Much Is Roxanne’s Company (Business) Worth?

The net worth of Roxanne Kaiser and Antonio’s company (business), Pasted Nip, has not been revealed yet. 

The final choice for couples on The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is whether they will depart engaged to their original partner, someone new, or no one at all following a three-week trial marriage with a new partner and a three-week false marriage with each other. In Season 2 of the Netflix reality show, Roxanne Kaiser tackles this dilemma with her four-year boyfriend, Antonio.

Moreover, Antonio gives Roxanne the ultimatum because he is ready to settle down and marry. However, she worries that doing so will force her to give up her job and career objectives. It’s confusing why she believes that getting married will suddenly lessen her role as CEO of her own company, PastedNip.

As a result, people have recently been curious to know more about Pasted Nip as well as wonder about the actual net worth of her company. Well, here is what we know.

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Pasted Nip’s Net Worth Has Yet to Be Revealed!

Roxanne Kaiser and her business partner, Antonio‘s Pasted Nip‘s (@pasted_nip) net worth has not been disclosed yet. It is a women-focused company that develops more pleasurable, longer-lasting nipple pastes. But it’s about more than just keeping the girls secure without a bra—it’s about championing women and boosting their confidence.

According to the company website, the Georgia native’s business purpose is to take societal standards of beauty, release your inner sexy, and throw your bras to the haters.

Pasted Nip's net worth has yet not been disclosed. celebsindepth.comPasted Nip’s net worth has yet not been disclosed.
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So, where is Pasted Nip today? Meanwhile, it’s only growing and will surely acquire greater visibility as a result of the show. According to the source, Roxanne stated,

My business is doing great. We hit big-box stores earlier this year which has been great and a challenge of its own. We just got a warehouse, which has been a crazy transition. I can’t have nails anymore because I’m moving boxes like crazy. I’m trying to work through this new phase of my life.

Moreover, Antonio is also convinced that anything Roxanne faces in her career will be easy for the go-getter. According to him, “She walks it like she talks it. Anything she ever expected out of me, she did herself.”

Furthermore, when asked what he gained from entering the program with his partner, we can’t help but think it’s because of Roxanne’s perspective. He said,

It’s so cheesy, and I hate that this is my takeaway, but it’s that you can do anything you set your mind to. It’s that simple. That has been the biggest lesson.

Roxanne and Antonio’s Ultimatum Relationship Takes an Unexpected Turn!

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On premiered its second season on August 23, 2023, with the first eight episodes available to viewers. For those who are unfamiliar with the reality dating show, the concept revolves around couples who are having problems in their relationships. In each coupling, one spouse issues an ultimatum to the other in order to resolve issues before getting engaged.

Roxanne and her partner, Antonio. celebsindepth.comRoxanne and her partner, Antonio. 
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After three weeks, the contestants return to their original pairings and spend extra time attempting to resolve their differences. Roxanne Kaiser and her four-year boyfriend, Antonio. are one of the season’s most intriguing couples. The latter had issued the ultimatum to his fiancée, who, despite being financially and emotionally independent, has difficulty letting down her guard when it comes to marriage.

Eventually, Roxanne re-marries Alex Chapman, and Antonio chooses Alex’s first love, Kat. When Alex and Antonio have time to converse during one of the guys’ hangout sessions, drama follows. After telling Antonio that Roxanne doesn’t respect him and refers to him as a whipping boy, he phones his initial lover for clarification.

She denies saying that—and then gets into a heated kitchen brawl with Alex about lying about what she said, how the boys’ night went the cleaning schedule, and other issues. He adopts a patronizing tone, and she points out that she isn’t as frail as Kat. Roxanne apologizes to him, but he does not reciprocate, and she decides to end their recoupling.

Antonio did the same thing, packing his belongings and not spending the night with Kat at their flat. He eventually breaks the heartbreaking news to Kat that he is returning to Roxanne to spend the rest of the season seeking to restore their relationship.