Roxanne Kaiser From The Ultimatum Season 2: Instagram, Age, Business & Company, and Reddit Update!

Roxanne Kaiser from The Ultimatum Season 2 co-founded PastedNip with her business partner, Audrey Mattei. According to Reddit users, the 32-year-old Netflix cast previously worked in information technology before starting her own company. She can be found on Instagram at (@rickyrox_).

Season 2 of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is now available on Netflix. The latest season of the Netflix reality series introduces us to five new couples who are debating whether or not to marry. In each partnership, one individual has given their partner an ultimatum: either finish this experience by getting engaged or break up.

One of the most well-known cast members in season 2 is Roxanne Kaiser, a driven entrepreneur in her early 30s who is unsure whether marriage is the right choice for her even though her partner, Antonio Mattei, is prepared to make the commitment. He’s given Roxanne an ultimatum.

Roxanne selects Alex Chapman as her trial marriage partner before returning to Antonio to put their trial marriage to the test. Who will she ultimately choose? Will Roxanne get married to Antonio? Continue reading to learn all about Roxanne from The Ultimatum, including her age, business, Instagram, and more.

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Roxanne Kaiser From The Ultimatum Season 2 Is a 32-year-old Businesswoman Who Co-founded a Company Named PastedNip!

Roxanne Kaiser (@rickyrox_) from The Ultimatum: Marry or Move was born on December 18, 1990, in Atlanta, Georgia to her white father, Larry Kaiser & a Persian-Iranian mother named Zahra. She is proud of her Persian-Iranian ancestry and frequently discusses holidays and her background on Instagram.

Likely, she also has one sibling, a 34-year-old married sister named Sheila Vinas. Her sister recently gave birth to a baby, and Aunt Roxanne enjoys spending time with her gorgeous nephew.

Roxanne Kaiser from The Ultimatum runs her own business through her co-founded company. celebsindepth.comRoxanne Kaiser from The Ultimatum runs her own business through her co-founded company. 
Image Source: Instagram

Roxanne’s father Larry spoke on the show about how her entire childhood she had males throwing stuff at her, trips, gifts, everything, but evidently, she no longer needs a man to provide her the finer things in life now that she’s an über successful businesswoman.

Roxanne and her business partner, Audrey Mattei, founded PastedNip three years before her appearance on the show, in 2019. They sell pasties, or nipple coverings so that women can wear braless attire. According to her company’s website,

Aside from wanting to create the best nipple covers on the market – we equally want to create a brand that screams women’s empowerment and confidence. From day one, I remember telling Audrey that my goal was to help women feel sexy going braless in anything they wear.

She continued,

One of our favorite aspects about owning PastedNip is being sent hundreds and hundreds of pictures from different women wearing outfits paired with PastedNip. The mission is for women to feel confident and sexy – in whatever they have on!

Roxanne also aggressively promotes her PasteNip product on TikTok through her company. She worked in information technology for several years before starting her own company. According to her LinkedIn, she too worked in logistics like Antonio (perhaps where they initially met).

Although The Ultimatum season 2 was recorded in several places in Charlotte, North Carolina, it appears that Roxanne and Antonio are now based in Atlanta, Georgia. Having said that, she enjoys traveling the world and has visited numerous US states and countries, including all of North America, South America, and Europe.

Reddit User Recently Mocked Roxanne Kaiser On Social Media!

Roxanne Kaiser has been mocked on social media by Reddit users. celebsindepth.comRoxanne Kaiser has been mocked on social media by Reddit users. 
Image Source: Instagram

Many Reddit fans have been frustrated by Roxanne Kaiser and her show-off in Season 2 of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. One user wrote, “If I hear her say one more time “provider” or “work” or “business” I’m done. What I wrong with her …. AND her family, sorry! That’s not normal to be that fixated on running a business and comparing one another like this… what is this?!”

Another stated, “I absolutely can’t stand people who view being a workaholic as a flex! like what, are people who have a healthy work/life balance supposed to be ashamed that they have other joys in their life apart from working 18 hours a day? just yikes” To which one user replied, “And her business is selling nipple pasties. Like, you do not need to talk about and be consumed with this goddamn business so much.”