What Dental Procedure Has Pattie Boyd Received?

Mar 1, 2024 @ 6:01 GMT-0500
What Dental Procedure Has Pattie Boyd Received? celebsindepth.com

celebsindepth.com - Pattie Boyd seems to have fixed her dental problems. Back then, she used to have a bunny and gaping dental but it is not the case these days.

Pattie Boyd is an English model and photographer. She rose to prominence as one of the top international models in the 1960s, embodying the British feminine image of the time. She began her profession as a trainee beautician at Elizabeth Arden's Bond Street salon, motivated by a client who worked for Honey magazine.  She finally joined a modeling agency and began her career as a fashion model. Her career took off after being inspired by the fashion business, propelling her into the spotlight and establishing her as a key character in the swinging 1960s scene.

Still today, she has fans, and people have always kept her updated about her life. Those who have watched her since her early years might be worried about her appearance, and her looks have changed a lot. She was known for having big rabbit teeth, as it was quite noticeable in her every photo. However, she has fixed it now.

How Did Pattie Boyd Fix Her Dental Problems?

Pattie Boyd now has a beautiful appearance after fixing her teeth gap. Previously, whenever she made an appearance, the main thing people noticed about her was her dental issues. Her fashion career began in 1962, initially modeling in London and Paris. Her regular projects during this period included work for the UK edition of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle in France, and Honey, as well as fashion spreads in newspapers. And still, she wasn't concerned about her dental health.

fixing her teeth Pattie Boyd doesn't have a gap. celebsindepth.comPattie Boyd doesn't have a denticle gap now.
Source: Instagram

Despite the problem, Pattie didn't stop smiling and shining through her appearance. She didn't let her flaws get in her way. Still today, she is known for her career, where she worked as a model and rose to fame. Being a model in today's generation, you must have a really good appearance without any flaws, but during that time she was signed by model agencies and was not affected by her dental issues.

No doubt, you might have queries regarding when she fixed her dental problem. Well, she hasn't revealed when she fixed it, but until the year 2006, fans were asking why she hadn't fixed it. Which means she hadn't fixed her dental issues until 2006.

So, as per our assumption, the 79-year-old former model fixed her dental issues between 2008 and 2015. Her book takes a striking turn as the images transition from fashion shoots to shots of Boyd with Harrison during the height of Beatlemania. Landing a Beatle left an indelible mark on the model, propelling her into an even more privileged spotlight.

She wore a lot of dolly dresses in the early 1960s, and her hair was usually shoulder-length with a flip at the end. She teased her hair at the crown of her head, creating a "hump" that many girls wore at the time. And she never let her dental problems overshadow her stunning appearance.

Comparing Pattie Boyd's Before and After Pictures

Pattie Boyd does not appear to have any kind of dental issues these days, but she has still not revealed what dental procedure she has had. What we can say is that she now smiles without hesitating.

Pattie Boyd then had big rabbit teeth, but now she doesn't. celebsindepth.comPattie Boyd before and after receiving dental treatment.
Image Source: Celebs In Depth

If you still search for her picture on the Internet, the first picture that pops up shows her rabbit teeth, which she had then. However, now she doesn't have a tooth gap, which was only possible due to dental procedures. If you check out her then-and-now pictures, you will notice a big difference.

Although her dental works are not perfectly done now, they are better than before. Her before and after pictures give us all a clear difference. However, Pattie seemed to be happy with the procedures; still, she had a good appearance before undoing the dental procedure.

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