What Went Wrong With Ally McCoist’s New Teeth?

celebsindepth.com – Ally McCoist has recently had new teeth, but they look like they don’t fit him. During his recent commentary, fans asked about how he sounded and what had gone wrong with his dental enhancement. However, he has not replied back to any backlashes.

Ally McCoist is a former Scottish footballer who now works as a manager and television analyst. Between 1988–89 and 1996–97, he had a tremendously successful spell with the Rangers, setting several team records and winning nine league titles in succession. He later played for Kilmarnock. In 2007, he was inducted into the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame. He has 61 international caps and is a member of the Scotland Football Hall of Fame. From 1983 until 2001, he scored 260 goals for Rangers and Kilmarnock, making him the fifth-highest striker in Scottish Football League history.

McCoist made an appearance as a commentator for his duties for Liverpool’s fifth-round FA Cup match versus Southampton. And he was on TV, and several people, apart from his comment, have talked about his dental health.

Ally McCoist’s Dental Transformation Doesn’t Suit Him at All

Several claims have been made regarding Ally McCoist’s new teeth and that they don’t suit him. During his commentary, fans asked about his current dental condition and what had gone wrong. He appeared as a commentator during Liverpool’s fifth-round FA Cup match against Southampton. One user said;

What’s up with Ally’s commentary? He sounds intoxicated at times, like he’s testing a new set of teeth.

Fans claim Ally McCoist's new teeth don't suit him. celebsindepth.comFans claim Ally McCoist sounds intoxicated.
Image Source: Instagram

Yes, people are making fun of him, and several people have been complaining about him having a “botched” dental makeover. He may be the reigning ‘Pundit of the Year,’ but Liverpool supporters weren’t impressed with the Scottish football legend during his commentary duties on Wednesday night. He has been a fixture in the commentary booth since his playing career ended, and fans are not satisfied with his hosting and said that getting some kind of dental treatment has led to such bad commentary.

In January of this year, several people asked if he had recently returned from the dentist. Well, yes, he had lost his teeth and got new ones, but it looks like no one is really satisfied with it, neither his fans and supporters nor his haters. All pf them are already p*ssed off with his commentary.

He returned to ITV duties on Wednesday night for Liverpool’s FA Cup clash against Southampton. However, numerous Liverpool fans became unhappy with what they saw to be a biased McCoist during the first half of the game. So they took Twitter (X) and other social media platforms to show their anger, and they targeted his new dental makeover. One person said,

Is it just me or does McCoist’s teeth not fit him ?

Another added;

I love Ally McCoist, but my god, he’s doing my head in tonight.

Another individual said,

Ally McCoist is doing my f***ing brain in!! ” Clearly biased towards Southampton.

What Happened to Ally McCoist’s New Dental Enhancement?

Despite all these speculations about his dental makeover, Ally McCoist has not bothered to reply back and talk about what went wrong.

Something is wrong with Ally McCoist's new teeth. celebsindepth.comSomething is wrong with Ally McCoist’s recent dental makeover.
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Maybe he has received dental implants. Dental implants replace damaged or missing ones with artificial ones, which are porcelain crowns linked to titanium posts anchored in the jaw. They have a solid grasp and a natural appearance. In some circumstances, a bone transplant might help stabilize the implant and offer a superior anchorage for the new teeth. One user said;

Either Ally McCoist’s new teeth don’t fit or he is having a stroke.

However, it is not that he is unaware of all these messages and speculations over his makeover, but he has not shown interest in replying. We hope he will fix it soon.

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