Power Rangers Dino Fury Gold Ranger Actor Jordon Fite – Girlfriend, Age, TikTok, 5 Facts to Know!

Power Rangers Dino Fury introduced Jordon Fite as the Gold Dino Fury Ranger in season 1 part 2. Here are 5 facts ranging from his age, girlfriend and other details you need to know!

Jordon Fite is making major moves this year on Netflix as the actor became the first African-American actor to take on the role of the 6th Power Ranger in the internationally celebrated franchise. After much speculations and later leaks on Reddit and social media, it was announced Jordon would play Gold Dino Fury Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Fury season 1 part 2, currently streaming on Netflix.

Power Rangers has been around for a long time, over 28 years, and there have been some diverse cast over the years. But until this day there have never been an African-American 6th Ranger, something that changed this year. So, imagine all the secrets Jordon had to keep while he was being cast and later move to New Zealand to shoot the show.

The secret was well kept until the summer of 2021 when some fans figured out and Hasbro had to hurry up their announcement trailer. Jordon was pretty excited about it all and said he was ready to meet and talk with fans. So, for people who are interested to know more about the actor, here are 5 facts you need to know.

Jordon Fite Age – He is 20-Years-Old and Has Over 1 Million Followers on TikTok

Jordon Fite was born on 28 November 2000, to his parents in Texas. He was raised in the Lone Star state by his parents and he grew up in a religious home. If you look at the actor’s Instagram, almost everything is relating to god, from his captions to his bio, everything is about his appreciation for god. Now, at the age of 20, Jordon is just starting out on his career as an actor.

But before he was even an actor, Jordon Fite was already famous on social media. While only moderately followed on Instagram, Jordon has over 1 million followers on TikTok. The actor celebrated the feat with an Instagram post that read, “Thank you all for 1 Million on TikTok. It’s an honor. Much Luv…❣️#begreat #stayblessed.”

Jordon Fite Plays Aiyon/Gold Dino Fury Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 1 Part 2

Power Rangers Dino Fury was announced last year and it premiered in February 2021 on Netflix. The whole series was shot in New Zealand during the pandemic as the cast and crew stayed in one of the least COVID affected countries in the world. The first season was well received and it appears the show is here to stay for a long tenure.

After the finale which showed a stasis chamber fans started speculating who the sixth ranger in the show was going to be. Through much speculation Jordon Fite auditioned for the role in March 2020, but did not hear back from the producers for about three months. After multiple callbacks, Jordon was finally hired to play the role of Aiyon/Gold Dino Fury Ranger in the Power Rangers Dino Fury.

Aiyon is a former ranger who 65 million years ago was the Gold Dino Fury Ranger and later was in the stasis chamber, only to be woken up today. Aiyon is of the same alien race as Zayto and comes back to join the team of Rangers as they battle with the threats of today.

Power Rangers Dino Fury season 1 part 2 is currently streaming on Netflix. The cast is led by Russell Curry as Zayto, the Red Dino Fury RangerHunter Deno as Amelia Jones, the Pink Dino Fury Ranger, Kai Moya as Ollie Akana, the Blue Dino Fury RangerTessa Rao as Izzy Garcia, the Green Dino Fury Ranger, Chance Perez as Javi Garcia, the Black Dino Fury Ranger.

Jordon Fite Played Football and Basketball in High School – He was the Homecoming King of C.E. King

A gifted athlete from a young age, Jordon Fite was a track and field star, setting local qualifying records. But he was not limited to just running, the Gold Dino Fury Ranger actor played basketball and football for the C.E. King Panthers. He became a star athlete for the school and all of his sporting feat was capped off with him becoming the 2018 Homecoming king.

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Next year in 2019 Jordon graduated from C.E. King high school. But despited his career taking off, Jordon is not giving up on education as the actor got accepted to the University of North Texas. He will become one of the many class of 2023 students hoping for a degree and a bright future ahead.

Power Rangers Dino Fury is Jordon Fite’s First Professional Acting Role

As Jordon finished high school and enrolled in college to get further education, the pandemic hit. All of the educational institutions were hit by the problem causing them to close down. As that whole thing was going on Jordon thought giving acting a try while locked in his home would be a good idea. So, he started making self-tapes and he was then asked to audition for the producers of Power Rangers Dino Fury.

Being new to the world of acting, Jordon did not know what it entailed to audition and get a callback. He did his audition in March and thought they went with someone else after he did not get a callback. Well, after about three month they wanted to talk again and in August there were more Zoom calls, and finally he was hired. They flew him to LA where he met the crew and the deal was finalized.

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From that time to April 2021 Jordon was not allowed to tell anyone about his casting. Everything was on the down low until Hasbro finally released promotional materials and announced the addition of the actor. Playing Gold Dino Fury Ranger/Aiyon in Power Rangers Dino Fury is Jordon Fite’s first gig as a professional actor. It appears the future is bright for the actor considering the attention he is getting from fans all over the world.

Jordon Fite Girlfriend – Is the Gold Ranger Actor Dating Someone?

jordon-fite-gold-dino-fury-ranger-netflix-2021Jordon Fite plays Gold Dino Fury Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Fury season 1 part 2. He is 20-years-old and does not have a girlfriend in 2021.
Image Source: Jordon Fite Instagram

As with most of the cast members of the Power Rangers Dino Fury, fans want to know who they are dating. Same is the case for visually attractive Jordon Fite as fans want know if the actor is in a relationship with a gf. Well, we searched his social media pages and the conclusion is simple, he appears to be single at the moment. We could not find a reference to a girlfriend or partner in his social media.

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There are ladies in his grid and people he went to prom with but the Gold Dino Fury Ranger actor appears to be focused on his budding career. With the massive reach of Netflix, the actor is sure to find even more adoring fans and interest in his personal life, but beyond cheering up his fans with quirky posts, Jordon appears to be a private with his personal life.

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