Night Teeth Cast – Megan Fox Joins Recognizable Faces in This 2021 Netflix Horror Flick!

Night Teeth cast has some recognizable faces, from a sci-fi supporting actor to musician-turned-actress coming together to deliver a blood-soaked Netflix horror/thriller.

Keeping true to the spooky theme of the month, Netflix is bringing another horror movie to its platform this month. With Halloween dominating the month of October, the streaming service is serving up some bloody vampire thriller. The trailer showed off some familiar faces, including that of Megan Fox, so we are discussing everything pertaining to Night Teeth cast and the movie itself.

From first time writer Brent Dillon and iBoy director Adam Randall, Night Teeth was filmed in New Orleans and Los Angeles. The film went into production in 2019 but filming only began in February 2020. After a few weeks of shooting, COVID pandemic shut down all productions. The delay in filming also meant the movie’s release date was pushed.

Filmed on a $20 million plus budget, most of the movie is set in the night as two ladies hop from bar to bar. But there is a sinister truth behind their night escapade as their driver understands he may be in some big trouble. So, before getting more into the movie, here is everything you need to know about the Night Teeth cast, coming to Netflix.

Night Teeth Cast – Netflix Horror Movie Brings Together Young Stars on the Rise

night-teeth-cast-jorge-lendenborg-jrJorge Lendenborg Jr. leads the Night Teeth cast, along with Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry. The horror flick is coming to Netflix on 20 October 2021.
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While one of the familiar faces to see on Night Teeth is Megan Fox, who appears to be playing a supporting role in the horror movie. But beyond the now-page-6 relationship fodder, there are some talented young people forming the core of the horror flick. There is a supporting Spider-Man actor, a singer who made her career on Disney, and an actress who played a recognizable American historical character.

The Night Teeth cast is led by Jorge Lendeborg Jr. who is known to known to Marvel fans for playing Jason Ionello in the Tom Holland Spider-Man series. He is also known to sci-fi fans for playing a prominent supporting role in Robert Rodriguez‘s Alita: Battle Angel as well as winning hearts as Memo in the critically appreciated Transformers movie, Bumblebee.

In Night Teeth, Jorge Lendeborg Jr. is playing Benny, a student moonlighting as a chauffeur. He picks up two girls who hire the driver for the night. It all seems like a simple job, driving around girls who get too drunk to drive themselves home. But things take a turn for the worse for Benny who figures out he is driving really old vampires who are getting him in trouble with other night walkers.

Former Disney star Debby Ryan is playing Blaire in the Netflix movie. Blaire is one of the vampires who is looking to have fun throughout the night. Unbeknownst to Benny, Blaire‘s fun involves a lot of blood and dead people. Before starring in Night Teeth, Debby was already well known among Netflix viewers as she starred in 2 seasons of Insatiable. A successful music career later, it appears Debby‘s acting career is going fine.

Making up the main trio of Night Teeth cast is Lucy Fry who plays Zoe. Before appearing in the Netflix horror flick, Lucy made her name as Marina Oswald, the wife of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, in the Hulu series 11.22.63. The show was critically acclaimed and brought a lot of recognition for Lucy. More recently she appeared in the high budget Netflix movie Bright and is not continuing her work with the company.

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While these three actors may make up the leads of the movie, Night Teeth cast has few other names who are also playing various characters. Alfie Allen as VictorSydney Sweeney as EvaRaúl Castillo as Jay PerezAlexander LudwigMegan FoxBryan Batt, and Marlene Forte as Abuela are also starring in various capacities.

What is Night Teeth on Netflix About?

As it the case with most holidays, playing on the themes of the month is the best way to make sure people tune in. And there is no better time to release a horror movie or TV show than the month of October. With Halloween in the air, people are searching for late night, light off, enjoyment and Night Teeth is looking to capitalize on the preference of the moth to become a success.

Netflix’s trailer and the movie’s premise sets up the thrill for the viewers, “Benny, a freelance chauffeur, is hired by friends Blaire and Zoe to drive them to several popular LA nightclubs. When Benny realizes that his passengers are actually centuries-old vampires, he quickly gets swept up in a power struggle between the city’s vampires and must ally himself with the girls to stay alive.”

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Benny may or may not make it alive from the passengers he picked up, but one thing is for sure, Night Teeth is going to be bloody fun for horror lovers. Featuring some great actors as cast members, the movie is destined for success on the Netflix charts.

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