Jorge Lendenborg Jr. Girlfriend – Night Teeth Actor’s Dating History Explored!

Starring in Netflix‘s October Vampire thriller movie Night Teeth, Jorge Lendeborg Jr. has been in the spotlight for quite a while now. The American actor now has a huge fan base due to his exceptional acting skills, and audiences are thus curious to know who his girlfriend might be.

Born on January 21, 1996, in  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Jorge moved to Miami, Florida, USA when he was just four. Growing up in Miami, Jorge developed an interest in acting and theater as well. He made his theatrical acting debut in the 2016 film, The Land as Cisco. Not much about his past, personal life, or family life has been revealed. Similarly, he has been so career-focused that who his girlfriend might be has been a big secret, and fans really want to solve this mystery.

Jorge Lendeborg Jr. and Hailee Steinfeld – Girlfriend Rumors and Fan Adoration

jorge-lendeborg-jr-girlfriend-2021Jorge Lendeborg Jr. sparked girlfriend rumors with Hailee Steinfeld after their stellar chemistry in the hit movie Bumblebee.
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Famous for his role in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man: Homecoming,2017, and Spider-Man: Far From Home,2019, the romantic comedy Love, Simon, in 2018, Transformers’ spin-off Bumblebee, also in 2018, where he starred as Memo opposite Hailee Steinfeld, and James Cameron‘s Alita: Battle Angel, Jorge has had quite the acting credits under his name. A phenomenal actor fitting the role of a sweet guy, Jorge has been successful in making a place for himself in the audience’s heart. This has also led his fans curious about who might be the lucky girl dating Jorge. 

Playing the role of Memo in Bumblebee alongside Hailee Steinfeld who has played the role of Charlie, the two had quite the chemistry in the movie. While Jorge’s character Memo had a huge crush on Charlie, he tried many ways of getting her attention. But unfortunately, he gets thrown into the crazy space-alien-versus-Earth predicament. The movie ends up with Memo and Charlie’s subtle romance indicating Hailee might be Jorge’s girlfriend at last and fans have ever since been shipping the two.

Not so surprising, Jorge and Hailee have quite a good relationship in real life too. They have been seen having cute moments while promoting Bumblebee and fans ship their friendships too. Fan pages on Instagram have shared pictures of the two together, and in all honest opinion, they look quite good together. However, the two are just good friends and supportive co-stars and they don’t have any romantic connections between them. All the girlfriend connections fans made appear to be in vain.

Jorge Lendeborg Jr. Girlfriend – Even Crush is A Topic Hard To Discuss

Digging deep on his socials and everything we could find on Jorge Lendeborg Jr., he is rather a very private person, to the point where he hasn’t even shared who his first crush was. In an interview with Sam Tsui, alongside Alexandra Shipp, Sam asked both actors who their first crush was. While both Sam and Alexandra shared stories about their crushes, Jorge didn’t give a single hint about his love interests, and flings. He either hasn’t had a crush on anyone or he doesn’t want to shift focus from his work to his dating life. Jorge made sure to not reveal anything about his current status or his romantic interest.

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Describing himself as an actor living in a revolutionary world and an artist who likes walking by lakes and talking to turtles, Jorge Lendeborg Jr. is a very dedicated actor. A true professional and master of his art, Lendeborg has made sure that the limelight is shone on his career and work. Thus, he hasn’t shared anything about his personal life on any of his interviews or social media platforms. Jorge Ledenborg Jr. has left us all wondering who his girlfriend is, or if he even has any!

Jorge Lendeborg Jr. Plays Benny in Netflix’s Night Teeth

Vampires haunt modern-day Los Angeles in director Adam Randall‘s Netflix horror film Night Teeth released on October 20, 2021. In this fast-paced thriller, the city of angels, dripping with glamor and magnificence, is on show, surrounding the story of a young college boy, Benny, played by Jorge Lendeborg Jr.

Vampires attempt to take over Los Angeles as the plot progresses, but Boyle Heights fights back, resulting in peace between humans and vampires. This was supposed to be a lasting truce until Victor, a vampire middleman played by Alfie Allen, starts murdering vampire leaders. Jorge Lendeborg Jr’s character, Benny, is a typical single, awkward, and not particularly bright college student who has nothing going for him.

The story goes on as Benny decides to work as a chauffeur and meets Zoe players by Lucy Fry and Blaire played by Debby Ryan along the way. Victor employs the two hellions to carry out his plan for complete control of the city. With Benny as their driver, the duo roams the city, killing everybody who gets in their way with a devil-may-care attitude. As the story progresses, the mayhem and thrill increase to the point where Benny must battle for his life to make it out alive. And amidst all the chaos the romance and chemistry built up between Benny and Blaire has surely made the fans excited.

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The cast of the movie includes Jorge Lendeborg Jr. as Benny, Debby Ryan as Blaire, Lucy Fry as Zoe, Alfie Allen as Victor, Sydney Sweeney as Eva, Raúl Castillo as Jay Perez, Alexander Ludwig, Megan Fox, Bryan Batt, and Marlene Forte as Abuela.

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