Ramie Hackett and Her Boyfriend Are Expecting a Baby

Jan 16, 2024 @ 7:09 GMT-0500
Ramie Hackett and Her Boyfriend Are Expecting a Baby celebsindepth.com

celebsindepth.com - Ramie Hackett is happily living with her boyfriend, Gavin Jay Landry. The couple is soon expecting a baby girl. Not much is known about her boyfriend, but he sings cover songs on his TikTok and Instagram accounts.

If you are a TikTok user, you must be well aware of Ramie Hackett, a TikTok and social media sensation. She is a well-known social media personality who rose to notoriety after appearing on TikTok, where she shared lip-syncing videos as well as her everyday routine and lifestyle with her fans and followers. Her interacting nature, charisma, and fun-loving demeanor made her a fan favorite, resulting in her growing popularity. You will definitely find her on TikTok under the handle (@ramie_hackett), where she gets millions of likes and views on her videos.

Recently, several videos and snaps of her video have gone viral worldwide, where she is seen playing the gender revelation of a soon-to-be-born child. Yes, she is pregnant, and she has shared several videos on TikTok with hashtags using pregnancy. After the news about her pregnancy went viral, her fans are eager to learn about the baby father. So, who is her boyfriend?

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Ramie Hackett’s Boyfriend’s Name Is Gavin Jay Landry

Ramie Hackett (@ramiemariahackett) is pregnant and expecting a baby, which means that she has a boyfriend with whom she will raise a child. Although no details have been revealed about her baby father in her Instagram post, we saw that she has kept a profile with a guy, and as far as we have understood, the person on her profile is her boyfriend.

Fans can also see his pictures on her profile and in her posts. Recently, she shared a post where we can see that she celebrated the gender revolution of her soon-to-be baby, where her boyfriend, or say, her baby father, is standing with her on the 5th slide. Fans were really happy for her, as she is going to be a mother.

Ramie Hackett is happily living with her boyfriend. celebsindepth.comRamie Hackett is happily living with her boyfriend.
Source: Instagram

Ramie Hackett has captured the attention of thousands of people as a TikTok and Instagram sensation, thanks to her captivating content, and no doubt fans will be eager to learn about her boyfriend in more depth. However, we don't have much information regarding him, as she has not shared any details about her partner.

There are not many pictures of them together, and we are not sure about their relationship background as none of them has mentioned how they met when they started dating or why they planned to have a baby at such a young age. But this much is clear: both the girlfriend and boyfriend, along with their other family members, are really happy about going into another step of their relationship.

As far as we could do research, we did our best. Her boyfriend's name is Gavin Jay Landry, and we can say that he is also a TikToker and is active under the handle (@gavin005landry). He also sings and has shared cover songs on his TikTok and Instagram accounts, too. He seems to be a loving partner.

Ramie Hackett Is Pregnant, and the Baby’s Father Is Her Boyfriend, Gavin Jay Landry

Ramie Hackett is soon having a girl baby with her boyfriend, Gavin Jay Landry. We are not sure when they started dating, how they met, or how they had a relationship before, but it is clear that they are living the best life as a young couple. They seem to be of small age, but they are already going to be parents.

Ramie Hackett is having a baby girl with her boyfriend, Gavin Jay Landry. celebsindepth.comRamie Hackett is having a baby girl with her boyfriend, Gavin Jay Landry.
Source: Instagram

Looking at her Instagram posts and TikTok videos, we can say that she is really happy to have a child. As she had a baby shower, she shared several posts in which she celebrated her soon-to-be baby's gender revelation with her boyfriend, or, should we say, baby father, standing alongside her on the fifth slide. She has also shared their photo on her Instagram profile, and we can see how happy their whole family is.

Also, her partner seems to be supportive and loving towards her. Despite their young age, they are already starting a family as young parents. Although we are not sure what her boyfriend does apart from singing covers songs and being on social media, he has shown love towards his girl. He also shared an Instagram post where he was standing beside Ramie Hackett, captioning the picture;

Can’t wait to start a new chapter with these two girls

Many fans congratulated both Ramie Hackett and her boyfriend, Gavin Jay Landry, for their big day, as they were soon to be parents. Showering love and support towards the social media sensation, one user wrote 'Came straight from TikTok. Ah, I'm so proud of you. Congratulations, girly.

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