Ramin Djawadi

Ramin Djawadi, who gained much of his fame through Game of Thrones, is an Iranian-German score composer. His score for the first MCU movie in the franchise Iron Man (2008) was nominated for Grammy Awards in 2009. Nine years later, he was nominated once again for the Grammys following his incredible score for the season 7 of Game of Thrones.

The composer won the Emmys in 2018 for the season 7 finale of Game of Thrones titled The Dragon and the Wolf. A year later, he won his second Emmy Award for season 8, episode 3, The Long Night.

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Born on 19th July 1974 in Duisburg, West Germany to German mother and Iranian father, Djawadi had a pleasant childhood. As for his education, he attended Berklee College of Music.

Hans Zimmer recruited Ramin Djawadi to Remote Control Productions

Following his graduation from Berklee with summa cum laude, Djawadi received the attention of the Oscar-winning German composer Hans Zimmer. This was the most significant turning point of his life as he was subsequently hired by Han’s music production company called Remote Control Productions.

During his stay at Remote, Ramin served as the assistant to Klaus Badelt. Moreover, he worked on several projects with Hans. Later, both of them though went their separate ways, it cannot be stressed enough how massive an influence Hans had in his now world-class career.

Hans Zimmer played a huge role in Ramin Djawadi's stride to greatness.

Hans Zimmer played a huge role in Ramin Djawadi’s stride to greatness.
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Ramin’s soundtracks and film scores are in three digits by now. His debut solo experience in a movie was Blade: Trinity (2004). Likewise, he’s scored in Iron Man (2008), Clash of the Titans (2010), Pacific Rim (2013), and Warcraft (2016).

As for his Television endeavors, the composer’s scored in some high profile series – Person of Interest, Prison Break, Westworld, and Game of Thrones. Ramin’s movie career is undoubtedly pretty good, but his performance in the small screens is how he became one of the best composers in the entire world.

Ramin Djawadi is married to his wife Jennifer Hawks; Shares twins

Ramin Djawdi and his wife Jennifer Hawks at the Grammy Awards.

Ramin Djawadi with his wife Jennifer Hawks at the Grammy Awards.
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Djawadi is married to his wife Jennifer Hawks, who is a successful music executive in Hollywood. The couple is parents to twins who were born in 2014.

Ramin is impressively the first composer in history to have his own live orchestral tour. He produced the tour along with his wife, and now the duo is gradually introducing their twins into the family trade.

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Speaking about his family, Ramin said – “[My wife] fully supports my getting up in the middle of the night, going to the bathroom, and singing into the phone. I just always hear music in my head. I thought that was normal. My wife said, ‘Ramin, that’s not normal.”

Djawadi is able to visualize music

Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djwadi's perceptual phenomenon allows him to associate colors with numbers.

Ramin Djwadi’s perceptual phenomenon allows him to associate colors with numbers.
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A sensory condition called synesthesia allows Ramin to associate colors with numbers as well as numbers with colors. This perceptual phenomenon helps him visualize music.

Perhaps this is one of the major reasons he does not require a sheet and can play music from memory. Meanwhile, it comes as no surprise the composer is critically acclaimed by fans and critics alike. He was always exceptional, but his fame grew exponentially following the season 6 finale of Game of Thrones, The Winds of Winter.

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