Rick Glassman’s New Girlfriend in 2023: Who Is Betty?

According to reports, Rick Glassman has a new girlfriend named Betty in 2023. However, neither of them has publicly admitted that they are in a relationship. The 39-year-old comedian has only been in one relationship that was official and that was with Torrey Devitto with whom he broke up after dating for a year. 

How many of you are familiar with the Podcast, The Really Good Podcast? Bobbi Althoff debuted her podcast in April 2023, and Althoff claimed that she posted a TikTok video offering $300 to anyone who could successfully connect her with a celebrity for a podcast episode.

The American actor and comedian, Rick Glassman became her first guest after being tagged in her article and Althoff’s debut episode was recorded after she sent the $300 to the unknown person.

The Bobbi Althoff interview with Rick Glassman is interesting and enlightening. Both individuals speak persuasively about a variety of subjects and share insightful viewpoints and experiences. The engaging interviewing approach of Althoff encourages debates that are worthwhile.

Meanwhile, man fans have been eager to learn more information about Rick Glassman, including if he has a girlfriend in 2023. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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As of 2023, Rick Glassman Is Reportedly in a Relationship With His New Girlfriend Named Betty!

Rick Glassman‘s (@rickglassman) girlfriend in 2023 is rumored to be Betty whose last name is still a mystery, According to the speculations, the couple first started dating in 2020.

Although there have been many speculations and rumors about them dating, neither of them has publicly announced that they are together. Throughout the old times, the 39-year-old American actor has always been connected with high-profile women.

As per sources, the two started dating in 2020 when Rick first sent Betty a text on her social media. Betty didn’t reply and ignored the messages but eventually, she did respond with time. With that, they started having conversations and they used to communicate through texts and video calls.

The conversation continued and eventually, Betty found out about Rick’s diagnosis but that changed nothing between them that was just another important thing that she got to know about Rick.

It is believed that the couple loves each other and enjoys each other’s company. Glassman has never really shared photos or videos of Betty on his Instagram or any social media but his followers are already familiar with Betty from her radio appearances.

Betty has never appeared in front of the camera but listeners can recognize her by her distinctive British accent leading the viewers to believe that Betty is a British national. It has already been 3 years since they started dating according to the speculations but when it comes to their relationship they are surprisingly very private and they don’t share information with the public.

Why Did Rick Glassman and Torrey Devitto Breakup?

As mentioned earlier, Rick Glassman has always been linked to high-profile women and Torrey Devitto (@torreydevitto) is one of them but with Devitto, it’s not only about rumor. The rumor about the two of them had been circulating through many years but the couple became official in January 2015.

Rick Glassman and Torrey Devitto confirmed their relationship in 2015. celebsindepth.comRick Glassman and Torrey Devitto confirmed their relationship in 2015.
Image Source: US Weekly 

The former couple were initially spotted at the premiere of Season 4 of HBO’s Luxury Lounge in Beverly Hills, where they were seen openly cuddling and kissing. They were a long-distance couple at the time, with Rick residing in Los Angeles and Torrey residing in Chicago which also became the reason for their breakup.

It was really hard for them to continue that long-distance relationship so after dating for around a year they called it quits in February 2016.

Rick Glassman’s Ex-girlfriends List: Did the Comedian Date Delta Goodrem and Ester Provitsky?

Along with Torrey Devitto, Rick Glassman was previously connected with other high-profile women like Delta Goodrem (@deltagoodrem) and Ester Povitsky (@esthermonster) but these are just mere speculations made by fans and there have been no official announcements about Rick Glassman dating these women.

The rumor about Glassman dating Goodrem started in 2018 when people saw them together enjoying coffee but as mentioned earlier, neither of them confirmed or denied these rumors.

Rick Glassman and Delta Goodrem never addressed their dating rumors. celebsindepth.comRick Glassman and Delta Goodrem never addressed their dating rumors.
Image Source: Celebs-In-Depth

Similarly, the rumor about Ester daring Rick Glassman started when the two of them playfully mentioned that they are together in one of the episodes of Rick & Ester Have a Time and it’s pretty normal for the viewers to start rumors about two co-hosts dating especially after the two playfully mentioned they are dating.

There have been many rumors and speculations about Rich Glassman having multiple ex-girlfriends among which most of them are known celebrities but only one relationship of him has publicly been announced and that’s with Torrey Devitto and he has already broken up with her.