RJ Barrett Girlfriend - Knicks Star is Dating Fellow Basketball Player Hailey Brown for Almost 3 Years!

Nov 11, 2021 @ 2:12 GMT-0500
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RJ Barrett and his long-time girlfriend Hailey Brown stepped out together for the Duke vs Kentucky game at the MSG. The couple has been together for nearly 3 years. Learn the basketball star's relationship details!

While Zion Williamson was all the hype coming into the 2019 NBA Draft, it RJ Barrett whose contribution on the Duke Men's team that could not be understated. A top high school recruit, going into college he was the second coming of LeBron. That type of expectation was probably the reason why the Canadian was selected 3rd overall by New York Knicks, but after 2 seasons, it appears the former Duke star is finally coming into his own.

Born on 14 June 2000, to his parents, father Rowan Barrett and his mother, in Toronto, Ontario. He had a keen interest in basketball from a young age and his father being a professional ball player contributed to that interest. Jetting around all over the world, following his father's international career, RJ moved around a lot. The family later settled in Mississauga, Canada where he played multiple sports in high school.

Growing up and playing basketball with some of his father's famous friends, the idea of becoming an NBA star ingrained itself in his head. After excelling in high school where he swept all major individual awards as well as the national championship, a feat only accomplished by LeBron James. He was recruited by everyone, including Duke where RJ ended up playing a one and done season. During this time also his girlfriend came into the frame, a fellow athlete, it is easy to see how the relationship began.

RJ Barrett is Dating His Girlfriend Hailey Brown for Nearly 3 Years

rj-barrett-girlfriend-2022RJ Barrett and his girlfriend Hailey Brown have been together for nearly 3 years. They met while still in college and recently were spotted at the MSG together.
Image Source: Hailey Brown Instagram

There have been a few players in the past who have gone to the NBA, directly from high school. RJ Barrett was one of those players, touted and prepped to make that jump. But that type of decision is like taking an extremely risky gamble with miniscule chances of success. So, RJ decided to give college a go and in doing so he was able to increase the hype around him and push his draft value up.

With the Duke men's team Zion took all the headlines but RJ was the steady player, making sure Coach K's instructions acted upon. Going to college gave him that experience of playing for a talented coach, with talented teammates, and it also allowed the player to find his girlfriend. Falling in love with a fellow basketball player, RJ and his gf, Hailey Brown, are still together, even after nearly 3 years.

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While the duo went to different universities, he was playing basketball at Duke while Hailey was holding her own with the Michigan Wolverines. We are not certain how the couple met but the first time Hailey shared about the couple was on 1 December 2018, RJ appears to be at one of Hailey's games. The picture was taken in NC State University stadium and it looks like the current Knicks SG was there to support his girlfriend.

RJ Barrett Girlfriend - Their Relationship Timeline Heading into 2022

December of 2018 was the first time the couple made their relationship public and since then there have been numerous times where their social media pages have shown loved up pictures of the duo. Few months after making their relationship public, Hailey shared photos of the lovebirds from Bahamas. The snaps were shared on 10 April 2019 and the pictures were taken in Atlantis Bahamas resort. Also, for some reason, the comments on the photos are disables by Hailey.

After the Bahamas trip and soon after RJ declared for the draft it appears the couple were together on draft night. There are pictures from the night showing RJ with the Knicks hat and Hailey in his arms. But the 3rd overall pick took some time to share about his girlfriend on his grid. After the draft, on 9 August 2019 RJ shared a few snaps with king and queen emojis as caption.

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More recently RJ Barrett shared a photo of the two on New Year's Day. The player wrote in caption, "Happy new year!! 2020 was the most interesting year.. Can’t wait to see what 2021 has planned for us." His girlfriend also shared similarly hopeful caption and cute pictures of the two. It appears after almost 3 years together, RJ and his girlfriend Hailey are still going strong as we all head into 2022.

Before the Knicks' Game RJ Barrett and His Girlfriend Arrive at MSG to Watch Kentucky vs. Duke

RJ Barrett is having a decent third season with he Knicks. While his games against the Cavs and the 76ers left much to be desired as two inefficient nights came back to back for the player. But he has shown glimpses of that college promise in 35 point scoring nights. RJ has a respectable 17 points per game average, but it is nowhere near the run Zion was on last year and Ja Morant has been since he stepped on an NBA court.

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But the trick of being a great star in the NBA is knowing how to shake of unproductive nights and it appeared RJ was doing the same thing when he arrived at the MSG with his girlfriend Hailey Brown, to watch Kentucky play Duke. Also in the courtside seat Julius Randle was cheering on his Kentucky while RJ was repping Duke. The teammates turned into "enemies" for few minutes.

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