Drew Timme Girlfriend – Mustached Gonzaga Player’s GF and Other Details in 2021!

Gonzaga Bulldogs made their way to Sweet 16  in NCAA March Madness on the backs of mustached power forward Drew Timme. His 30 points proved crucial as the number 1 seed got the job done. But the performance is getting Drew a lot of attention off the court as well, and here we are looking to talk about his girlfriend in 2021.

Drew Timme was born on 9 September 2000 and was raised in Richardson, Texas. He attended J. J. Pearce High School and played basketball on the high school team. With an impressive stat line, Drew was a 4-star recruit and in his final year, he chose Gonzaga Men’s Basketball for college ball, shunning Texas and other offers from top programs.

At Gonzaga, during his freshman year, hampered by COVID-19, the player managed a hair under 10-points a game in 33 games played. And he has doubled that number in the 2020-21 season, leading a Gonzaga team that is brimming with talent. But for those interested in the romantic endeavor of the player, here is everything we know about his girlfriend.

Drew Timme Girlfriend – Does the Gonzaga Player Have a GF?

drew-timme-girlfriend-2021Drew Timme and his rumored girlfriend, Lauren Hunt, dated in 2019. There are multiple pictures of the couple attending events together.
Image Source: Lauren Hunt Instagram

There is so much that is striking about Drew Timme, his playing style, celebrations, and most of all, his mustache. Most of the hype surrounding the player, beyond his play on the court, has been on the Fu Manchu mustache. And with fame comes a microscopic look into the past and present flings.

As we have mentioned above, Drew Timme played high school ball at J. J. Pearce, located in Texas. That is also where the 20-year-old also seemingly dated fellow Texan. We think the player had one previous relationship with a girlfriend in high school which we are not certain has continued till now.

In his final high school prom, we think the player took his girlfriend Lauren Hunt to the dance. The picture of the duo from 16 April 2019 still appears on the sparsely used Instagram page of Drew. He is wearing a suit while she is wearing a black dress while holding flowers.

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The same day, his rumored girlfriend shared the same picture on her Instagram page. While Drew is an infrequent user/poster of the image sharing platform, Lauren on the other hand is a little generous with her time. There are multiple pictures of the duo on her Instagram page.

There are pictures from an earlier event Drew and his girlfriend attended on 25 February 2019. They appear extremely close for the duo to only be friends. The Gonzaga player also can be seen in the comment section leaving red hearts comments. So, even if the two were not in a relationship, they do appear to be more than friends.

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The last time Drew Timme appeared on his girlfriend’s Instagram page was on 13 May 2019. The power forward was supporting his gf during her football game and later proclaimed her to be “the people’s champ” in the comment section.

While they may not be together anymore, it is almost a certainty that they dated in 2019. As for Drew’s girlfriend in 2021, we have to say in the absence of evidence, he is currently single and getting ready for a career in NBA if the current trajectory holds.

Gonzaga Bulldogs are Through to Sweet 16

Despite all the controversy and athletes’ protests, NCAA March Madness went ahead as scheduled. With no perfect brackets left as small teams blew away top-level competition bringing shock value along. But number one Gonzaga Men’s Basketball has been pretty immune to all the upsets.

With a plethora of talent at their disposal, anyone in the starting five could go for 20 points in a given game. But when Oklahoma threw all they could Gonzaga and appeared to be exerting some pressure against the number one seed. Along came Drew Timme and his game at the post.

Silky footwork, combined with an old-fashioned style of play and a lot of spin moves, Drew danced all the way to 30 points and 13 rebounds in only 34 minutes. The impact play was enough to open a massive gap and then Gonzaga Bulldogs coasted to victory.

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In Sweet 16 the team will face another tough opponent in 5th seed Creighton. But with Drew showing he can be efficient from the post, gives the coach of Gonzaga another weapon to carry the team all the way to the championship. Creighton now has a choice to make, whether dance their way out of competition with Drew or try their luck in testing Gonzaga’s outside shot.

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