Ali Kershner Girlfriend - Stanford Sports Performance Coach's Relationship Detail in 2021!

Mar 20, 2021 @ 3:03 GMT-0500

Ali Kershner is a former Duke soccer Goalkeeper and captain who made it to the College Cup final ins 2011. Since 2019 she has been working as Stanford's Sports Performance Coach and she recently shared the discrepancies between men's and women's gyms in the NCAA bubble. Also, here we are taking a look at her relationship with her girlfriend and personal life.

Hailing from Paolo Alto, California, Ali moved to Durham, North Carolina after her high school to attend Duke University. She started to play Goalkeeper for Duke women's soccer team in 2011 and made 28 total starts while also captaining the team. Ali graduated from Duke in 2015 and then moved to Kansas where she started a new chapter of her life.

In Kansas Ali Kershner enrolled in the Master's program and worked as a graduate assistant in the Sports Performance department. In 2017 she graduated with a Master's degree and started working as a Performance Coach in Kansas. Two years later she moved to Stanford where she took the job at the university and a few months later, fell in love with her girlfriend.

Ali Kershner Girlfriend - Celebrating One Year Anniversary Recently

ali-kershner-girlfriend-2021Ali Kershner is currently dating her girlfriend Megan McCracken. They have been together for more than 1 year.
Image Source: Ali Kershner Instagram

The Sports Performance Coach moved around the United States, getting experience and valuable working knowledge. Then she brought it all back home where Stanford Cardinals were calling. Training the women's basketball and golf team, the coach continued on a path she chose for herself. But along the way, she also found love, and recently Ali and her girlfriend celebrate one year together.

Ali Kershner is dating her girlfriend Megan McCracken for over a year now. The couple met for the first time in 2019 when Ali moved from Kansas to her home state. After two years in Kansas as a Performance Coach, Ali got the chance to join Stafford women's basketball team and in doing so she came back to California.

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According to Ali, she and her girlfriend started dating on 8 December 2019. And the first time Ali posted about her new girlfriend was on 5 January 2020. She captioned the collection of photos, "5 americanos 4 hikes 3 avocado toasts Weekend in California? Yup, sounds about right **Swipe to see how this weekend actually went..."

Ali Kershner's girlfriend Megan McCracken is an OB-GYN resident (doctor-to-be). She is currently doing her residency at the Stanford OBGYN Residency. "Literally no words. This badass woman is officially a resident with @stanford_obgyn_res. I AM SO PROUD. Day 1," Ali posted, celebrating her girlfriend's success.

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While both the ladies are busy with their own lives, it appears they try to make as much time as possible for one another. One of their favorite things to do on leisure days is going on a hike to a serene and scenic place. There are multiple pictures on Ali's Instagram showing herself and her girlfriend enjoying time in nature.

On 8 December 2020, the couple celebrated their one-year anniversary. While Megan's Instagram is private, Ali posted three pictures of the lovebirds with the caption, "How it (mostly) went ➡️ How it’s (currently) going ➡️ How it started. Happy 1 year to the most incredible woman I’ve ever met. I love you @meggom1."

Ali Kershner Showed the Difference between the Men's and Women's Gym at the NCAA Tournament Bubble

Ali Kershner is a Performance Coach, her job is to get the girls fit and strong, but you see that cannot be done with 14 dumbells and none heavier than 30 pounds. Well, that is exactly what happened when Ali showed up to see the facilities, the boys have a whole warehouse full of equipment while the girls were left with some mats and 14 dumbells.

NCAA is no stranger to controversy, an organization that makes $840 million from Men's Basketball TV rights alone without compensating the players for their contribution. This year was also the same old story as Athletes started protesting with #NotNCAAProperty. But the controversy soon shifted to the organizer's behavior relating to the different treatments men and women athletes received at the facilities.

Seeing the drastic difference in gyms, Ali wrote on her Instagram post, "These women want and deserve to be given the same opportunities. Not only that - 3 weeks in a bubble and no access to DBs above 30’s until the sweet 16? In a year defined by a fight for equality, this is a chance to have a conversation and get better."

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Since the post and other athletes commenting about the situation, NCAA has apologized. The outcry was massive with NBA players getting involved in shaming the NCAA and their treatment of female athletes. It is laughable to think the organization thought they could get away with the different treatments in today's day and age.

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