Aaron Wise Girlfriend – From Live TV Gaffe to Relationship in 2021, Get the Details!

In 2018 the world watched as Aaron Wise won AT&T Byron Nelson PGA Tour. He was 21 years old at the time and the same year he was named the Rookie of the Year. Bagging a massive purse of $13 million, the new however was dominated by the awkward moment caught on live TV between Wise and his girlfriend, that moment is now famous on the internet.

Aaron Wise was born on 21 June 1996 to his parents in Cape Town, South Africa. The family moved to the US when he was 3 years old and the family settled in Lake Elsinore, California. He finished high school in California, later moving to Oregon after getting accepted into the University of Oregon where he played golf for the men’s team.

A heavily recruited high school player, Aaron shined in college, leading the Oregon Ducks to the NCAA championship and also winning the individual award. After two years of college, he went pro and to date, Aaron has won three tournaments and making a name for himself. But for those interested in his personal life, here is everything you need to know about his girlfriend.

Aaron Wise Girlfriend – College Romance to Internet Fame

aaron-wise-girlfriend-2021Aaron Wise is dating his girlfriend Reagan Trussell. They have been together for about 5 years.
Image Source: Aaron Wise Instagram

Oregon was a top place for golf players to play college golf. So, when the recruiters came knocking the player was ready to move, taking his book bag and golf clubs with him. After finishing high school in 2014, Aaron moved to Oregon where he not only shone in the golf team but also managed to find his girlfriend, someone who he still dates to this day.

Aaron Wise is currently dating his girlfriend Reagan Trussell. They have been together for about 5 years. And posted about the duo for the first time on 4 July 2017 where Aaron can be seen kissing the head of Reagan. The cute picture of the couple was captioned, “Can’t believe I get to call this girl mine.”

Aaron’s girlfriend Reagan also went to the University of Oregon. She was a gymnast and was part of the Number 1 seed Ducks team. She graduated with Economics Major and Business minor from her alma mater. And after graduating in 2018 she started working in the real estate market in Nevada.

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While both Aaron and his girlfriend Reagan grew up in California, they are currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada. They live together and while Aaron is off golfing in tournaments, Reagan is working in Las Vegas. She is a rare spectator at the golfer’s games, maybe their infamous encounter on live TV was a massive deterrent.

There are golfers who bring their whole family to the final round so they can enjoy the game from the sidelines. Aaron did the same thing in 2018 when he was on the verge of winning his first PGA Tour. But his girlfriend Reagan was not there, arriving a little later to surprise him on the 18th hole.

The reason Aaron Wise and his girlfriend are popular among golf fans is because of what happened after Reagan won at Byron Nelson. As he was embraced by his friends and family, Reagan emerged and the couple did a hug. When they separated Aaron went in for the kiss only for his girlfriend to not get the signal as she pulled back.

That awkward moment was captured on live TV and soon clips of the “friend-zoned” video started to appear on Twitter. News outlets and tabloids got in on the action with sensationalized headlines about Golfer getting rejected by his girlfriend, but as Aaron explained a few days later, the whole thing was a bit of an exaggeration.

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He told Golf Digest, “We were just all so shocked, she was excited, I was excited, and at the moment she was kind of telling me what she had to do so I couldn’t see it and for the moment to be the way she wanted, and I kinda went in for a little kiss there and she didn’t even recognize it because she was too excited in the moment. It’s definitely been made a lot of. It’s funny, we’re rolling with it.”

While the player said it was weird seeing his and his girlfriend’s name in tabloids, Aaron understood it was all in good fun. But he was also nothing letting his gf live down that moment. As he explained, “Yeah, I been giving her some sh*t about that. A lot has been made about that. It’s really nothing. We love each other a ton and we’re great. It was a funny moment that I think we’ll always be able to look back at, but that’s all it really was.”

In 2021 the career of Aaron Wise has been on a steady rise after few slight slumps. He is enjoying his play and living happily with his girlfriend in Nevada.

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