Rod Wave Girlfriend – Dating His GF Kelsey and Raising Twin Daughters in 2021!

Rod Wave is a rapper and singer who rose to prominence in the early 2018s. Through his song Heart on Ice, the rapper rode the viral hype all the way to a hit debut album and over the last two years he has released hit songs after hit songs garnering even more following. And as with most rappers, people want to know the girlfriend he is dating and baby mamas he has.

Hailing from St. Petersburg, Florida, Rod Wave was born on 27 August 1998. At the age of 18 he released his first batch of songs for Hit House Entertainment, with his song Bag getting some attention on YouTube. Since then, he has signed with Alamo records and what started out as a dream of being in the rap game has come to full fruition for Wave.

Rod’s singing and use of familial subject matter has been the biggest selling point for the actor. He is not a hardcore fast rapper, neither he is a melodic R&B singer, sitting between the two, Rod Wave has found his sound and he is building a career on that foundation. With his star on the rise, the singer has also managed to pique the interest of the public when it comes to his girlfriend.

Rod Wave Girlfriend – Who is the Rapper’s Baby Mama?

rod-wave-girlfriend-2021Rod Wave is dating his girlfriend Kelsey in 2021. They have twin babies, two daughters, together.
Image Source: Rod Wave Instagram / Twitter

As the sarcastic saying goes in rapper fanbase circles, “are you even a rapper if you don’t have a baby mama?” Maybe there is some stereotyping going on here but there is some truth to the fact that rappers get many women pregnant. While the term baby mama is a little demeaning and that is not something that would be said about a white lady getting pregnant, still that is a term we are stuck with.

And according to reports Rod Wave has had one girlfriend who was pregnant and he is the father of twins. While neither his babies or his gf have appeared on his Instagram page, there is no doubt the rapper is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend. Her name on the other hand, is still a little bit of mystery to everyone.

Rod Wave is dating his girlfriend Kelsey aka Dee as fans refer to her on social media. The name comes from her Instagram profile that reads dee_.18 and the account itself is set on private mode. There is one profile picture available and she is followed by close to 20,000 followers on the image sharing platform.

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She was first rumored to be the girlfriend of Rod Wave on 2020 when one fan on Twitter took snaps of Kelsey’s Instagram story and put it on Twitter. This was followed by others who posted videos of the two from Instagram live recording, on YouTube. So, it is safe to say Kelsey is Rod Wave’s girlfriend and she was pregnant during their time together.

There are pictures showing the cute gf of Rod with a baby bump. And we know Rod Wave is the father of twins, both daughters, so the couple are mom and dad now in 2021. It is also not certain if the couple are still together in 2o21.

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It may not be certain that Rod Wave and his girlfriend Kelsey are still together but they will forever be the parents of their two daughters. As for the full name and relationship itself, Rod has to confirm it or she needs to come out publicly to put all the rumors to rest. Till then, Rod Wave and his mystery girlfriend will be gossip fodder.

Rod Wave Released His Third Studio Album SoulFly in March 2021

Riding the high of his first two albums and a deluxe outing for his second solo album, Rod Wave was looking to capitalize on the success. He revealed in 202o that a third album was in the works and scheduled for release in August 2020. But as we all know the pandemic did a number on everyone’s plan for the year.

Slowly the rapper managed to finish a followup to his successful sophomore album and the name of the project was revealed to be SoulFly. Rod Wave also released the track listing for the album in March of 2021 and except for one feature by Polo G, the 19-track album was Rod’s work which managed to hit the same heart strings his previous two projects managed to do.

As of this writing Rod Wave’s SoulFly has close to 50 million total streams on Spotify. The album has sold nearly 139,000 units for SoulFly to take the number one spot from Justin Bieber‘s recent release. This is the best sales week for the rapper and it goes to show the expanding appeal of Rod Wave over the past couple of years.

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From his debut album coming in at 10th position, to his sophomore almost getting the number one spot, and now his third album finally cracking the coveted spot. Fans came out in full force and showered the rapper with hit biggest sales-week in his career.

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