Ross Lynch Girlfriend 2021 – Did Ross and Jaz Sinclair Breakup This Year?

A singer and performer from a young age, Ross Lynch‘s first love was music but when acting came calling, he needed to take the leap. At the age of 15 he started a career in show business and years later he is a TV star, singer, and social media celebrity. While acting also helped him find his girlfriend in 2020 and some are speculating the romance is over in 2021.

Ross Lynch was born on 29 December 1995, to his parents, mother Stormie Lynch and father Mark Lynch. He was one of five kids of his parents. He has three brothers and one sister. Growing up the siblings decided to form a band and named it R5. After playing for a while they made a mixtape and released it later pulling it because Ross got a role in a Disney TV show.

The actor juggled being on set and performing music with his family, even managing to squeeze in a album tour in the 2010s. His star was rising and Ross started to focus more on acting, later getting out of the band and forming a collective, with his brother, called The Driver Era. He was soon hired as the lead in the Netflix show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina where he met his girlfriend.

Ross Lynch Girlfriend 2021 – Jaz and Ross’ Relationship So Far

Ross Lynch is dating his girlfriend Jaz Sinclair in 2021. There are still some breakup rumors so get all the details.
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From the first time Ross appeared in the Netflix show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, fans were enamored by the looks and charm of the actor. He and almost every member of cast have wild fanbases and it all stemmed from the success of the show. But while working on the show falling in love on camera, Ross and his girlfriend Jaz also started dating in real life.

As it is the case with most teenage focused shows, romance on and off camera is a main focus for the fanbase. Actor’s real life coupling is kept a close eye on and even fan-casted. That was the case for Ross, he was linked with almost every member of the female young cast of the show. While the girlfriend speculation kept growing Ross kept tight lipped about the whole situation only later revealing he was no longer single.

Where did Ross and His Girlfriend Met for the First Time?

In 2018 Ross was hired to play the role of Harvey Kinkle in the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It was a leading role and that came on the heel of two high profile main roles in films. The actor was one of the last among the leads to be selected. A month before his hiring Jaz Sinclair was cast as Rosalind “Roz” Walker, best friend of Sabrina.

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The filming for the first season began on 19 March 2018 and around that time most of the cast members met each other for the first time. While they were not on screen together, the cast soon became close friends and started hanging out together. Ross said Jaz loved everyone and they were all her favorite people but he was best among the favorites and the couple soon made their relationship official.

When did Ross and His Girlfriend Jaz Started Dating?

There were rumors of Jaz and Ross dating for a long time. She posted on Instagram about Ross being her favorite person on his birthday and they appeared extremely close outside of the set as well. But when asked about the rumors Ross always played coy about the relationship. He did not say they were boyfriend and girlfriend but the implication of something more was there.

Entertainment Weekly tried prying some information loose and all they got was he was Jaz’s favorite among all of their mutual friends. But starting in January the cloak and dagger gave way to the couple never addressing the relationship rumors while attending parties and events together. They were together in France for a Balmain event, holding hands for the camera and looking loved up.

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That was probably the first time the couple acknowledged their relationship in public. In January of 2020 they were holding hands and by April, Ross confirmed the relationship. He called out some people who were using race to talk about the relationship between the two and Ross was not happy with that.

On 20 April 2020 he posted few pictures of the couple together, with the caption, “Yo guys whoever is being hateful to jasmine and I’s relationship (especially on a race basis wtf) can take a step back. We are both extremely happy. Thanks.”  That was the first time the “R” world was used to describe the “thing” between Ross and his girlfriend.

Since then Jaz has posted multiple times talking about how much she loves him. Even writing a beautiful message on his birthday, “I never knew that love was a thing that chooses you until you wandered into my life. You’re my best friend and favorite person. My smile is it’s brightest when you’re close, my laugh the loudest and my heart the fullest.”

Breakup Rumors in 2021 – Are Ross and His Girlfriend Still Together?

While getting into relationship is one thing, staying in one is a whole different ball game. It takes a lot of work by both partners to make sure everything in the relationship is close to perfect. Ross and his girlfriend Jaz have worked on their relationship, they love each other, protest together and enjoy life in presence of one another.

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Due to the lack of posts in the past few fews on both of their Instagram accounts there have been some speculations of breakup in 2021. But the truth is the beautiful couple is still together and it appears this relationship is meant to go the distance. So, don’t be surprised when Ross gets on one knee and pulls out a ring in the near future.

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