Romesh Ranganathan’s Weight Loss: How Much Did He Shed?

Romesh Ranganathan has undergone massive weight loss looking at his before and after pictures. Although the exact amount that he has shed is not known, he seems to be in great condition. Following proper exercise and hiring a gym trainer, he was successful in his transformation.

Romesh Ranganathan has undergone massive weight loss. Having a closer look at his Instagram, the comedian seems thin and slim. Fans have shown their concern and wonder about his weight loss journey and the reason behind his transformation. So how much did he lose? Let us get into detail.

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Romesh Ranganathan’s Weight Loss: Although the exact amount he has shed is unknown, he follows a proper workout!

Without a doubt, Romesh Ranganathan (@romeshranga) has lost weight. You can check his Instagram for proof. If you’ve followed him since his early days, you’ll notice that he’s always been a big guy. The comedian’s transformation has made fans curious about his weight loss journey, including how he shed his weight and how much. So here we will discuss all the details regarding his transformation.

Romesh Ranganathan looks skinny after his weight loss.Romesh Ranganathan looks skinny after his weight loss.
Source: Instagram

Romesh Ranganathan has been open about his weight-loss journey. His journey from schoolteacher to BAFTA-winning comedian is an inspiration for future generations. However, success or failure in a professional career and one’s personal life are two distinct elements of life. He rose to prominence as a comedian but encountered a personal setback when he gained weight. Despite being a comic, his weight has frequently been the source of joke problems. Romesh was fat-shamed by his mother during an appearance on Alan Carrs Chatty Man. She said;

Are you going to lose some weight? Have you watched your running video? It’s similar to a bouncy castle.

Romesh Ranganathan decided to set himself a target using a very simple metric: a Wu-Tang Clan T-shirt he purchased online from the United States. When it arrived, he recognized that wearing it might result in a cease-and-desist order from the group, which was concerned that his doughy figure squeezed into their merchandise would harm the brand. He decided that his objective would be to be able to wear that T-shirt in public without feeling embarrassed. He couldn’t even pull off the big-man move of wearing it under an open shirt.

But Romesh Ranganathan’s weight loss quest was about more than simply health; as a public figure, he was frequently subjected to the harsh realities of social media. He even called social media brutal. People would comment on photos of him with his slimmer and more attractive co-stars, saying things like,

Oh my God, they look so good, obviously not Romesh, bless him! Or Gosh, I’m getting all hot and flustered; I had to look at Romesh to calm down.

Romesh Ranganathan, like many others, battled to keep the weight off and maintain a disciplined approach to fat loss. He added;

The truth is, I deserve to be overweight. I’m a glutton. I tell myself I’m not going to eat trash, but then I get home from a gig and think, ‘You deserve a treat,’ and eat like a man whose treat is type 2 diabetes.

Romesh Ranganathan’s father died in 2019. Following that, he promised to begin working on his weight and ill health. First and foremost, he was concerned about his appearance. He told the Guardian that his displeasure with his appearance causes him to wear one or two more layers of clothing than the season requires. Weight gain is a problem for anyone, let alone a celebrity who is constantly in front of the camera.

Romesh Ranganathan's weight loss before and after.Romesh Ranganathan’s weight loss before and after.
Source: Daily Express

Deciding to lose weight. Romesh began by deciding to hire a personal trainer. Although it was more expensive than going to the gym alone, it was required because his self-discipline was pitiful. Similarly, when he went to the gym, he was frequently spotted doing three reps of something before looking at his phone and fiddling with the settings on his headphones.

Romesh Ranganathan said that his greed had caused him to gain weight. He refused to give up junk food. He once consumed four massive, loaded doughnuts in one sitting. So his first move was to restrict his food. But that was proving tough because the comic couldn’t stop himself from eating whatever he wanted.

The comedian’s journey from big to fit was difficult, but he pushed himself for three years to lose weight. The comedian’s restrained eating did not help him. He began with 6 a.m. workouts and circuit training. That level of dedication and discipline was becoming too much for the free-spirited comedian. Although the exact amount that he has lost is not known, he seems to be in great condition.

Romesh Ranganathan follows his workout routine.Romesh Ranganathan follows his workout routine.
Source: The Guardian

Romesh Ranganathan canceled the usual session in favor of more adaptable alternatives. He experimented with running, boxing, and even going to the gym. But he accomplished it all on his own, without the assistance of a trainer. Romesh appears to be in good health and eager to take on new tasks. After his weight loss, his admirers responded with heartfelt and encouraging messages. Regardless of the circumstances, many expressed their undying love for the comic. One user, (@brenlarge), remarked;

This is great for you and your family, I thought you looked good before, but now you seem healthy as well.