Ruth Wilson

Born on 13 January 1982, Ruth Wilson was born in Ashford, Surrey, England to a probation officer Mary and investment banker Nigel Wilson. She is also privy to one of the most baffling love stories when she was still a kid which involved her grandmother and grandfather (more on that later).

From an early age, the idea of performance art was ingrained into the brain of the future actress. She started to work as a model and studied in a catholic school. She graduated from the University of Nottingham where she studied history. But as everyone is now well known, history was not what she was meant to do and while in college she got into the theatre where she showed her immense potential and soon joined the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Ruth Wilson with her military honoring pin on her right lapel.Ruth Wilson is all set to appear as ‘Marisa Coulter’ in the upcoming series ‘His Dark Materials.’
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All of her talents led the actress to the theatre as a performer and also the movies where her first major role was in the series Jane Eyre where she played the eponymous character and so began her acting career.

But as much as we know about her acting career and her family life, there is one thing which is off-limits to the public or the press — her love life. She is extremely secretive when it comes to people she is dating or if she is dating at all. The lack of relationship with a special someone is why the media keeps lumping the actress with her co-stars.

Ruth’s Supposed Relationship with Her Co-Stars, None are Her Boyfriend or Husband

Ruth Wilson as Alison in the series 'The Affair.'Ruth Wilson is constantly linked to her co-stars when it comes to relationships.
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The problem most of the female stars in movies and TV shows face is if they are single or in a relationship. When they are paired with a co-star and the duo form a solid on-screen bond, the media tends to make rumors about the co-stars. This is a problem almost all women face, and yes, sometimes the two romantically involved people working in the same show form a strong connection which spills out into the real world, but it is more of a fluke than the norm.

Ruth is one of those actresses currently working who is constantly talked about being in a relationship with her co-stars. No matter how stupid the supposed relationship is, the tabloid media throws a dart in the dark hoping one day it will hand.

Supposed Relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhal and Ruth Wilson were said to be in a relationship.Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson were rumored to be in a relationship.
Source: Daily Mail

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson were cast together in the play Constellations in 2015 and the rumors mill started churning with the tabloids claiming the two formed quite the bond on stage and are supposedly in a relationship.

This was not true, they were perfect co-stars who worked together and loved working together, but except for becoming friends, the “relationship” went nowhere. When people were trying to pull some information indirectly on the two dating, she shut the whole thing down pretty fast saying she was not in a relationship with Jake and it ended the whole saga.

Almost True Coupling with Jude Law

Jude Law and Ruth Wilson walking down the street.Ruth Wilson and Jude Law were seen roaming about after their working period was over.
Source: Daily Mail

Before Jake, Ruth was supposedly involved with Jude Law who played with her in a theatre play Anna Christie. The two were again said to be dating but this was said to be false, they became close friends. But what really emboldened the tabloids to claim they were dating was the fact they were seen out and about on a couple of occasions after the show was over but then the whole thing died down.

The Weird Relationship Rumor with Johnny Depp

This rumor was the one that really made the actress certain most of her supposed relationship was being pulled out of a place where the sun doesn’t shine. The actress was working on the Disney movie The Lone Ranger where the leading actor was Johnny Depp and the tabloid spun the story the two started dating on-set of the film.

The thing is, as she explained James Corden, the two were involved in just the one scene in the movie and even then it wasn’t the actor who was present onset, there was a stand-in who was throwing coal at her face. The actress said she framed the paper which said she was in a relationship with Depp and hung it in her house.

The Laziest Relationship Rumor with Joshua Jackson

Ruth Wilson and Joshua Jackson standing really close to one another.Joshua Jackson and Ruth Wilson were rumored to be dating after The Affair.
Source: Radar Online

This one was obvious as day, and everyone was expecting the two to be involved in a tabloid relationship. Joshua Jackson and Ruth shared the screen on The Affair and her alleged relationship with Joshua started which she did not even dignify with a rebuttal or even a glance.

Playing Her Grandmother in ‘Mrs. Wilson’

Ruth Wilson played her grandmother in the series Mrs. Wilson.Ruth Wilson produced the limited series where she played her grandmother.
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The relationship status of Ruth is “maybe” at best but when it comes to her grandmother, she lived a magnificent life, and her married life was something out of a 60s war novel. The thing is, her grandmother realized her husband was an MI6 spy only after he died and figured out he was married to other women in his life.

This was all portrayed in the brilliant mini-series Mrs. Wilson where Ruth plays her grandmother and it is a magnificent series about love, loss, heartbreak and liberation where the stories of one generation are carried to the next generation and kept alive.

Watch: The inside look at Mrs. Wilson produced and played by Ruth Wilson

The actress explained this was the most personal and the hardest role she ever played and considering the fact she was only 15 when her grandmother gave Ruth the diary, it must’ve been hard and eye-opening to see everything her grandmother went through.

Playing ‘Marisa Coulter’ in the Upcoming Series ‘His Dark Materials’

Ruth Wilson is playing the character of Marisa Coulter in the upcoming series His Dark Materials.
Ruth Wilson is playing the character of Marisa Coulter in the upcoming series His Dark Materials.
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His Dark Materials is coming this fall to the UK television scene on 3 November and 4 November in 2019 this year. The show based on the book series of the same name from the brilliant mind of Phillip Pullman is finally getting the treatment it deserves after the hacked-to-pieces edited The Golden Compass movie which was panned by the critics and rejected by the general movie-going audience.

The TV adaptation is coming as a joint production between BBC and HBO and one of the leading characters of the series is played by Ruth Wilson. In His Dark Materials, Ruth plays the character of Marisa Coulter or Mrs. Coulter who is the mother of the heroine of the series Lyra Belacqua, played by Dafne Keen, and also an anti-hero when it comes to the series.

Watch: The trailer for the first season of ‘His Dark Materials’ coming this fall on BBC and HBO

By the end of it all, in His Dark Materials, the character is torn between her duty and her love for the only daughter she’s got. Marisa is a constant character in the entire series’ run which means we are going to see Ruth in the show for a long time into the future.

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