Sam Neill’s Girlfriend: Does He Have a Wife? Is He in a Relationship With Laura Tingle?

Sam Neill doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend as of 2023. Although he was in a relationship with his partner Laura Tingle, with whom he started dating in 2017 after his second marriage to his ex-wife Noriko Watanabe ended, Sam Neill and Laura Tingle seem to have parted ways.

Sam Neill has made a name for himself in the industry as a Jurassic Park actor. Since so many people are interested in him, the topic of his romantic history has come up again on the internet. Here are some basic facts about the man, though, before that. Sam has had a marriage during his illustrious acting career. So, in 2023, is he still married, or does he have a girlfriend?

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Sam Neill Doesn’t Have a Girlfriend After Splitting With Laura Tingle

After his breakup with ex-partner Laura Tingle (@laura.tingle) in 2023, Sam Neill (@samneilltheprop) does not appear to have a girlfriend. Several sources have claimed he broke up with his last partner, but some sources have claimed they are still together. So what is going on?

Speaking of Sam’s ex-girlfriend, Laura Tingle is a well-known Australian journalist and author. She is well-known for being an ABC correspondent and the editor of the Australian Financial Review (AFR). She worked at The Australian in 1987. As a political correspondent for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, Laura joined Fairfax Media once more in 1986. Similar to this, she returned to AFR in 2002.

Sam Neill and his ex-girlfriend, Laura Tingle Started dating in the year 2017

Sam Neill and his ex-girlfriend, Laura Tingle Started dating in the year 2017
Image Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Sam Neill began dating Laura Tingle in 2017. Before their romance made news at the beginning of 2018, they first met in 2017 and began dating the same year, according to the actor’s Wikipedia. It is also mentioned that the couple got together after divorcing Laura’s first husband.

After becoming one of Tingle’s most devoted followers through watching her on television and reading her newspaper articles, Neill is believed to have fallen in love with Tingle. In early December, after he gushed about Tingle’s Quarterly Essay, The High Road, which she dove into, he posted on Instagram about his girlfriend and strongly recommended her work.

According to the Daily Mail, Sam Neill and Tingle secretly broke up after three years together. The Sydney Morning Herald reported in January 2021 that the couple called it quits and dissolved their relationship that year. After admiring and falling in love with the journalist. After the rumors of their break up in 2021 Sam Neil, and Laura Tingle, appeared together by showing up together to the premiere of the renowned Italian opera La Traviata on Friday night. While posing for several pictures on the red carpet, the couple appeared to be having a great time.

Despite rumors that they had split up in January, the couple was seen together during the March 2021 premiere of La Traviata. Indeed, when PS initially inquired about the rumors of their relationship several years ago, she declined to confirm them. She was uncomfortable with her private life serving as material for a column like this one.

Sam Neill and his ex-girlfriend, Laura Tingle, seem to have parted ways as of 2023.
Image Source: Daily Mail

However, as of 2023, both of them have avoided talking about their relationship, making fans believe that they are no longer together; they might be trying to keep it secret, who knows. Speaking of his married life and wife, he was a married man. While filming Omen III: The Last War (1981), in which Sam played the starring role, Neill and Lisa Harrow got to know one another. Sam’s role in the film was simply nasty, but off-screen, he fell in love with Lisa Harrow.

Like Sam, Lisa is a native of New Zealand and has an impressive background in both stage and movie acting. Sam from Two Paddocks revealed in an interview that he and Lisa dated intermittently for ten years and have a son together. However, they got separated.

Afterward, in 1989, Neill married makeup artist Noriko Watanabe. Who was Sam’s second spouse, then? While he was filming the Dead Calm movie in 1987, he met her. Yet unlike Lisa, Sam’s second wife wasn’t an actress. Makeup artist Noriko Watanabe was employed by the movie’s team. In 1989, Sam and Noriko got married, and Sam later formally adopted Maiko Spencer, Noriko’s daughter. Elena was the name of the daughter Sam and Noriko shared. Also, he took in Watanabe’s first marriage child as his own. In 2017, Neill and Watanabe parted ways.

As of 2023, Sam is single, and his girlfriend, Laura Tingle, with whom he started dating in 2017 after his second marriage ended, seems to have parted ways. However, these are the assumptions that neither Sam nor Laura has confirmed, so we can only hope they are together.

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