Daisy Midgeley’s Boyfriend: The Daisy Actress, Charlotte Jordan, Is in a Relationship With a Guy Named Paul!

The Daisy Midgeley actress, Charlotte Jordan, is in a relationship with her long-term boyfriend named Paul. The Coronation Street star seems to enjoy sharing details about her relationship on Instagram. 

Daisy Midgeley is a fictional character played by Charlotte Jordan in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street. In October 2020, stepmother Jenny Bradley (Sally Ann Matthews) mentioned the character, and a month later, the soap announced Jordan’s casting as Daisy.

Daisy made her debut on November 27, 2020. And from the moment she arrives and works to get Jenny to leave him, she dislikes Jenny’s husband, Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley). Her other storylines have included her having short-term crushes on men who are already in relationships, getting involved in a multi-level marketing scheme, blackmailing Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan), and becoming a victim of stalking.

Previously, actress Charlotte Jordan stated that Instagram users’ reactions to the soap opera were generally positive. She believes that her character was well received because viewers enjoy a troublemaker who causes conflict. She appreciated how welcoming and complimentary the audience was. Jordan also stated that if Daisy steps on anyone’s toes who is in a relationship in the future, the reaction will most likely be negative.

Since she made that claim, a lot of people have expressed interest in learning more about her personal relationships and in finding out more about the ITV soap opera actress’ current boyfriend. So, if you seek the same, we are here to help!

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Charlotte Jordan aka Daisy Midgeley Has Been in a Relationship With Her Boyfriend, Paul, for Several Years!

In Coronation Street, Daisy Midgeley, played by Charlotte Jordan (@charliejordanxo), has been stalked by Justin, but her own love life is much more mundane. She has been busy planning her wedding to Daniel, but Justin insists on attending. While he initially appeared friendly, he has begun stalking her and is convinced she wants to be with him. Daisy’s situation appears to be deteriorating, with Justin threatening her with an acid attack. Fortunately, the actress has a much less dramatic love life in real and has been happily dating her boyfriend Paul for several years, just like Rugby athlete Garry Ringrose.

Charlotte Jordan enjoying a helicopter ride with her boyfriend, Paul.

Charlotte Jordan enjoying a helicopter ride with her boyfriend, Paul.
Sources: Instagram

Meanwhile, the Coronation Street actress also seems to enjoy sharing details about their relationship on Instagram. They recently celebrated his birthday with a massive cake, balloons, and presents as well as photos of them and their adorable dog. The couple frequently shares adorable photos of themselves on vacation as well as photos of them and their adorable dog.

Some fans have no clue that Paul has also starred in the ITV soap. His family has been a lifelong fan of the show and has been tuning in to watch the action from the Cobbles long before Daisy arrived. He had to fill in for Ryan when Daisy was having an intimate scene with him during the Covid lockdown. She had to touch his thigh, but due to social distancing rules, Paul stepped in and it was his thigh she’s seen touching on the screen. She later explained to The Sun how he became involved in some filming for the ITV soap, saying,

 They roped my boyfriend in because we’re shooting socially distanced. He’s not an actor but he grew up watching Coronation Street. It was really fun just to see his little face when he looked at all the sets and stuff. It was very sweet. It was lovely.

Paul’s family is a big fan of the show, and Charlotte revealed that she feeds soap secrets to her future in-laws to get them on her side. She explained,

They’re always asking what’s coming and what’s going on and where a story is going. I know I’m not supposed to tell them, but I really want to be their favorite, so I’m doing it. You like Daisy. They think she’s fun. They like a character that’s a little salty.

The Daisy Midgeley actress admitted that her boyfriend admires Daisy’s style, but her own is diametrically opposed. She remarked,

He loves her. I’m basically an 84-year-old woman walking around in pants and a boxy t-shirt. He always jokes, ‘Why are these for me? Why don’t you bring home some of Daisy’s miniskirts? I’m just saying, ‘You knew my style when you met me. If you want to see the miniskirts, turn on the TV!