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Before Scarlet Spencer was even eight years old, she was a talented gymnast and also appeared in a non-kid theatre play. The talent of the actress is something awe-inspiring, and she is only building on her career, which has led her through multiple noteworthy roles, appearing alongside Hollywood’s heavy hitters and making herself known as one of the most talented child actors currently working in the industry.

Scarlet Spencer was born on 28 February 2007 to her parents. She is of mixed ethnicity with her family coming from Caucasian, African-American, and Latino heritages. The actress frequently posts about being mixed on her Instagram posts, which is managed and overseen by her parents. Scarlet is also one of at least three kids of her parents; she has an older sister named Elexis and brother Kristoffer.

With a charming smile and immense talent to back her, the actress is making her mark in the world of show business. She is among the next generation of talents coming to take over Hollywood, and Scarlet Spencer is doing it one TV and movie appearance at a time. In her quest to be the best, Scarlet is currently starring in a Netflix comedy series.

Scarlet Spencer Plays Izzy Barris in the Netflix Series Black AF aka #blackAF

Black AF or #blackAF is the new Netflix sitcom from creator Kenya Barris, who also created the hit show Black-ish. The series is part of the deal signed by Kenya Barris and the streaming giant, and he also appears in the show, playing a fictional version of himself. The show is currently streaming on Netflix and, as of this writing, received mixed to good reviews from critics and fans.

The new Netflix series is about the parenting style of a “new money” black family, which according to Netflix, “flips the script on what we’ve come to expect a family comedy series to be. Pulling back the curtain, #blackAF uncovers the messy, unfiltered, and often hilarious world of what it means to be a ‘new money’ black family trying to get it right in a modern world where ‘right’ is no longer a fixed concept.”

Scarlet Spencer plays Izzy Barris in the Netflix series Black AF aka #blackAF.Scarlet Spencer plays Izzy Barris in the Netflix series Black AF aka #blackAF.
Source: Scarlet Spencer Instagram

Scarlet Spencer Plays Izzy Barris in Black AF, aka #blackAF, she is the third child of Kenya Barris and his wife Joya Barris, played by Rashida Jones. Izzy is the tough kid of the family; she is difficult just for the sake of being difficult and tries to make life hard for everyone around her. Izzy is 12 years old, and she is not entitled; she just likes to push other people’s buttons.

Black AF or #blackAF is currently streaming on Netflix, starring Kenya Barris playing himself, Rashida Jones playing Joya Barris, Iman Benson playing Drea Barris, Genneya Walton playing Chloe Barris, Scarlet Spencer playing Izzy Barris, Justin Claiborne playing Pops Barris, Ravi Cabot-Conyers playing Kam Barris and Richard Gardenhire Jr. playing Brooklyn Barris.

Scarlet Spencer Started Her Career on Stage – She Played Ivy in Cousins for Life

Scarlet Spencer loves musical theatre; maybe it was the fact she got her first exposure to acting via kid-theatre. But the actress loves the stage, and she appeared in some kid plays before her first acting job in front of the camera. She also appeared in her first production on stage, which was not meant for kids, Scarlet was one of the cast members in the play Gift of the Magi.

She soon got her first chance to appear in front of the camera playing various characters in commercials and short movies. Scarlet appeared in single episodes of Awkward, Teachers, Colony, and Black-ish from 2016 to 2017. She also played the daughter of Will Smith’s character in the Netflix movie Bright.

Scarlet was hired to portray the Xan in three episodes of the Showtime series Shameless. In the same year, she won the role of Ivy in the series Cousins for Life, which was her biggest role till then, until she was hired in the new Kenya Barris Netflix series.

Social Media Presence of Scarlet Spencer – What is Her Net Worth?

Scarlet Spencer has over 50,000 followers on her Instagram and her net worth is close to $100,000.Scarlet Spencer has over 50,000 followers on her Instagram and her net worth is close to $100,000.
Source: Scarlet Spencer Instagram

Scarlet Spencer is active on social media websites; she has close to 50,000 followers on Instagram and over 3,000 followers on Facebook. She also has over 1,000 posts on her Instagram, but her parents monitor all of her social media presence. Considering the actress only turned 13 years old, it is a good thing to protect Scarlet from all of the negativity on social media platforms.

She has also managed to make some money through her career and social media presence. The actress was the leading cast in the Nickelodeon series Cousins for Life, which paid her around $50,000 for her participation. She is also getting paid handsomely for her work in the new Netflix series Black AF. All in all, Scarlet Spencer’s net worth is around $100,000, which she has made over her still budding career.

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