Iman Benson

The youngest African American actress to win the Oscar is Jennifer Hudson, who was 25 years old when she received the nod for her role in Dreamgirls. So, Iman Benson has less than five years to get an award-worthy role, impress the voters and get her name pronounced in February to achieve her dream of becoming the youngest African America ever to win the award.

Iman Benson was born on 25 June 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia, to her parents. The actress lived in Georgia all her life, and from a young age, she found her love for acting and performing, which led her to join various performing arts groups in and around Atlanta. While continuing her school engagements, the actress also managed to train in acting so she can further her dream career as a performer.

Her desire to be one of the greatest in the world of acting and get award recognition brought her to casting sessions, and soon she was getting hired for roles in TV shows. After getting some commercial spots, Iman was hired to appear in her first TV show at the age of 16. Now, almost 20 years old, Iman Benson is all set to appear in a Netflix series.

Iman Benson Plays Drea Barris in the Netflix Series Black AF aka #blackAF

Black AF or #blackAF has gone through different iterations over the last two years. The show was first known as Black Excellence, and it was the first series in development from creator Kenya Barris, as part of his deal with the streaming giant Netflix. The series is listed as a sitcom with Netflix saying the show will change the way we look at sitcoms.

According to Netflix, Black AF is, “inspired by Barris’ irreverent, highly flawed, unbelievably honest approach to parenting, relationships, race, and culture, Black Excellence looks to pull the curtain back and reboot the ‘family sitcom’ in a way we’ve never seen before.” Barris plays himself in the series with the show resembling his family and the parenting style he uses to raise his kids in this new world.

Iman Benson plays Drea Barris in the Netflix series Black AF aka #blackAF.Iman Benson plays Drea Barris in the Netflix series Black AF aka #blackAF.
Source: Iman Benson Instagram

Iman Benson plays Drea Barris in the show, the second child of Kenya, and the level headed member of the family. She is the moral center of the show and also the narrator, who likes order but learned to cope with the dysfunction of her family. As a narrator of the show, we are also looking at the family in the way she sees it herself.

Black AF or #blackAF will be released on 17 April 2020, worldwide, only on Netflix, starring Kenya Barris as himself, Rashida Jones as Joya Barris, Iman Benson as Drea Barris, Genneya Walton as Chloe Barris, Scarlet Spencer as Izzy Barris, Justin Claiborne as Pops Barris, Ravi Cabot-Conyers as Cam Barris and Richard Gardenhire Jr. as Brooklyn Barris.

Iman Benson got Her Big Break in 2016 with Uncle Buck – She Played Tia Russell

Iman Benson was a good student, and her good academic grades allowed her to indulge in extracurricular activities, and she loved acting. The young actress got her chance in commercials first, but then she was hired to be in the cast of Uncle Buck, a remake of the 1989 movie of the same title.

The actress played the main cast, Tia Russell, in the series, one of the three kids under the guardianship of Mike Epps’ character Buck Russell. The show lasted for an eight-episode single season, and Iman got her next gig almost two years later in another ABC show Station 19. She only appeared in a single episode of the first season.

Iman was then hired to appear as Joy Williams in the USA channel’s hit series Suits. At the same time, she appeared in her biggest role till then, playing Reagan in the Netflix series Alexa & Katie. The show lasted for three seasons, and Iman appeared in a total of 19 episodes of the total 31, which aired.

Social Media Presence of Iman Benson – Is the Actress in a Relationship?

Iman Benson has active on Instagram, well, active is not the right word, she has an Instagram account with over 12,000 followers, but there are only ten posts on her page. The actress is not an avid user of the image sharing site; the bio itself goes to prove how much attention Iman is giving to her page.

As it comes to dating, the actress appears to be single at the moment. Her Instagram only has her selfies, one post about featuring the cast of #blackAF and one post where she is posing with her TV sister, Genneya Walton. There is no sign of personal information on her page, and currently, the actress seems to be enjoying a single-life.

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