‘The Big Show Show’ on Netflix – WWE Superstar Big Show Reveals He Asked Vince McMahon for a Family Comedy for Years

Since The Big Show Show premiered on Netflix on 6th April 2020, the show’s been a massive hit with an 84% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. This has sparked suggestions season 2 could be confirmed pretty soon.

The live-action family comedy stars Paul Wight as himself, Big Show, in the fictional world of The Big Show Show. Based on the professional wrestler’s real life, the story revolves around the retired WWE legend, who lives with his second wife, Cassey Wight (Allison Munn).

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The father to two kids, Mandy Wight (Lily Brooks O’Briant) and J.J. Wight (Juliet Donenfeld), Big Show’s life gets tangled when his oldest daughter Lola Wight (Reylynn Caster) decides to move in with her dad upon leaving Minnesota. To make matters more complicated, Lola happens to be Paul’s daughter from his first marriage.

Created by Josh Bycel and Jason Berger, The Big Show Show season one released on Netflix with eight episodes. Interestingly, some famous faces made guest appearances, including names like retired wrestling legends Mick Foley, Rikishi, and Mark Henry, along with fashion designer and TV personality Tan France.


Recently, the lead star Big Show had a video conversation with Denise Salcedo and revealed how he always wanted to star in a sitcom and tried persuading WWE chairman Vince McMahon for years.

Big Show Reveals He Always Wanted to Do Family Comedy


Who knew the ‘World’s Largest Athlete’ Big Show was always fascinated by family comedy? Turns out, he carried a life-long dream to act in a live-action sitcom, where he could showcase the other side to himself that was not possible in the WWE ring. In an effort to pull this off, apparently he had persuaded the boss for years.

Big Show said,

To be honest I am very humbled and super grateful. This is an opportunity that I have driven the powers that be at WWE crazy for years.

For ten years, Big Show had been driving Vince McMahon crazy about how he needs a family comedy. He was confident he could do this since he’s funny, and it shows his best features. The fact that he doesn’t get the opportunity to showcase this version of him through his character in professional wrestling meant he was super eager to dive into comedy series.


The 48-year-old wrestler believed his personality could come out more through the family comedy, and it would inevitably do really well.

Big Show was Surprised When Vince McMahon Asked Him to Lead a Netflix Show


Although Big Show wanted to do a live-action family sitcom, he was unsure if he would ever land the opportunity to perform. Much to his surprise, WWE Studios partnered with the streaming giants Netflix, and Vince McMahon was like ‘I’ve got the perfect guy.’

The 7 feet giant said,

I was dumbfounded because I had about a ten-minute phone call with Vince and he’s a busy dude and he and I have a great relationship and a lot gets said with very few words.

As per Show, the WWE Chairman was like, “I’ve got this opportunity for you (Big Show), this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for, and I know you won’t let me down. Good luck.” Big Show claims that was that, and he finally got to live one of his dreams.


The Big Show Show premiered on Netflix on 6th April 2020 with eight episodes.

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