Reddit: Scarlett Moffatt’s Weight Gain; How Did She Gain Her Weight Back?

Scarlett Moffatt’s weight gain has piqued Reddit users’ interest. The actress once shed her body fat and dropped to a size 8 from a size 18, but it looks like she has gained the weight back. Scarlett said that she gained weight on purpose to deter her admirers from purchasing the DVD where she discussed her diet. Also, she is pregnant, which has contributed to her weight gain.

Scarlett Moffatt is a British television personality, presenter, and former ballroom dancer from County Durham. She is best known for her appearance on Channel 4’s Gogglebox. She was most recently seen in a Channel 4 documentary, The British Tribe Next Door, accompanying her family in a four-part series about life in a rural Namibian hamlet.

She became famous after winning I’m a Celebrity:Take me away from here. In December 2016, she debuted on Virtually Famous as a panelist. As part of Heart’s Feel Good Easter Weekend, she conducted a nighttime radio broadcast on April 2, 2018. In the BBC television series Pilgrimage from 2022, Scarlett made an appearance among six other famous people, including Monty Panesar and Nick Hewer.

Since she first appeared on TV, Scarlett Moffatt’s weight has fluctuated dramatically, drawing attention from fans. She has always suffered from weight gain, and now Reddit users are curious about it. Many also questioned how she managed to acquire so much weight in the first place after she lost it. Read more to find out why Scarlett Moffatt put on weight.

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Scarlett Moffatt’s Weight Gain Has Piqued Reddit Users’ Interest as She Has Gained Back Her Body Fat!

Recently, Scarlett Moffatt‘s (@scarlettmoffatt) weight gain garnered media attention. She made a significant alteration. Fans were curious as to how she initially gained all of that weight. The Queen of the Jungle actress has spoken candidly about her struggles with fluctuating weight.

We were accustomed to seeing Scarlett Moffatt in a distinct, physically larger form. Not to exaggerate or minimize matters, but many Reddit users believed she was shown on the show sporting a fat suit. She even lost weight before gaining it back. Although she now appears different, folks are still perplexed as to why she used to appear large. There is a Reddit discussion regarding her fluctuating weight.

The Gogglebox star gave fans a sneak peek at her very own training DVD and shared the emotional moment when it all became a little too much for her. While weighing herself in the video, Scarlett started crying. In her new DVD, Superslim Me Plan, the reality television star also confessed that she didn’t realize how fat she had gotten. She discusses in the video how tough it was for her to acknowledge that she had put on weight. She confesses,

I must admit, I was a genuine exercise avoider, which is strange for me because up until five years ago, I was a keen ballroom dancer and was very into fitness, but as soon as I quit, I just put the weight back on.

In contrast to the arduous workouts featured in her fitness DVD, the former Gogglebox star was said to have dropped her three stones through a tight boot camp regimen and 700-calorie diet back in 2018. Scarlett had lost weight, going from a size 18 to a size 8, but she revealed in a new interview on Frankie Bridge‘s Open Mind Podcast that she purposefully put on weight back because she no longer wanted the stigma the contentious DVD brought with it attached to her. She also discussed how she deals with online trolls.

The TV celebrity discussed her weight-loss strategies and emphasized that it wasn’t only about doing the workouts on the DVD; managing and controlling her diet also played a significant role. Her fitness video, SuperSlim Me Plan, provided a glimpse inside the diet and exercise regimen she employed to lose three stones and five pounds. Scarlett used a personal trainer who provided her with a calorie-restricted eating plan to assist her in losing weight. She continued by saying that she had reduced her food intake and said;

Please don’t imagine that simply because you possess this DVD, you can instantaneously drop that kind of weight; it takes a lot of effort and work.

Scarlett, a former I’m a Celebrity winner, said that she gained weight on purpose to deter her admirers from purchasing the DVD and called it the worst thing she has ever done. Also, she deleted all of her before and after photos. These were not only detrimental to her mental health but also other people because she once again resembles her before photo.

Scarlett Moffatt just revealed she is expecting her first child. On February 18, the actress uploaded a precious video to Instagram showing her favorite Chihuahua Bonnie sporting a sweet neckerchief. Another factor contributing to her weight gain is her pregnancy.

She says she understands how it feels to be both a size 8 and 18, having once dropped three stone, and that body confidence is all about celebrating our bodies. She thinks everyone should appreciate who they are as long as they are healthy, kind to others, and true to themselves.

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