Sha’Carri Richardson Girlfriend 2021 – Who is the Bisexual US Sprinter Dating?

Sha’Carri Richardson was supposed to US best hope for a Gold in 100m race this time around at the Olympics. She was destined to lead the American track team but a week after she qualified for competition, Sha’Carri tested positive for THC and was subsequently suspended for a month. The sprinter, who is bisexual, thanked her girlfriend after her win and has become an iconic figure since her suspension. And for those interest we have got a little more information about the Dallas native’s relationship.

The American sprinter was born on 25 March 2000 to her parents in Dallas, Texas. Though Sha’Carri said her biological mother recently died, it appears she had a better relationship with her grandmother. According to reports, she was raised by her grandmother who the American also considers to be her role model. After her Olympic qualification, the first person she was her grandmother.

Sha’Carri Richardson is the sixth fastest women in the world but she won’t be at the Olympics. However, her suspension has resulted in a outpouring of love and support. Fans both consoling and propping her up were present in her Instagram page as well as on other social media profiles. But the one person who has been the most supportive, outside of her grandmother, has been her girlfriend, and we have got some details for you.

Sha’Carri Richardson Girlfriend 2021 – Relationship Detail and Timeline

shacarri-richardson-girlfriend-2021Sha’Carri Richardson is currently dating her girlfriend in 2021. She came out as bisexual in 2015.
Image Source: Instagram

Athletes and actors cause a lot of stir among fans base when talking about relationship. From millions of followers to the normal public, almost everyone is interested in seeing who a famous person is dating. Some people may say they do not care, but for most a level of curiosity comes over that is hard to shake and that is what’s happening with Sha’Carri Richardson.

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The fourth fastest American woman sprinter is bisexual and recently revealed she is dating a girlfriend in 2021. After she slipped her dating status, her comments and mentions were filled with rainbow comments. Droves of people also congratulated her for being who is and being true to her identity. Then, the search for her girlfriend began as thousands of fans scoured the internet for what little information they can find.

Sha’Carri Richardson is Dating Her Girlfriend in 2021

At the US track and field trials, Sha’Carri Richardson came in at first place, she secured her Olympics spot and then proceeded to show love for her grandmother. The sprinter had fiery orange hair, long nails and an unabashedly winners attitude about her. After the race Sha’Carri  said the hair was not her idea, the color choice was solely her girlfriend’s.

After the race, during a conversation with The Washington Post, Sha’Carri Richardson said, “My girlfriend actually picked my color. “She said it like spoke to her, the fact that it was just so loud and vibrant, and that’s who I am. She just wanted me to be able to make a statement — let’s continue to show the world I’m a force to be reckoned with.”

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While that was the first reporting of Sha’Carri Richardson’s girlfriend, the sprinter has been open about her sexuality for over half a decade now. Responding to one Twitter user who wanted to know if she was gay, the 100m runner wrote back that her family knows she is bisexual. That conversation took place back on 24 August 2015.

In 2017 she again took to Twitter to talk about her girlfriend and then in 2020 she wrote, “My girlfriend said we fry anything we can get our hands on in Texas.” More recently in 2021 Sha’Carri Richardson shared a rainbow emoji on Instagram and then made it clear that she was celebrating pride month. While we are not certain if her girlfriend is the same one from 2017, she is however dating a gf in 2021.

Sha’Carri Richardson Gets Suspended – Reaching Icon Status

Sha’Carri Richardson was in a state where weed is legal, but when she was drug tested THC was found in her system. That resulted in her getting a one month suspension on 1 July 2021, which meant she would be able to compete in the Olympics. After the suspension, she received an outpouring of support and from only a small circle knowing about the sprinter, she became subject of national news.

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Fans flocked to her Instagram to show their support, there are over 2 million followers there now. Plus various brands also came in contact with Sha’Carri so they can capitalize on her steaming hot fame. More recently she appeared in a Beats by Dre commercial and her suspension also opened a discussion about the legality of using cannabis by athletes.

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