Dansby Swanson Girlfriend 2021 – Dating USWNT Star Mallory Pugh for Over 2 Years!

Since being the number one pig at the 2015 MLB draft, Dansby Swanson‘s career has been the definition of up and down. Marred by injuries which has caused his hitting to be inconsistent, but we also got a glimpse of what was promised, when the Atalanta Braves star put up stellar numbers in his first post season. And 2021 has not also been particularly kind for the player, still, with god and his girlfriend by his side, the baseball star is trying to recapture his form.

Dansby Swanson was born on 11 February 1994, to his parents Cooter and Nancy Swanson, in Kennesaw, Georgia. He was raised in Marietta, Georgia, alongside his two siblings. The young Dansby grew up loving  all things Atalanta including the baseball, football, and basketball teams. And in high school, he started playing baseball, turning some heads but not enough to get him drafted straight out of high school.

The star high school player was drafted in the 38th Round in 2021 by the Rockies but he decided to go to college instead. Playing for Vanderbilt Commodores, Dansby won the NCAA College World Series winning most outstanding player at the tournament. That was enough to get him selected first overall at the 2015 Draft. But you probably knew most of this story, well, here is everything you need to know about his girlfriend.

Dansby Swanson Girlfriend 2021 – Relationship with Mallory Pugh

dansby-swanson-girlfriend-2021Dansby Swanson is dating his girlfriend Mallory Pugh in 2021. They have been together for over 2 years.
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The thinking among religious people is thinks in life happen for a reason and if one door closes then better opportunity lies beyond another one. While it may not be true most of the time, Dansby Swanson found the hand of god guiding him to a better life, something he says, helped turned his life 180 and pulled him out of a slum. And most of the credit the MLB star solely puts at the feet of his girlfriend.

While being a number one pick for a team is a source of pride, but that also brings a level of expectation that can buckle the strongest of athletes. So, when Dansby was traded to Atlanta Braves it must’ve felt like he failed living up to the expectations. But the trade was also the best thing that happened to him professionally and personally. Arriving in Atlanta meant he formed a friendship with Jace Peterson, who was the cupid that shot an arrow of love through Dansby and his girlfriend Mallory Pugh‘s hearts.

Dansby Swanson is Dating His Girlfriend Mallory Pugh – A Brief Timeline

Dansby Swanson and his girlfriend Mallory Pugh started dating in December of 2018. They ran in completely different circles so a meeting would not have been possible had he stayed in Arizona. But a change a fate in his professional career led the baseball player to Atlanta. There he forged a friendship with Jace Peterson who in-turn introduced Dansby to his sister-in-law.

The Braves player opened up about his relationship to Sporting News saying, “Her brother-in-law is Jace Pederson. Me and him are pretty much family, as close as you can be without being actual family. Ride or die. So I knew Jace before I knew anything about her. She plays soccer for the U.S. Soccer team. We never would have met, obviously, if I didn’t get traded to Atlanta. Would never have met Jace, the whole thing.”

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“So I’m thankful now, looking back at the little things that led to that. Would never have met her, never have had that blessing. When we met was after the worst year of my life, and that completely did a 180. For whatever reason, there’s a reason. You may not see it when you’re going through it, but then all of a sudden the floodgates open up. It’s pretty awesome,” he revealed.

That interview took place in 2019 but Dansby and his girlfriend Mallory Pugh had been Instagram official since December 2018. They both shared pictures of each other on their respective Instagram pages. Dansby also shared a snap of the two together, celebrating Christmas, on 26 December 2018. Since then their social media feeds are filled with comments and pictures of the two lovebirds.

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Dansby and his girlfriend have also made public appearances together and together they are teaching each other about sports they play. The Braves star said he was learning about football and it was amazing getting to support his girlfriend during the World Cup. He also mentioned soccer is interesting now that he knows most of the rules and has a stake involved in the outcomes of the game.

Mallory Pugh on the other hand has been to baseball games and even threw up the ceremonial first pitch. Both have their love for god and love for one another which comes in handy when planning a long life together. As things stand Dansby is not far from popping the question and it appears the couple will live a happy conjugal life together after they walk down the aisle.

In 2021 Dansby and his girlfriend are Mallory Pugh are still together but they are not engaged. But all signs point to something happening soon and we are happy for the power couple, as most fans of the two probably are.

Dansby Swanson Hits His First Career Grand Slam

Going up against Phillies to begin their road trip, the Braves got off to a good start, hoping to improve their season record to above .500. Charlie Morton pitched a magnificent game and it was up to the offense to make sure all that good pitching was not wasted. The Braves led 1-0 after the first two innings and soon things would explode for the team.

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Albies and Freeman got on bases again in the third and after a walk the bases were loaded with Swanson walking up to the plate. In his professional career, Dansby had never hit a Grand Slam and the stage was set for the Braves star as is pounced on the 1-0 fastball and drove the ball into the left for a smooth trot around the bases. The Braves won the game 7-2, improving their record to 47-48 for the season, with Dansby showing off his infectious smile.

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