What’s the Problem With Trevor’s Hair? Love Is Blind

celebsindepth.com – Trevor Sova’s hair has been the most discussed topic in Love Is Blind season 6. Although he has not revealed if what’s wrong with his hair, fans have suggested he fix it.

On Valentine’s Day, Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind’ returned for its highly anticipated sixth season. The show is about singles who want to be loved for who they are. Contestants join up for a less conventional approach to modern dating, which involves choosing someone to marry without ever meeting them. This season of the famous dating program follows a fresh group of optimistic individuals as they enter the pods looking for their better half and cut through the static of modern dating to forge authentic relationships, sight unseen.

Trevor Sova is a reality television personality best known for his presence on the popular reality dating show. He quickly grabbed the attention of viewers as he was involved in a love triangle, and fans enjoyed the drama.

However, more interestingly, fans have been watching out for his appearance, and they have noticed his messed-up hair. Of course, they want to know what’s wrong with his hair.

Trevor Sova’s Hair: Why Is It Messed Up?

You might have clearly noticed Love is Blind Season 6 cast member Trevor Sova’s hairline, which indicates that he has had hair plugs or hair transplants. Individuals experiencing hair loss use these remedies.

One thing fans will always remember whenever they see Sova is his messed-up hair. Although in most of his pictures his hair looks good, to be honest, if not edited pictures or if seen on the show, it is really weird to watch such a young man’s hair, which has degraded his appearance.

Trevor Sova's hairline is noticeable to Love Is Blind viewers. celebsindepth.com Love Is Blind viewers are aware of Trevor Sova’s messed-up hair.
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While Cheslea was communicating with her other connection, a conversation regarding hairstyles started. Which has now led to several speculations. Knowing he possessed a desirable trait she desired could detract from Chelsea’s ability to learn his heart, despite his physical appearance.

There is no doubt that Sova has a good appearance. He also embarked on a unique romantic journey as a contestant, hoping to make significant connections without first meeting potential companions in person. But his hair can’t be ignored, and many have suggested that his hair might be the result of juices (injections).

Love Is Blind: Is Trevor’s Hair Not Natural?

Once you become a reality person and gain fame, you have to be ready for every question and every rumor about you, whether true or false. And now Trevor Sova from is being questioned about whether he has gotten artificial hair and, if not, whether he should get it to improve his messed-up hair.

Fans have suggested Trevor Sova have a hair transplant. celebsindepth.com Fans have suggested Trevor Sova have a hair transplant.
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As fans wonder if his hair is artificial, there is no evidence that he underwent any surgical procedures. Also, he has a red line on his forehead. The explanations for the red line include chemical treatments for hair regrowth, skincare issues, and scalp diseases. People are also discussing some scalp illnesses, such as psoriasis. Maybe he is trying to fix his hair problem, but it looks like he hasn’t received any kind of artificial remedies.

Looking at his messed-up hair, fans have suggested he go for treatment if it’s his natural hair. The surgery involves removing a tiny strip of hair-bearing scalp from the back and sides of the head. This donor region has hair that will grow throughout your life. Well, it’s up to him now if he takes the suggestion.

Fans Believe That Trevor’s Messed-Up Hair Might Be the Result of His Bodybuilding Journey

Most people who have watched Trevor Sova on the show have had several thoughts and discussions about his hair on Reddit, some suggesting it might be the result of using juices. There are claims that he uses juices, so these speculations on Reddit might be somewhat true.

As per the discussion on Reddit, we learned that steroids, specifically anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), have an effect on hair. Male-pattern baldness is a typical side effect that manifests as receding and thinning scalp hair. In an online forum, one user said:

I just want to bring him some steroid cream. My psoriasis flares when I’m stressed too

Another user added;

Dude is on steroids

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