Sophy Ridge’s Weight Loss: Is Her Illness the Reason Behind Her Transformation? How Much Weight Has the Sky News Journalist Lost?

Mar 16, 2023 @ 4:03 GMT-0500
Sophy Ridge’s Weight Loss: Is Her Illness the Reason Behind Her Transformation? How Much Weight Has the Sky News Journalist Lost?

Sophy Ridge has recently undergone a weight loss transformation and many people are concerned if she is suffering from illness. While we have yet to confirm how much weight the Sky News broadcaster has lost, we can confirm that Sophy is healthy. However, we believe the 38-year-old journalist lost weight in order to stay fit and healthy.

Sophy Ridge is a British journalist and broadcaster who was born on October 17, 1984, in Richmond, London, England. Ridge attended the University of Southampton, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and History. She then went on to complete a Master of Science degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics.

After completing her studies, Ridge began her career in journalism as a trainee at the News of the World. She then worked as a political correspondent for Sky News, covering the 2010 general election and the coalition government that followed.

In 2011, Ridge became the presenter of Sky News' flagship political program, Sky News Tonight. She has also presented Sophy Ridge on Sunday since 2017, which is a Sunday morning politics show on Sky News.

Ridge has won several awards for her journalism, including the MHP 30 Under 30 award in 2012 and the "Broadcast Journalist of the Year" award at the Words by Women Awards in 2016. She has also written a book entitled The Women Who Shaped Politics, which was published in 2019 and explores the contributions of women to British politics throughout history.

As Sophy Ridge is a regular broadcaster on television, many people obviously observe her appearance. Recently, people believe that she has been losing weight gradually. They wonder if the illness is the reason behind her weight loss. Well, let's find it out.

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Sophy Ridge’s Weight Loss: The 38-Year-Old Journalist Appears to Be in Better Shape Now!

No doubt, Sophy Ridge (@sophyridge) has been losing weight recently. The 38-year-old broadcaster has been appearing on our television for more than a decade and anybody can easily notice that she has undergone a slight weight loss transformation. However, we have yet to confirm the reason behind it as Sophy has never addressed anything regarding her transformation.

Even though she looks a little leaner now, we don't think she has reached the phase where we can label her skinny or be concerned about her health. Yes, Sophie Ridge does not appear to have any illness. She has been hosting her show, Sophy Ridge on Sunday, regularly. We don't think a person can work regularly be he/she has been suffering from any kind of illness.

There are a lot of reasons to undergo a weight loss transformation. In the case of Sophie, we believe she now wants to maintain her body size. As a TV journalist, anybody would want to be in better shape. Likewise, Sophie currently looks like she is in better shape when we compare her before and after pictures.

In order to stay fit and healthy, you always have to take care of your diet and exercise routine. We believe Sophy has been strictly tracking her calorie intake and exercise routine.

Similarly, it's not easy for someone to maintain weight, especially when you are married and a mother of 2 children. Sophy Ridge has taught us that weight loss is not as hard as most of us think. However, we do have to keep in mind that the given information is completely based on speculation only. We'll definitely get back to you as soon as we get any updates on the topic.

Weight Loss Tips: Follow These Steps if You Intend to Lose Weight!

Many people struggle to lose weight. With proper guidance and discipline, we believe anyone can easily achieve their dream physique. Well, here are some tips if you wish to undergo a weight loss transformation:

  • Do not skip breakfast
  • Eat regular meals
  • Eat plenty of fruit and veg
  • Get more active
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat high fiber foods
  • Read food labels
  •  Use a smaller plate
  • Do not ban foods
  •  Do not stock junk food
  • Cut down on alcohol
  • Plan your meals

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