Quinn Ewers’ Weight Loss: His Diet Details!

Many fans seem to be inspired by Quinn Ewers’s recent weight loss. He has lost more than 20 pounds by avoiding fried and fast food from his diet. He hasn’t talked about his workout routine as of now, but people are requesting that he give some ideas for workouts to shed weight.

Quinn Ewers is an American football quarterback for the Texas Longhorns. He started playing sports at a young age, and during high school, he completed 291 of 402 passes for 3,998 yards with 45 touchdowns and three interceptions. He gained fame in 2020 after he started playing for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Recently, Quinn has been in the news after he defeated Alabama in a top-25 showdown. His team beat the Crimson Tide 34-24. The news has made Quinn’s and the Longhorns‘s fans very happy, and they are waiting to see the Longhorns’s next game. He also posted a picture on his Instagram announcing the victory, and the comments were all posted by his fans.

Seeing Quinn in the recent game, many people have noticed that his physical appearance has changed. In this article, we will be talking about his diet, workout routine, and weight loss journey. To know how he has succeeded in his weight loss journey, read this article.

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Quinn Ewers Did Cut Some Junk Food for His Weight Loss!

Quinn Ewers (@quinn_ewers) has succeeded in his weight loss by avoiding fried and fast food from his diet. He has lost more than 20 pounds this year, and he is around 198 pounds as of now. He was 218 pounds at his highest during his Washington game in 2022. As of now, he is taking his game seriously and is trying to maintain his weight.

A lot of things have recently changed in Ewers’s life, from his hair to his diet. It looks like the changes have given him the perfect look. After Quinn posted a picture in a beach dress with his girlfriend on May 20, 2023, people started noting his weight loss. The post created many rumors all over the internet, but Quinn took time to confess the changes he made in his life.

Quinn Ewers' before and after weight loss. celebsindepth.comQuinn Ewers’ before and after weight loss.
Source: Celebs In Depth

Quinn Ewers has revealed that he has been following progressive weight loss, which turned the 6-foot-2 Ewers into a zero-size model rather than a major college quarterback. On August 2023, he explained his changes in diet and claimed to be around 200 pounds. He said that the process he followed for weight loss was not as complicated as he stated;

Just not as much fast food. I was focused on eating what the University provides. Higher doses of protein, less carbs. More vegetables. Just the healthy stuff. Nothing too much to it besides trying to eat healthier. I laid off the Chick-Fil-A that I was having a lot. Big Chick-Fil-A fan.

Quinn Ewers Weighed 218 Pounds at His Highest!

In 2022, when Quinn Ewers was not following a strict diet for his weight loss, he admitted to being 218 pounds. He thought the highest he got to believe the Washington game was around 218 pounds and also admitted that it was a little too heavy for him.

In 2022, Quinn Ewers weighed 218 pounds. celebsindepth.comIn 2022, Quinn Ewers weighed 218 pounds.
Source: Celebs In Depth

As of now, Quinn seems to be very focused on his diet and weight loss, but he allows himself to have cheat meals sometimes. His favorite chat meal is barbecue wings. Talking about his workout, he has not talked about or discussed his workout routine, but he is claimed to be the morning person who loves going on a run in the morning. He also mentioned that he has gained and lost weight many times and said;

I probably haven’t been this light since my sophomore year of high school, I lost some bad weight and gained some good weight back. I really focused on my eating habits; getting in the playbook more; I want to be comfortable, on and off the field, if that makes sense, physically and mentally

Why Did Quinn Ewers Cut His Hair?

Besides Quinn Ewers‘s inspiring weight loss, his haircut also seems to be something people are talking about. He claims to be a whole new person after he cuts that mullet. People are saying that whatever he did after cutting that mullet, he is like a whole new person, and he is said to have transformed from a kid to an adult after the cut.

Quinn Ewers used to have long hair on his back, and the new haircut style made him look like a young person. Some people might not like the change in his hair, but it’s his life, and he can do anything with his look. However, his recent haircut might be favoring him in his game.

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