Sydney Sweeney Has No Extra Weight and Is Not Expecting a Baby in 2024

Mar 5, 2024 @ 23:14 GMT-0500
Sydney Sweeney Has No Extra Weight and Is Not Expecting a Baby in 2024 - If Sydney Sweeney has put on weight, it might be only 1-2 pounds. She is not expecting a baby as of 2024. Before, she did gain weight for her role in a film called 'Reality, but after losing it back, she looks fit. She wore a fake baby bump for the movie Immaculate, starting rumors.

Sydney Sweeney is a well-known American actress who has gained recognition for her captivating roles in a number of film and television productions, especially 'Euphoria.' Her roles in the limited series 'Sharp Objects' (2018), 'The Handmaid's Tale' (2018), and 'Everything Sucks!' (2018) helped her become well-known. But the HBO drama series 'Euphoria' (2019) was her biggest achievement. Notably, she was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards in 2022 for her part in the latter. She won over reviewers in 2023 when she played Reality Winner in 'Reality.'

With her talent and acting career, she has gained millions of followers who look up to her. She has been an inspiration to people. Recently, there have been several queries about her appearance and people talking about her weight. Also, there are several of her fans wondering if she is going to be a mother in 2024. So let us learn about her weight and whether she is expecting a baby or not in 2024.

Sydney Sweeney Put on Weight for a Film, ‘Reality’

In recent times, Sydney Sweeney has looked fit, and even if she has had weight gain, it is only 1-2 pounds, which is very ignorable.

The speculations about her bigger weight are all over the internet, so there must be a reason why this started. She had put on weight back in 2023 for her film. So to get in depth, she was about to act in a film called 'Reality,' so to match the character, she had to gain weight. Although it was not huge, it was noticeable compared to the before and after pictures.

Sydney Sweeney's appearance after putting on weight for 'Reality.' celebsindepth.comSydney Sweeney's appearance after putting on weight for 'Reality.'
Source: Instagram

This shows how determined the actress was in her career profession. No doubt, celebrities have to gain and lose weight based on their characters. She received recognition in 2023 for her performance as 'Reality Winner' in the motion picture Reality. Her status as a rising star in the entertainment world has been cemented by her diverse performances.

However, Sydney Sweeney then underwent weight loss after the movie, and now she doesn't seem to have had any bigger weight, especially at the time of writing this. She lost weight by following a particular diet and engaging in focused exercise. She is an avid fitness enthusiast. Sweeney embraces a healthy lifestyle and participates in extreme sports like mixed martial arts (MMA) to help her overcome social expectations and obstacles while focusing on her acting career and personal well-being.

Despite having an athlete body, she doesn't seem to be an obese person. She recently performed for 'Saturday Night Live', where she danced and showed stunts, but it didn't look like she had put on any weight. Not to forget, there are images of her showing really overweight over the internet, which are made using the Face app. Maybe fans believed it to be a real one, so the speculations began.

For once, if you see fake pictures of her weight made using the Face app, you might as well believe it. However, looking at her recent appearance and her Instagram pictures, she seems to be in good shape. She has a perfect figure, which is maintained by workouts and diets.

Is Sydney Sweeney Going to Be a Mother in 2024?

Sydney Sweeney is not pregnant in 2024. Along with her big weight rumors, there are rumors that she might have a baby in 2024 with her Fiance.

Sydney Sweeney's pregnancy rumors are fake. celebsindepth.comSydney Sweeney's pregnancy rumors are fake.
Source: Instagram

Firstly, fans thought that she might be having a child is due to the news of her weight, and when she talked about pregnancy, it was related to her character and not hers. After she discussed her pregnant role in her next film, 'Immaculate,' during an appearance on 'The Tonight Show' Starring Jimmy Fallon, whispers about her being pregnant started to circulate.

What the movie's title implies—that Sweeney's character becomes a mother through unidentified means—appears to be supported by the trailer. When Jimmy inquired as to whether wearing a false baby bump cast was tough for her, she said that it was enjoyable. The actress actually revealed her secret memory of hiding goodies like Sour Patch Kids beneath her prosthetic stomach.

This is not the first time the actress has been surrounded by pregnancy rumors. In 2022, she was rumored of expecting a baby. Similar to this, she shared a picture of her growing baby bulge on her Instagram story in January 2022. Online, this generated a lot of talk, leading many to believe that the actress was expecting. However, fans later came to know that the picture was taken just for a movie shoot. To conclude as of 2024 Sydney is not expecting a baby.

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