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The new (fifth) episode of Supernatural was probably the best when it comes to the final (15th) season of the beloved monster hunting series. The reason why the episode was so above and beyond anything we’ve seen till now in the final season was because of the magnificent performance by Anna Grace Barlow as Lilith.

But before she was the second in command of hell in Supernatural, Anna Grace Barlow was a southern-born girl who always wanted to be on stage. Anna was born on 17 July 1994 in Mountain Brook, Alabama, to her parents, Polly Anna and Mike, who are both doctors. She is one of four children of her parents, and all of her three siblings are sisters. Her small sister Abigail is a YouTube star and a singer.

Anna Grace Barlow is an actress who appeared as Lilith in the hit CW show Supernatural.Anna Grace Barlow is an actress who appeared as Lilith in the hit CW show Supernatural.
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Growing up, her father was a great influence on the young Anna, who grew up hearing her father play the piano. She also got interested in musical instruments, though she was not any good (she said it!) the performance bug never left her. Her parents were doctors, but when she showed an interest in theatre, she was allowed to do as her heart desire and so began the career of the actress we know now today.

Starting Out in New York and Falling in Love with Los Angeles

Anna Grace Barlow came to Los Angeles to start her career in acting.Anna Grace Barlow came to Los Angeles to start her career in acting.
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Anna was ever-present in her high school’s theatre scene, and she would not stop singing in her house; then, she grew up. But the performance bug was now a raging fever, which is why after she finished her high school, for the first time, she was ready to leave Alabama for a long time and move away to pursue her career.

The first place in her destination was the east coast, New York, where she enrolled in NYC’s Pace University, where she studied musical theatre for a year. But then her teachers asked her to visit Los Angeles and get her headshots done, and once she landed in the west coast, the hub of performers, she was taken by the city, and she dropped out of her college and started pursuing her career in the Los Angeles theatre scene.

Anna appeared in The Prom as a leading character.Anna appeared in The Prom as a leading character.
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Anna was barely out of her teenage years, and she already moved between two great cities and was looking to get her career settled in the city of dreams. Her obvious first destination was a theater, where she was hired for various roles, and soon, she was carving a little reputation for herself.

The actress met her future husband in LA, and a few months after the two met, she was asked to audition for a role in the pre-Broadway play The Prom. After sending her tape, the actress was hired two months later for the role. The show was a success, and her character was something, which brought her a lot of recognition, and soon, she was performing for multiple shows and movies.

‘Scream Queens,’ ‘The Fosters,’ ‘Commanders’ and ‘The Young and the Restless’

After successfully winning over the theatre crowd, the next step laid out for her by her manager was getting into movies and TV shows. The first major show came in the form of Scream: The TV Series as well as Scream Queens when she was only 21 years old.

Though Anna only appeared in four episodes, she was soon appearing in Castle, Bones, and Major Crimes. She was also hired to play the role of Zoe, from 2016 to 2018, in seven episodes, which led her to a single episode appearance in the hit Netflix show Lucifer.

2019 is her breakout year because she started out with an appearance on the show Commanders as Aurora, and soon, she was hired for a mysterious role as Zoe Hardisty in the long-running daytime soap The Young and the Restless. But the biggest role of her career to date is the appearance as Lilith in the episode Proverbs 17:3 on Supernatural.

‘Supernatural’ ‘Lilith’ Actress Anna Grace Barlow in the Episode ‘Proverbs 17:3’

Anna Grace Barlow's performance as Lilith received appreciation from fans.Anna Grace Barlow’s performance as Lilith received appreciation from fans.
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Supernatural is coming to an end, which will happen after this season ends, and for the main villain of the show in the final outing is none other than God. The thing is God is all-powerful, and he can bring anyone to life, which is why it was amazing to see Lilith back on the show after her demise in the fourth season of Supernatural.

In the fifth episode of the final season, Proverbs 17:3 Sam and Dean travel to a town where two girls were supposedly killed by a mountain Lion but the brothers thing there is something fishy (get it?) about the whole situation. The Winchester brothers go to talk to the only surviving member of the trio in the jungle who tells them a story about a werewolf.

Watch: Lilith comes to life in the fifth episode of Supernatural season 15

The case is simple, cut and dry which is why the brothers are confused the whole time, and after they get rid of the two werewolves, the surviving member of the group Ashley Monroe dies in a freak accident, only to reveal herself as Lilith in the final moments of the show.

Lilith explains she was there to get the weapon back, and the brothers try to escape, but Lilith, on orders from God, destroys the weapon and goes off on her merry way.

Last time the character of Lilith was played by the actress Katherine Boecher and Katie Cassidy before her but in another recast Anna Grace was given the role of Lilith in the final season and considering the way she manipulated the brothers and seeing how powerful she is, we would not mind her coming back for more episodes in the future.

Anna Grace Barlow Married to Her Husband, Taylor Boldt After Two Years of Dating

Taylor Boldt and Anna Grace Barlow fell in love in 2014.Taylor Boldt and Anna Grace Barlow fell in love in 2014.
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Anna was only 20 years old when she moved out to California, and soon after she arrived, she met fellow actor Taylor Boldt in the city of angels. The two struck up a friendship quiet early on and soon decided it was the right move to start dating one another. The couple started dating on 24 October 2014, and they got busy with their work.

Taylor is also an actor, and the most notable character he played was Hans in Frozen Live. While both their careers were going in the right direction, the two decided to take a vacation to Hawaii in 2016.

Taylor Boldt proposed to his girlfriend Anna Grace in Hawaii in 2016.Taylor Boldt proposed to his girlfriend Anna Grace in Hawaii in 2016.
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The reason for the Hawaii trip was a vacation in Anna’s mind, but Taylor was formulating other plans where he enlisted the services of Engaged on Maui and decided to ask Anna to marry him. They were in Maui when on a hillside near the ocean, the actor got on one knee on the grass and asked Anna to marry him, and she said yes on 28 September 2016

The wedding was set for April of 2017, and the couple was happy with how their relationship was progressing. Finally, the day arrived when Anna walked down the aisle in a beautiful wedding gown, and the adorable duo exchanged vows and got married on 17 April 2017.

They’ve been together for more than two years as a married couple and over five years in a relationship. They live in LA with their dog Remy, and as of this writing, the actress is neither pregnant, not there is a baby in the couple’s life.

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