Tisha Campbell’s Weight Gain: The Gina Actress From Martin Gained Nearly 90 Pounds During Her Battle With Sarcoidosis!

Tisha Campbell’s weight gain transformation has always been a subject of concern to many of her fans as she was a lean-looking actress when she started her career. It was later revealed that the reason was her battle with sarcoidosis brought on by the steroids she was prescribed to treat the inflammatory disease. Likely, the Gina actress from Martin gained nearly 90 pounds during her pregnancy and was visibly chubby as a result of the prescribed steroids.

American actress and singer Tisha Michelle Campbell first appeared on screen in the rock musical comedy Little Shop of Horrors in 1986. She later starred in the short-lived NBC musical comedy-drama Rags to Riches (1987–1988).

Campbell’s debut album, Tisha, was released in 1993 and achieved a modest level of success, selling 40,000 copies. Two singles received minor R&B airplay: Push, co-written and produced by Campbell’s friend Vanilla Ice, and Love Me Down. Campbell also sang a cover version of Don’t Ask My Neighbor with Martin costar Tichina Arnold for the soundtrack of the 1997 film Sprung, in which she starred.

Tisha Campbell’s weight has fluctuated dramatically since her first appearance on television, attracting the attention of fans. She has always struggled with weight gain and loss at the same time, and now people are curious about it. Many people also wondered how she gained so much weight in the first place after losing it. Here is everything you need to know about her body transformation.

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Tisha Campbell’s Weight Gain: The Gina Actress From Martin Previously Struggled With Her Weight During Her Battle With Sarcoidosis!

Tisha Campbell (@tishacampbellmartin) looks stunning these days. However, the actress previously underwent a significant amount of weight gain after revealing her battle with sarcoidosis due to the steroids used to treat the inflammatory disease. But one thing remained constant despite her weight gain and loss: her round, firm derriere.

Tisha Campbell before and after weight gain.

Tisha Campbell before and after weight gain.
Source: Yahoo

Since suffering from illness, the Gina actress’ weight gain and loss has always been one of the top Google searches in recent days. And when the first images of Tisha’s new physique were published, readers couldn’t get enough of her. Gina was complimented on how much she resembles her from so many years ago during an interview about her most previous track, Steel Here, with TheBLACKMedia TALK LIVE. She claimed that it was more about improving her health than losing weight for her.

Many people made fun of Tisha’s weight gain, unaware that she had stage-2 sarcoidosis, which is characterized by inflamed organs. Bernie Mac is said to have died from the same illness.

Tisha was visibly chubby as a result of the steroids she was required to take and the nearly 90 pounds she gained during her pregnancy. Many mocked her weight gain and face transformation, claiming it was the worst kind of botched operation. Now, nobody can say anything because she is healthy, and beautiful, and resembles the Tisha with the six-pack from the past.

Tisha Campbell's latest appearance.

Tisha Campbell’s latest appearance.
Source: Instagram

According to reports, Tisha Campbell makes no compromises when it comes to her health. She follows a strict diet plan, but she allows herself a cheat day every now and then. Campbell gets out of bed early in the morning and fills a new glass of water. She then goes about her regular exercise routine to stay fit and healthy. Tisha also seems to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, as well as salads. Her diet consists of a fresh glass of juice in the morning, chicken breast, and avoiding fatty and harmful foods.

Tisha Campbell’s Career!

Tisha Campbell made his first television appearance at the age of six, in a 1974 episode of the PBS show The Big Blue Marble. She won many talent shows as a child and went on to appear in children’s shows such as Kids Are People Too, Unicorn Tales, and Captain Kangaroo. At the age of 17, she co-starred with future Martin co-star and best friend Tichina Arnold in the musical feature film Little Shop of Horrors as Chiffon, one of The Supremes-like girl group Greek Chorus.

Likewise, Campbell was also cast in the Fox comedy series Martin in 1992 as Regina Gina Waters-Payne. She left the show in April 1997, after settling a sexual harassment lawsuit against Martin Lawrence. Campbell returned to television in 2001, starring in the ABC comedy series My Wife and Kids alongside Damon Wayans. The show aired for five seasons until 2005. For her role, she received the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series in 2003.

The actress & singer was cast in the ABC sitcom Dr. Ken, starring Ken Jeong, in September 2015. She then portrayed Olympic gymnast Simone Biles‘ mother in the Lifetime film The Simone Biles Story: Courage to Soar, which premiered in January 2018. Later that year, Campbell starred in the ABC drama pilot The Holmes Sisters, which follows the lives of five African-American sisters who are all NYPD officers.