Tiwa Savage Boyfriend – Musician’s Current Partner Leaks Sex Tape, All the Details!

Known as the Nigerian Queen of Afrobeat, Tiwa Savage, as her name says, has been a savage female in the music industry. A singer, songwriter, and actress, Tiwa has been a renowned name in the realm of entertainment. Though famous for a lot of her achievements, the incredible artist has come upon highlights now due to a shocking revelation and it involves her boyfriend.

Tiwa Savage Boyfriend – Who Leaked the Sex Tape?

tiwa-savage-boyfriend-2021Tiwa Savage is currently dating her boyfriend from Ghana. The musician had her sex tape leaked online by her current partner, mistakenly.
Image Source: Tiwa Savage Instagram

Infamous for her relationships with celebrities and known faces, Tiwa has often been the topic of the talk for her choices of romantic partners. Once married to Tunji Balogun AKA TeeBliz, Savage has been rumored to have had few relationships after their divorce in 2016. The relationship ended with TeeBliz accusing the Nigerian beauty of infidelity.

The Nigerian queen of music was rumored to be dating Dr. Sid before she got married. Dr. Sid confirmed that he had a thing for Tiwa, but Tiwa never confirmed anything from her side. Likewise, gossips of her being with 2face, and Don Izzy has also been around, but none of anything has been confirmed from the Nigerian superstar’s side. None of them gained the title of Tiwa’s boyfriend.

Having been in a controversial relationship with her former boyfriend WizKid due to their age difference, fans loved the chemistry between the two. The pair got together after Tiwa’s divorce from TeeBliz and had a relationship for about a year. Tiwa confirmed the two were in a relationship during a concert when she invited WizKid on stage to perform with her.

The two broke up briefly after being together for a considerable time. The reason for their split hasn’t been out. However, fans speculate that Tiwa had given a hint of why she broke up with former lover WizKid through her Instagram post which read, ” I’m my daddy’s first and only daughter so I ain’t about to be no man’s second choice.” Tiwa has removed the post from her Instagram.

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After her confession of being a Marlian, Tiwa Savage has been rumored to have dated Naira Marley as well. Though no solid proofs have been available, fans have speculated that her declaration as a Marlian followed by a story with a picture of Naira captioned “President❤️” is a declaration of love for Naira. Despite all this, Tiwa hasn’t officially come out to confess any existing relationship with Naira.

The curiosity of who Tiwa Savage’s current boyfriend is, has come up after a shocking revelation made by the incredible singer. Tiwa has made sure to keep the relationship private and less talked about. As she has said in an interview with Angie Martinez, her current lover is someone who isn’t famous so his identity has been kept private. The musician’s current love interest seems to be from Ghana as she has also revealed that she wants to have fun in Ghana with the one she is dating right now.

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Tiwa hasn’t revealed the identity of her current lover on her socials or in interviews, however, an Instagram page named Gistlovers has speculated who Tiwa Savage’s current boyfriend could be. The guy associated with Tiwa has been called “Abolo” with a picture of him collaged with Tiwa’s picture. No exact proof of him being Tiwa’s current lover has been provided or found. The gossip and rumor page has also reasoned on the ongoing Tiwa Savage issue, on how it is a promotional stunt. Many speculations have been made that the man could possibly be Tiwa’s current partner. However, no links between the two can be found and the person isn’t on Tiwa’s socials too.

Tiwa Savage is Being Blackmailed Over Sex Tape – Some Speculate That It’s a Promotional Stunt

The Nigerian Afrobeat artist has currently reported being blackmailed over an intimate video of her with her current boyfriend. Tiwa revealed the incident in an interview with The Angie Martinez show on October 8, 2020. As she says the 41-year-old knew a day before on October 7, 2o2o and the artist had been dealing with quite a lot.

Sharing her experience, Tiwa says she was informed by someone on her team about the video. On discussing the issue with her manager and team, it was revealed that the sender has asked for a ransom and is threatening to release the footage. She would rather not call it a sex tape because it was an intimate moment with the person she is dating at the moment. The video was shot by her current boyfriend and was mistakenly released on his Snapchat. Before the pair could realize it was out, the footage was recorded and used against them.

Headstrong, Tiwa has refused to pay the amount as she believes regardless of what she does, they’ll eventually leak the video and blackmail her more in the future.” I’m not gonna have somebody blackmail for doing something that is natural,” as she said in the interview. The singer has also revealed that the blackmailer asked for the money to be delivered in bitcoins. She has also shown her worry regarding how her fanbase will have to defend her and how people related to her will get affected. As open as the African music sensation is, she has always been open about her relationships and issues that need to be addressed and she did it again with her present case.

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Most of the audiences believe that it’s a publicity stunt for her coming album and song release. However, Tiwa has denied the accusations and said if it was she would manage to look cute and presentable in the video. She also believes that her boyfriend couldn’t be the one to release the video, nor anyone within her circle.  No new update on the case has been revealed.

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