Matt Corral Girlfriend – Is the Ole Miss QB1 Currently Dating Raine Michaels?

Matt Corral girlfriend talk started after Raine Michaels appeared in the stands during the college football game, standing with his family. So, everyone is asking, if the SI swimsuit model is the QB’s gf in 2021.

After a nail-bitting win over Arkansas where the coach laid into the Ole Miss defense, it was Matt Corral who came out on top, rushing for 2 touchdowns and throwing for two more. It was in stark contrast from the game last year when Matt threw 6 interceptions against the same team. It was a statement game for the California native who made a stronger case for his Heisman trophy candidacy. But more importantly there were some special fans in the stands cheering on Matt, sparking girlfriend talk on the internet.

Born on 31 January 1999, to his parents in Ventura, California, Matt grew up loving football, something he got from his parents. From a young age he started playing the game and was quick to show his skills at the most sought after position in a football team. After some conflict with his previous school, Matt joined Long Beach Polytechnic and went on to shine for their school team. High school showing translated to college offers and after flirting with University of Southern California he realized University of Mississippi would be a better fit.

Committing to play for Ole Miss Rebels, Matt Corral got to play in 4 games during his rookie year. In 2019 he was named the starter for the team and a year after that the California born starlet took his team to the Outback Bowl, winning the game and being named the MVP. Now, in his third year as Ole Miss QB, the player is making a case for Heisman trophy, something that got a boost after the 4 TD performance against the Razorbacks. But more interesting after the game were the girlfriend rumors circulating after Raine Michaels showed up to support the star.

Matt C0rral Dating Raine Michaels Girlfriend Rumors are Circulating in 2021

matt-corral-girlfriend-2021Raine Michaels appearing during Matt Corral’s game and sitting with his family sparked girlfriend rumors online.
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As the game between Arkansas and Ole Miss raged on, the game was evenly poised for a spectacular ending. But as camera panned to show the parents of the Rebels’ Quarterback, some fans noticed beautiful ladies standing with his family. One of the beautiful ladies was Raine Michaels who was later seen holding the hand of Matt as Ole Miss won game and the player went to hug his parents.

The look Raine gave him in the stands was much of the talking point for fans interested about the player’s personal life. Before the game people were wondering if the prospective Heisman winner was dating a girlfriend but seeing the former SI swimsuit model in the stands was something that sent everything into overdrive. So, we are breaking down if all of this is rumor or if they are really dating in 2021.

Is Matt Corral Dating Raine Michaels?

Matt Corral’s game winning heroics and the Ole Miss team’s performance as a whole gave much to celebrate for the 4 and 1 team. There was the obvious Heisman fervor and a better record than last year, but online there was also hype surrounding Matt Corral’s girlfriend. Someone who has always kept his head down and play his game, Matt was trending not only for his stats in the game.

The appearance of Raine Michaels gave people much to talk about as she showed up to the game wearing Matt’s jersey. Raine Michaels is the daughter of rock musician Bret Michaels. She is 21-years-old and a model whose call to fame was the SI swimsuit magazine where she was selected as one of the models. The SI model came when she was only 18 years of age and in the coming months the model is moving to sports broadcasting.

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The model is also pre-diabetic, something she struggled with growing up and her father detailed it all during an interview. He said, “When she was diagnosed with borderline diabetes at first she was really upset,” he shared. “I’ve had [diabetes] my whole life, so all of our resources are self contained . . . We just talked to doctors who are friends of ours about it and a dietician.”

Bret announced after the game that his daughters were at the Ole Miss and Arkansas game. They were sitting with Matt’s family in the stand and cheering on the Mississippi team to the win. Bret mentioned they were family friends, but the way Raine was looking at Matt during the game had people questioning if they were dating.

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The photo from the stands after the game showed Raine gently touching Matt’s hand as she looked at him affectionately. That alone is not enough to determine if the two are dating but, people can have their girlfriend rumors. At this point they are just that, rumors. Until the social media shy Matt posts something, or Raine makes it public on her well-followed social media page, we cannot be certain she is the Ole Miss QB’s girlfriend.

Four TD Game Improves Matt Corral’s Heisman Bid

It is a little early for Heisman speculation, but we are seeing clear front runners after week 6 of college football. One of the players making a strong case for himself has to be Matt Corral whose rushing and passing games were on point as he led Ole Miss to a one-point thriller victory. The game was also underscored by the fact that Matt played horribly last year, throwing 6 interceptions against the Razorbacks defense.

This was a statement game for the player as he put the ghost of last year’s dismal performance behind him and let everyone know he is coming for that Heisman. With 1:07 remaining in the 4th quarter Ole Miss took the lead as Matt connected on a 68-yard pass. That TD was punctuated by a strong showing from the Razorbacks offense as Ole Miss needed a last play stop to win the game.

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With 4-1 record, Matt Corral and Ole Miss are in a good position to make some noise this year. Heisman voters will be looking at the California born QB to see if he can be the one to take the reputed trophy home this year.

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