Virgin River Season 3 – July Release Date Confirmed!

One of the most beloved shows on Netflix is coming back for a third season, much sooner than expected. Netflix announced the highly anticipated Virgin River season 3 is releasing on 9 July 2021, more than 4 months earlier than the first two seasons. After Netflix France jumped the gun with their announcement, the cast of the Netflix show came together to make public the release date.

Virgin River season 2 ended on a cliffhanger last season (HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD for season 2) as Mel was hunched over an injured Jack. A gunshot wound and a frantic Mel trying to stop the bleeding as time ran out on all of us fans and credits started to roll. Well, we are finally getting a resolution to that storyline and also much more of the same Southern rural town affection we all fell in love with back in 2019.

With new cast members and old favorites returning, we got a nice post from the Virgin River team. But this all comes on the heel of a leaked revelation and fan dissapointment over the show not coming earlier in June. Since filming was all wrapped up earlier this year, fans were eager to see another season fast and now one more month is all they have to wait.

Virgin River Season 3 is Coming to Netflix in July 2021

virgin-river-season-3-relelase-date-9-july-2021Virgin River Season 3 is coming to Netflix on 9 July 2021. The cast made the announcement on Virgin River Instagram page.
Image Source: Instagram

Ever since the filming for Virgin River season 3 wrapped up, fans have been speculating about the release date of the third season. It did help that the second season ended on a cliffhanger but it was all speculation until Netflix France jumped the gun the announcement and made the release date visible on their Instagram page with a revealing caption.

Netflix France and Netflix Portugal have in the past had the fastest fingers when announcing the release dates. Maybe it is the time difference which messes with the announcements and it happened today when they release a photo with the text, “tu l’attendais? nous aussi” put it in google translate and you get “you were waiting for it? Us too.”

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The date listed on the photo was 9 July 2021 and it quickly took off on the image sharing platform. Well, up until the person in charge realized their mistake and took down the post. The photo is possibly up on the page again but it was a slight confirmation to the rumors of summer release for the beloved show. And the release date was confirmed only a few hours later.

For the announcement of Virgin River season 3 the Netflix show brought all the cast members, with cuts of their home video, not physically together. With Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson being front and centre with the announcement, we also got to see new and old cast members bringing joy to thousands of fans in the morning.

Alexandra kicks off the video and proceeds to reveal the release date. She says, “So, I just heard about some really exciting news I thought we should share. What do you think Virgin River team? Should we tell everybody? I think we should tell them.”

Then Martin Henderson comes on screen while taking on the sun and announces, “You don’t have to wait much longer.” Then the cast come in with “Virgin River. Season 3. July 9th. Netflix. Ten Episodes.” With the Jack actor continuing, “Because of your love for the show, Netflix are gonna stream season 3 of Virgin Rive on July 9th.”

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It was a nice cozy video with fans going wild in the comment section with “Yes” and heart emoji comments. There were also many “finally” comments there and we understand the excitement and frustration. So many things to resolve and we are only getting 10 episodes, again, it probably won’t seem fair as we run through all of them in one sitting.

So, Virgin River season 3 is coming on 9 July 2021. Wait for it, enjoy it, and savor it because then you will have to wait 10-12 more months for another season, well, if Netflix does not want to die by our hands, that is.

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