Welcome to Eden’s Gay Characters: Meet All LGBTQ Casts!

Apr 24, 2023 @ 4:46 GMT-0500
Welcome to Eden’s Gay Characters: Meet All LGBTQ Casts!

Netflix's Welcome to Eden has several gay and LGBTQ characters. Eloy is a gay man, and Zoa is bisexual. Bel is a homosexual (lesbian), while Mayka is a transexual. Although not all of them began that way, by the end of the first season, all of the LGBT individuals had proven themselves to be heroes.

'Welcome to Eden' is a thriller drama series that was created by Joaqun Górriz and Guillermo López. The story centers on a bunch of aimless teenagers who show up on a lovely island for a party and encounter their endearing and enigmatic hosts. A select number miss the boat, and the locals extend hospitality to them. They soon learn, however, that they have unintentionally joined a violent cult that kills members rather than allowing them to leave.

On May 6, 2022, the first episode of Welcome to Eden aired on Netflix. The show's narrative and mystery components earned a lot of excellent feedback. Since its debut, the second season has gotten similar reviews. Fans are curious as to whether there are any gay characters in Welcome to Eden, given its popularity. We've got you covered if you're wondering about LGBTQ characters.

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Here Are the Details of Netflix’s Welcome to Eden's Gay and LGBTQ Characters!

Although "Welcome to Eden" is generous in providing every one of its LGBT characters with a smart, complex, and compelling arc, vibrant queer representation is true to the spirit of the series it is mimicking. There are gay, bisexual, and transgender characters taking their characters to the next level. The show gives each cast/character a genuine sense of affection, admiration, and depth. Although not all of them begin that way, by the end of the first season, all of the LGBT individuals had proven themselves to be heroes.


Eloy and Orson play gay characters in Welcome to Eden.Eloy and Orson play gay characters in Welcome to Eden.
Source: Bilibili

Eloy is portrayed by deaf actor Carlos Soroa (@carlosora). He is a compassionate but resolute gay man who has taught sign language to many other cult members. He has been secretly seeing Orson, a prominent member of the cult (played sternly by Joan Pedrola), and they have been having a physical relationship. However, they are only keeping it a secret out of concern for the cult leader's acceptance of the power dynamics that are necessary for the plan to function. The formerly-hostile Orson is all about life-saving great gestures and public displays of affection once it is shown that she already knows.


Welcome to Eden's Zoa, the game's casually bisexual main character, is played by Amaia Aberasturi (@amaiaberasturi). While their mother is in and out of rehab and their father disappears to spend time with his lover, Zoa's invitation to a party in paradise provides a respite from the reality of raising her younger sister. With the help of "Welcome to Eden," Zoa is given a captivating romantic storyline and engaging s*x scenes with both men and women. These private moments are shot with equal beauty and candor.

Welcome to Eden's LGBTQ characters, Zoa and Bel.Welcome to Eden's LGBTQ characters, Zoa and Bel.
Image Source: Netflix


Bel is a homosexual rebel with boxer braids, played by Begoa Vargas (who you might recall from Netflix's sisterhood drama on the high seas, Alta Mar). She is the cool-headed badass secretly in charge of the uprising against the sinister, deceitful cult leader of Eden. Bel is consumed with keeping tabs on Zoa's development, which develops into assisting her in escaping the constant danger of being a target of cult surveillance. The trust they build over time transforms into something sapphic and amazing later in the novel. The relationship they have is warm and seductive, and it seems to hold the most promise for the exciting future of the show.


A transsexual employee of the Eden Foundation named Mayka is in charge of keeping the island safe. She controls drones while viewing Eden's security camera video. She stands by Astrid. Charly, played by Tomy Aguilera, is a cutesy cocky boy who falls head over heels for Lola Rodriguez's attractive hacker and trans hottie Mayka. This couple is naturally attracted, unlike the other couples in the show who are linked together using the cult's "linking" method (where an established member is entrusted with wooing a recruit so that they regret ever wanting to leave after the Influencer trip).

Mayka from Welcome to Eden is a transsexual employee of the Eden Foundation.Mayka from Welcome to Eden is a transsexual employee of the Eden Foundation.
Image Source: IDN Times

Welcome to Eden's Mayka has a bold, unmistakable confidence that Charly admires. He has a determined, boyish charm that Mayka can't help but succumb to. In a moving sequence, Mayka tells Charly that she came to the island of her own free will because she was tired of having to defend her existence from other people.

Through her relationship with Charly, we learn that she is capable of allowing her sentiments to compromise her dedication to the cult. She is performing the surveillance task that keeps members trapped. Mayka devotes her time to disguising every potential case of a missing person that Eden generates, but she still cares about Charly enough to gently let him go when he tries to go.

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