Bel From Welcome to Eden: Who Plays the Character (Actress) In the Netflix Series?

Bel from Netflix’s Welcome To Eden lives in Eden and develops romantic feelings for Zoa. The character is portrayed by a Spanish actress & dancer, Begoña Vargas.

Netflix‘s Spanish series, Welcome to Eden or Bienvenidos an Edén, created by Joaqun Górriz and Guillermo López, is a typical cult thriller over most of its first season. However, significant revelations near the end of season 1 abruptly convert it into a blend of science fiction and fantasy, while maintaining its thriller credentials.

The plot centers around a bunch of aimless teenagers who arrive on a paradisiacal island and are persuaded to stay by their lovely and mysterious hosts. However, they quickly understand that they have accidentally become members of a violent cult that will kill them if they attempt to flee.

Welcome to Eden season 2 is primarily about the cult and its heinous activities despite the promises of science fiction and fantasy with some new and old characters involved. Bel, one of the characters of the show, received a lot of attention in season 1. And with the release of season  2, fans have been more interested in the character and are curious to learn more about her. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Bel From Welcome to Eden: The Character Is Portrayed by Begoa Vargas, a Spanish Actress & Dancer!

Netflix’s Welcome to Eden‘s fictional character Bel is an Eden Foundation member who develops romantic feelings for Zoa after becoming her link. She’s also friendly with Eloy. At the end of the first season, Zoa begs Bel to join her in leaving the island, but she declines because she wants to assist the others leave as well. However, she does help Zoa with her escape plan.

The fictional character is played by Begoa Vargas (@begovargas), a Spanish actress & dancer, who was born in Madrid in 1999. At the age of ten, she enrolled in a dance school in Loeches, where she also began to hone her acting skills. The Welcome to Eden cast made her television debut in Centro Médico and also appeared in Paquita Salas before landing her breakout role in La otro mirada.

Bel from Welcome to Eden.Bel from Welcome to Eden.
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Talking about the character in the Netflix show, Bel informed her supervisor and factory managers that they were emitting far too much carbon dioxide, but nothing changed. Later. she sent out a few tweets to make it appear as if someone was paying attention, and she was fired as a result. Astrid used this to warn everyone that people do not care and will simply treat them as faceless and voiceless pawns. They will die wealthy, while the next generation will inherit a world ravaged by their selfishness.

Bel wished to assist Zoa in locating Aldo. She begged Eloy to assist her in obtaining Orson‘s access card because Claudia had refused to assist her. Orson had wider access to the island because he was level 2. Eloy took Orson’s access card and threw it out the window to Bel when they were hooking up in the horse stable. She used the card to get entrance to the IT department.

She discovered in the system that Africa and Ibón had passed, but Aldo had been terminated because he was disrespectful and ego-centric. Zoa’s position was in jeopardy since she possessed leadership qualities but was bitter and disobedient. She saw from the security camera that Orson had discovered his missing card, so she rushed to replace Orson’s card in the stable.

The four new members, Zoa, Africa, Charly, and Ibón, went through an initiation ceremony one night to indicate their acceptance into Eden. They needed to walk across burning coal and get a necklace. The four then got a star tattooed onto their wrists to show that they were on level 1. Eva and Alma were promoted to level 2, and Ulises was promoted to level 3. The next morning, Nico asked Astrid why he was not promoted. Astrid explained that he did not do a good job bringing Zoa in. She also told him that he was taken off Zoa and that Bel would watch over her instead. Nico angrily confronted Bel, but she said she was just following orders.

Bel is played by Spanish actress, Begoa Vargas.Bel is played by Spanish actress, Begoa Vargas.
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Zoa and Bel went horseback riding together in the afternoon. They sat on the rocks and talked. Bel confessed to Zoa that Erick’s family is wealthy and that Erick and Astrid treat Eden members as if they were children because they lack any. Zoa mentioned seeing a small child outside her window one night, but Bel dismissed it, claiming that she was hallucinating after drinking Blue Eden.

Bel emphasized that children are not permitted in Eden, and members are not permitted to become pregnant. Members who fail to satisfy Astrid and Erick’s requirements are replaced, while new members are constantly welcome. This, according to her, is why they needed to take a position and prepare for a rebellion.

After dragging Ibón to his module glass window late at night, Eloy noticed Zoa and Bel standing in front of theirs. Bel and Eloy gave each other a hand signal to demonstrate they had each other’s backs. Bel told Zoa that it was comforting to be reminded that there was someone she could rely on. Zoa and Bel began kissing, but Bel interrupted and asked Zoa where she stood. Zoa stated her intention to flee, but Bel stated that she would not do so since she wanted to save the rest of the people at Eden.

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