Why Kio Cyr and Olivia Ponton Broke Up: Shades & Blames

If you’d asked two months ago, anyone would’ve said Kio Cyr and Olivia Ponton‘s relationship would’ve been the exemplary one within the TikTok community. But as people started to see through the TikToks and the time these two went through, it seems a lot of shades were more than enough for some to assume whose fault it was that it had come to an end.

June 24, 2020, and it’s all but over. The two confirmed the breakup turn by turn sharing tweets and IG stories. But whose fault was it? That’s when everyone started taking sides, mostly Cyr’s as many blamed Ponton for using his fame for her own modeling career. But was there even a need to discuss if it was anyone’s fault?

Olivia Ponton and Kio Cyr halfway to hugging.Whatever happened between the seemingly unbreakable couple?
Photo Source: Olivia Ponton Instagram

It seems, there are so many little signs that could be picked up from their actions following their breakup. At least that’s what gossip-experts seem to think so. But first, have a read here on how their relationship began in the first place. It took quite a while for them to admit they were dating as they confirmed it only in April.

The Breakup: One of the Hardest Things

Judging by how lovey-dovey they were during their relationship, no one would’ve thought this day would come. But it did, and it took everyone by surprise, possibly even their Hype House & Sway House counterparts. Fans were in disbelief.

Olivia Ponton first broke the news on Instagram stories on June 24, stating the beautiful thing had come to an end. She wrote, “some beautiful things come to an end. i forever wish you the best. thank you for everything, i appreciate you always,” tweeting it was “one of the hardest things i’ve ever had to do.”

Olivia Ponton about the breakup on Instagram stories.That should get the ball rolling.
Photo Source: Olivia Ponton Instagram Stories

Kio Cyr later took to Twitter to break the same thing.  “You’ll always have my heart. I wish you the best, angel,” he first tweeted, before writing, “I love you. Forever and always. Always and forever.”

Neither of them immediately gave their fans the reason for their split as it was as sudden as it can get. But Cyr was “sweet” enough to shed some light into the breakup and try to minimize all the hate on either on them would eventually get from this. Remember, there are some very unreasonable people in the comment world.

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However, he did insinuate the fans had something to do with the breakup too. “It wasn’t just her and I,” Cyr clarified not going into too much and asking them to respect their privacy. “It was also your guys’ relationship, and that was one of the main reasons why we came out about it. …all I can say is that I’ll always love her and that she’ll always have my heart.”

Fans Taking Sides But Mostly Blaming Ponton for the Breakup

Sure, Cyr or Ponton would’ve thought that was the end of it and people would soon forget much of it. But who are they kidding? It’s the TikTok community! Taking sides has always been their code, although it’s too unethical to do so. And so it began, fans started pointing fingers, picking apart details and putting blames on anyone they can.

The breakup took an ugly turn pretty fast.
Photo Source: Kio Cyr Instagram

Ponton felt the all the burnt of it though. You know, the word ‘Clout’ is getting a lot of boosts ever since these collaborative groups started forming. And a lot of the fans thought it was one of the reasons Ponton “dumped” Cyr when she was officially one of the members of the Hype House. Of course, she just got one over him and joined the rival group of Cyr’s house, Sway House LA.

Cyr Steps in to Defend Olivia and Ask Them to Leave Her Alone

One look at Kio Cyr’s Twitter will baffle you about the extent at which he tweets about so many things that it’s hard to say what he’s relating each tweet to. But when it came to Ponton, it was more obvious than the rest. The pair deleted each other’s presence on Instagram, every single photo of the two as she went on to gather more hate than ever.

Kio Cyr Leaning in on Olivia Ponton for a kiss.Upto a point, he was actually defending her.
Photo Source: Olivia Ponton Instagram

It particularly angered the fans when Ponton gave Cyr the cold shoulder in one of Noah Beck‘s TikTok live-streams before they announced the breakup. She apparently tried to put as much space between them as possible before just upping and leaving the stream. The hate just escalated when people noticed it afterward.

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But Cyr had her back. He tweeted on June 26, “Leave Olivia alone. She did nothing wrong, so stop making her feel like she did. It hurts me to see her hurting, so please. Just stop.”

It’s apparent Cyr is so open about his feeling just from the dozens of tweets he posts every day. And while Ponton isn’t too keen on speaking her feelings, Cyr constantly kept defending her.

Darianka Sanchez: Whatever Part Did She Have in the Hate

Darianka Sanchez is a shady personality after her past was dug up, and it especially got worse for Ponton when she started hanging out, a lot, with Sanchez and proclaimed her as her best friend. And Cyr’s supporters just assumed she must’ve been a mean girl like Sanchez to have hurt him, leading to the breakup. Sanchez never made it into Hype House though.

Darianka Sanchez and Olivia Ponton advertising Calvin Klien.This friendship apparently made Ponton a bully too.
Photo Source: Olivia Ponton Instagram

There are some who believe Ponton wanted Cyr to be as tight-lipped as she was to keep their feelings to themselves because it’s no one’s business and even blamed Cyr for making the breakup “one-sided”. But Cyr was still defending her, stating she is a “pure and kindhearted person, and doesn’t deserve the hate she’s receiving” in a tweet on June 28, 2020.

In another tweet, he referenced Ponton being hurt by saying he doesn’t want his future daughter to experience heartbreak. And another tweet may have wished the best for Ponton.

As for Ponton, she is more of a retweeter than a tweeter these days, but she did say this, “I don’t really appreciate all the hate. It breaks my heart.”

Here’s the Twist: Cheating Accusations Suddenly Arise & Cyr Shades Ponton

If you’ve been a little late on the details, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In early July, it seems a lot of the fandom started to blurt out that Cyr cheated on Ponton to prompt her to take the step in breaking up. To this day, none knows who cheated on who or if there has been a cheating scandal at all. But Cyr was not having it all.

In two tweets, he made it clear that someone had convinced Ponton that he’d cheated on her with God knows who and that she believed it to suddenly break up with him.

And then he just rants about how he didn’t eat for five days since the breakup. He was mad that he had to learn all about the cheating thing from the notorious Instagram account named, The TikTok Shaderoom, rather than herself.

“You were happy as you could possibly be when we broke up. Partying,” he tweeted on July 6, 2020. “While I cried in my bed for days. Didn’t eat for five days. Didn’t leave my room for days. Wondering why I wasn’t good enough. And it’s because you believed I cheated on you. The worst part? ttr told me, not you.”

He didn’t seem to hold the anger for long though, tweeting a day later about how he was not dwelling in the past anymore. It seems to be the end of it for him, but he does at times tweet concerning posts now and again, but nothing concretely related to Olivia Ponton.

And the comments continue coming up about it as Hype House’s Thomas Petrou tries defending Ponton as he’s obliged to do when an IG account directly said. And he says it in a way that insinuated that Ponton made a mistake of believing Cyr cheated on her.

And well, whenever they are brought up, no one can confirm who cheated on who and who made the mistake. So all there is are comments of users shading one creator or the other and little details that assumption is the only way they could talk about. Meanwhile, the two involved are done with the whole shenanigans.

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