Find Out If Tayler Holder Really Still Dating Sommer Ray! Their Relationship Timeline in Full

Here’s the truth. Tayler Holder hasn’t really made it easy for anyone to confirm that he is dating one person or the other. He once hinted he was with Dixie D’Amelio, who now seems to be dating Griffin Johnson. And after posting numerous lovey-dovey clips with Sommer Ray, the relationship being seemingly confirmed by his pals & then indicating a breakup, if there was such a thing, the discussion has sparked up again.

It might not be that big of an issue though. They are still young. Or they might be pulling another Bryce HallAddison Rae again. You know, dating for a while first, then breaking up to patch up moments later, say they are just friends and furthermore confuse people that they may be getting back together over and over again. Boy, Bryce Hall‘s been everywhere, huh?

The Dating Rumors Between Alleged BF-GF, Tayler Holder & Sommer Ray, Started Since Mid-May 2020

When you think about it, kids these days do have rattled up the dating world only in 2020. In such a short amount of time, even! So yeah, it does take a lot to keep track of their relationships that seem to change every other day.

Tayler Holder and Sommer Ray dating again?Alright, no tricking anyone. You guys are dating again, right?
Photo Source: Tayler Holden, TikTok

As for Holder and Ray, their first sparks began in as early as May 2020, many believing the 19th of the month to be the day they started “courting” each other. Sure, the modern term for that is actually, “flirting”. On the mentioned date, Tayler posted a pretty flirty clip of a conversation between him and Sommer on TikTok, basically tricking her into asking him out on a date.

The conversation? You know the old way. Tayler asking, “Do you want to date?” Then Sommer rejecting it as Taylor asks again, “Wait what did I say?” Yeah, it’s heading that way. She says what it is as he exclaims, “Omg I thought you’d never ask,” followed by a taken status with the date, “5/19/2020”, written over the last clip.

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That was just a joke-y flirt, but who knew then what that could’ve led to? But now we’re here, and it is what it is. They continued posting clips and photos together acting all couple-y and cozy together, him carrying her. And everyone was in awe of how close they were. But only questions could be raised about if they were dating.

Early June: Bryce Hall Tries to Confirm Tayler-Sommer Is Real, But in Hesitation

Tayler Holder carrying his GF Sommer Ray on the beach, with smiles.What more hint can we get?
Photo Source: Tayler Holder, Instagram

So yeah, here’s another milestone. During the start of June, Bryce Hall gets asked in an Instagram Live chat about the nature of the relationship between Tayler and Sommer, even though he didn’t ask for it. Although he is not supposed to say what it is and Hall seemingly in the dark about it too, he might’ve confirmed they were dating. Of course, he thinks so, when there is kissing involved.

“Are Tayler and Sommer Ray dating?” A fan asks Hall in the live stream. “I wish I could tell you the answer,” he hesitatingly replies. “It looks like they are. They’re definitely feeling all up on each other’s faces and stuff.”

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“I assume that they are definitely, maybe — don’t take my word on this — kissing,” he further sizzled the discussion. “I will say that they have probably kissed.” A lot of “probably”s and “assume”s, but that seemed to have settled it. They were branded boyfriend-girlfriend.

Almost Mid-June: Fans Notice They Unfollowed Each Other on Instagram with One More Impending Breakup Sign

The BF-GF wagon rolled on for Tayler and Sommer, with more cozy photos and TikTok clips. Until June 11, 2020, that is. Fans noticed the two were not following each other on Instagram. Or rather a sneaky crawler for The TikTok Shaderoom.

Sommer Ray and Tayler Holder not following each other on Instagram.Bam!
Photo source: The TikTok Shaderoom, Instagram

This news came only hours after Tayler had posted a series of photos of him carrying Sommer over his shoulder on a beach. And rest assured, it was no less romantic than ever. To his caption, “She’s kinda cool @sommerray,” she commented back, “Besties”. It just goes to make us question if they really followed each other on Instagram in the first place. I think they didn’t.

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However, what makes the rumors of breakup such an impending thing is that the two started deleting each other’s presence on Instagram and TikTok one by one for a couple of days. He also tweeted a broken heart. And when people thought a tweet by Sommer was knifed at Tayler, she was not happy and called out the critics for being “disrespectful”. But it was only days later that we understood they had only archived those posts.

June 21 to Late June: Patching Things Up Again or No Breakup in the First Place?

Well, the two were recorded walking out of a dinner date at the Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills on June 21, 2020.  It was also after Tayler posted a short video about how someone played him. While some thought it was about Sommer that bummed them, others thought it could’ve easily been about one of his ex-girlfriends.

When asked by The Hollywood Fix if they have a certain name for them as BF and GF (like Tommer or Sayler), Tayler just shrugs off and says they are “just friends”. And if they drop a merch, then it would probably be a “bestie” merch, as Sommer also adds. Also note, the posts that seemed to have been deleted were back on his page on the same dates as before.

That still didn’t answer if they were dating, but as we move on, they show signs that they really are still together. Towards the end of the month of June, the pair posted back-to-back TikTok clips together, all the more rising suspicions on their best-friendship, if that’s what it is.

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However, the most close-to-obvious hint was from another of his TikTok counterpart, Nate Wyatt, showing his envy in a TikTok clip of his own. And sure, it might’ve been a skit, but we’re not taking any chances on thinking they are back again!!! Plus, a series of Instagram stories shared by Tayler showed his Hype House bros arranging what looked to be a date for the two, also writing ‘6/28/20’ with a heart emoji over the clips. Another date marked!

Is Bryce Trying to Tear One Up on ‘Tommer’ or ‘Sayler’?

It seems, as July rolled in, Tayler Holder and Sommer Ray were making it official with those hints. But on the very first day of July, Bryce Hall comes back to the scene and comes on Twitter to ship Tayler and Kelianne Stankus, another TikToker linked with Tayler. Of course, Tayler laughed it off in the replies. One response to Tayler’s video claiming Bryce and Addison were dating again, perhaps?

That “girlfriend” refers to Sommer, right? It seems Tommer is real. Or Sayler, whatever you want to call it. Guess he wasn’t third-wheeling only, huh?

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As for the past, Sommer Ray and Machine Gun Kelly fueled their dating rumors when they were photographed holding hands and even kissing in February 2020. MGK further added the fuel by posting photos from The Bahamas trip before seemingly confirming the relationship in March with a retweet.

It was short-lived of course, with Sommer moving to Tayler and MGK filming with Meghan Fox.

Meanwhile, Tayler dated Kaylyn Slevin last year for a few months. That link with Dixie did not hold water, did it?

Disclaimer: This will be updated as the story develops.

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