Tayler Holder GF 2020 — Did He Ever Confirm Dating Dixie D’Amelio?

With TikTok collaboratives like Hype House and Sway House buzzing up relationship rumors ever since coming up, fans would like to see every member dating someone or other, for one reason or another. And with the bigger deal of Charli D’Amelio & Chase Hudson and Bryce Hall & Addison Rae taking over, there are barely others that stand out.

However, aside from the ones widely discussed, many of the TikTok stars whose relationship gets shadowed by the rumors of the more high-profile ones do have a happy, confirmed BF-GF relationship. And as the sister of the most-followed TikTok user, Dixie D’Amelio surely does get the attention in the dating world.

But with Dixie leaving Hype House with her sister, she’s found a guy to be with on her own time. But she hasn’t strayed far. Sway House member Griffin Johnson recently just confirmed Dixie is his GF now. But was there ever a thing between her and Hype House‘s Tyler Holder?

Many Believed One Photo Sealed Tayler Holder and Dixie D’Amelio BF-GF Status in January

When the Hype House was formed in December 2019, there already were a few sparks flying around the group, not that they were high-profile yet. But as the collaborative got traction, Charli’s rumors with Chase got people wondering is Dixie is someone’s girlfriend. And they noticed she was closer to Tayler Holder than the other members.

There were a lot of signs as time went on — like that New Year’s celebration! But at the end of January 2020, Tayler posted a photo on Instagram that fans deemed the deal sealer for a confirmation of a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Tayler had a female hand on his, showing only their legs of course, and not mentioning it was Dixie’s, despite tagging her as the female hand. She did reply with a heart emoji in the comments.

Taylor Holder and Dixie D'Amelio's hands in the aforementioned Instagram post.Photo Source: Tayler Holder, Instagram

There were no signs of a Valentine’s Day tribute for each other, and some fans may have been disappointed, but that just meant there were no more than friends. If that doesn’t explain the nature of their relationship back then, the series of videos Alex Warren made trying to get the Hype House members to kiss each other might.

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Yeah, Dixie and Tayler had their own segment from Warren who tried making them kiss. And they would have, had they not been interrupted by Charli, who was playing with a light-saber a few seconds before. But they did later settle their relationship being in the friendzone for now.

And of course, by the end of February 2020, Dixie was already cozying up to now-boyfriend Griffin Johnson, who she later played a couple on the Brat TV series, Attaway General (rated “not good” by Dr. Mike, by the way, in medical perspectives). Tayler also later confirmed they were just friends during an interview with Hollywire in March 2020, joking that she friend-zoned him.

We all know what actually happened now. And it’s worth mentioning, the name Matt Garavel was popping up as her boyfriend, although, he was only a prom date in May 2018.

Was Tayler Holder Missing His Ex-GF Kaylyn Slevin with Those Broken-Hearted Posts?

Back in 2018, just during the early parts of her acting career, Tayler Holder was linked with Kylee Renee. But that soon shifted when he found a new best friend, actress Indiana Massara, while acting on Dirt for the first time. But when 2019 rolled in, there was someone better in his life, someone to be his GF for a few months.

Tayler Holder and aspiring model, actress & cheerleader Kaylyn Slevin confirmed their BF-GF relationship in May 2019 as he posted a whole YouTube video about it, titled ‘ITS OFFICIAL!‘. But by August 2019, their relationship came to a halt. And yeah, they made another YouTube video together, indicating no bad blood between them during separation. He was assured they’d hang out still, but that’s gone.

And just in February 2020, Holder was posting some weird tweets again and again — something that indicated he was missing an ex-girlfriend from the past, recreating posts he made with Slevin and also third-wheeling other couples around him. Yeah, he liked messing up romantic photos. The tweets were “emo”, as Hollywire explains it.

It was not distinguishable who these tweets referred to, but many of them pointed to former girlfriend Kaylyn. Or whether any of the others were lines from Drake’s music. But for now, one thing is clear. He sure is enjoying his time with suspected girlfriend Sommer Ray. Here’s EVERYTHING to know about that relationship.

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