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Wrenn Schmidt is one of those dynamic actors who you know can mold themselves into any type of character they want. Whether it is playing a KGB handler in an 80s set drama series The Americans or playing a NASA mission controller in the alternate history science fiction series, For All Mankind, there is certain amount of nuance Wrenn brings to her characters which endears her into the hearts of the fans and it all stemmed from her growth and her education.

The Margo Madison actress was born in 1983 to her father who was of German heritage and mother from English heritage, Wrenn is of mixed European heritage. Her father works as a biology professor, while her mother left her job as a dietician a little while ago. Coming from an educated middle-class family, there was a high emphasis on education, but she was always attracted by the allure of theatre.

Wrenn Schmidt is an actress known for her role in 'Outcast' and not 'For All Mankind.'Wrenn Schmidt is an actress known for her role in 'Outcast' and not 'For All Mankind.'
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Wrenn graduated from her high school South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts & Humanities, where she was among the inaugural drama class for the school. When high school was done, she was even more confident acting was meant for her, which is why the actress joined Southern Methodist University’s Meadows School of Arts, located in University Park, Texas. After almost four years there, she graduated summa cum laude with a B.F.A. in history and theatre studies in 2005, and after 14 years, she is starring in one of the first original shows of Apple TV+, For All Mankind.

Playing 'Margo Madison' in the Apple TV+ Series ‘For All Mankind’

Wrenn Schmidt is playing the character of Margo Madison in the Apple TV+ series 'For All Mankind.'Wrenn Schmidt is playing the character of 'Margo Madison' in the Apple TV+ series 'For All Mankind.'
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The moon landing is one of the proudest moments for Americans, NASA, and the world, which showed the ingenuity of humankind to reach beyond our limits and create new horizons. The first person to walk on the moon also ended the space race and for intents and purposes, signaled the beginning of the end for the Soviet Union.

American perseverance showed its superiority, and to this day, the only man to ever set foot on the moon was an American, but the new show For All Mankind asks the question, “What if the Soviet Union landed the first man on the moon and the US lost the space race?” In this alternate history series on Apple TV+, the new streaming platform from the hardware making company, creator Ronald D. Moore attempts to show how the power of unity and trying.

Watch: The trailer for the Apple TV+ series 'For All Mankind'

In the show, Wrenn plays the character of Margo Madison, who is one of the NASA scientists working in mission control, and she along with other people in the space program attempt to put another person on the surface of the moon, not giving up even if it means coming in second.

Wrenn is one among a large cast, which features Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, Sarah Jones, Shantel VanSanten, and Jodi Balfour. The first three episodes of the show are available for streaming on Apple TV+ since 1 November 2019, and further episodes will be released every week on Fridays. The series is already renewed for a second season, so do not worry about being stuck with an incomplete story.

'Megan Holter' from 'Outcast' and 'Diane Marsh' from 'Looming Tower' Among Other Strong Female Characters Portrayed by Wrenn

Wrenn Schmidt appeared in the show Boardwalk Empire as Julia Sagorsky Harrow.Wrenn Schmidt appeared in the show Boardwalk Empire as Julia Sagorsky Harrow.
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Wrenn’s career after the career was filled with theatre acting when she met her agent, who got her a small role in the hit TV show Law & Order. This was her break in 2006, and step by step, she was able to make a decent career for herself in Hollywood. She appeared in the Paul Rudd starring movie Our Idiot Brother, but her big break came in the hit HBO series Broadwalk Empire playing the character of Julia Sagorsky Harrow.

The HBO show got her a lot of recognition, which allowed her to be hired for seven episodes in the acclaimed Showtime series The Americans. Wrenn also portrayed a real-life character of Bobbie Jett in the movie I Saw the Light, where she starred alongside Tom Hiddleston with whom she shared a good relationship.

Watch: Wrenn as 'Megan Holter' in the Cinemax show 'Outcast'

Wrenn was also a guest star in multiple episodes of the cult classic series Person of Interest playing the role of Dr. Iris Campbell. After her stint with the show, she moved on to Outcast, where she played the role of Megan Holter. The actress explained how uncomfortable it was for her to do her nude scene in the series.

The actress also starred in the show The Looming Tower, the show about the lack of intelligence sharing between American Agencies, which resulted in 9/11. Wrenn portrayed the character of Diane Marsh in all ten episodes of the limited series, and now she is appearing in the Apple TV+ show For All Mankind.

Feeling Uncomfortable Filming Her Nude Scenes in Outcast

Wrenn Schmidt was involved in a nude scene on the series Outcast.Wrenn Schmidt was involved in a nude scene on the series Outcast.
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Nude scenes are prevalent in Hollywood movies and TV shows; most of the time, they are unnecessary, and sometimes the story demands it. But no matter how careful the writer is about writing the script, there is always an actor who needs to perform it and bare themselves naked for the world to see.

This was the case for Wrenn, who was Cinemax’s Outcast cast as one of the main protagonists. In one scene of the series, she gets possessed by a demon, and this leads to her stripping down naked inside her bathroom while standing in front of her co-star. This whole ordeal was difficult for her considering the scene needed a whole day to shoot, and there was blood and makeup on her naked body, which made it even more uncomfortable.

Wrenn Schmidt said the nude scene in Outcast was hard for her at first.Wrenn Schmidt said the nude scene in Outcast was hard for her at first.
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Wrenn explained it was her parents, which was her biggest hesitation in doing the scene. Her parents always questioned her about her work, and she did not know how she was going to explain a nude scene to her parents. “It’s gonna be a weird conversation to have with my parents,” the actress said before the episode came out in an interview with Bustle. “That’s gonna be a tricky conversation. It’s not really in their day-to-day; they think very differently about work and jobs. They’re like, ‘Do you have a real job?”

But the actress later explained she felt strongly about the scene after the director explained the importance of the scene and why it is needed for the episode. “You don’t want your personal experience of discomfort to impact the character’s experience even though you’re having a wildly different experience,” she explained the reason she was able to do the scene.

Her Relationship Status; Is Wrenn Schmidt Married?

Wrenn Schmidt is currently single and never been married.Wrenn Schmidt is currently single and never been married.
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Wrenn is extremely private with her life, she already shares more than she wants to for her work, and there is a certain level of protectiveness when it comes to her personal life. Though she was seen with her co-stars on multiple occasions, the actress is not in a relationship with anyone. Well, she did express her love for Arsenal soccer player Mesut Ozil on Twitter.

Her parents enjoy a happy married life, her mom stopped working, and her father is still a professor, but they’ve been together for a pretty long time. This is not something the actress is looking for right now, which is why Wrenn Schmidt is still not engaged or tied the knot with someone. Love always finds a way, but she is not actively seeking romance, or there is no particular need for a boyfriend or husband in her life right now.

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