Young Royals Actor Edvin Ryding – 5 Facts to Know About the Swedish Actor!

Young Royals is the new Netflix show featuring a LGBTQ+ story among the younger member of the Swedish Royal Family. Edvin Ryding plays Wilhelm in the show and you can watch the trailer for the nice looking show right now. But if you are wondering who the leading actor of the streaming show is, well, we have got 5 facts to help you better know the Swedish actor.

Edvin Ryding was pretty young when he first got a shot at acting because of an accidental meeting. Recently out of high school, the actor has already been in front of the camera for over a decade. With multiple credits to his name, Edvin is finally getting the international exposure as well as a taste of being the leading man of his own show.

The talent of the actor was evident from the start but continued success over the past decade has been a validation of all that talent.  Now fans want to know if the actor is gay, does he have a boyfriend, his age and other personal details. Well, here are 5 facts we were able to gather about the actor, maybe that will answer all the questions for you.

Edvin Ryding Age – The Swedish Actor Recently Turned 18

edvin-ryding-boyfriend-facts-2021Edvin Ryding is an 18-year-old actor from Sweden, starring in Netflix series Young Royals.
Image Source: Edvin Ryding Instagram

Edvin Ryding was born on 4 February 2003 to his parents in Sweden. The actor was raised in Saltsjö-Boo with his three siblings and the actor went to school there. He was not one of those kids who grew up with the desire to be an actor when they grow up. Instead, Edvin watched football on TV and he loved playing the game.

Later the opportunity of movie and TV came to the young actor. While his parents were a little contentious to begin with, they recognized the opportunity acting offered to young Edvin. It all led to hi, standing in front of a large billboard, a few years later, and his father being proud of his son’s name at the top, ahead of some big names from Sweden.

Edvin Ryding’s Big Acting Break was a Coincidence

Edvin Ryding was 5-years-old when the actor got his first exposure to the world of film making. But his journey into the Swedish industry was a coincidence, one that involved a used bed. The actor’s parents’ friend were selling a used bed on Blocket and when the buyer came to see the bed and the deal was finalized, her phone rang.

The buyer was involved in the TV and movie industry and according to Edvin, “It was SVT. They were working on the production of “The Man Under the Stairs” with Jonas Carlsson in the lead role.” The production needed a 5-year-old boy to play the role of son and the Edvin name was floated. Soon, he was on set and 6 years later, the actor’s home was flooded with scripts with Edvin managing a steady work flow.

Edvin Wanted to be a Football Player Growing Up

As we mentioned above, Edvin Ryding did not grow up with the idea of being in the movie and TV industry. Unlike most kid actors, Edvin was attracted to something else as a kid. He loved playing football and played for his hometown team Boo FF, with his preferred position being in the left side of the mid field.

The actor managed school, football and acting all together but his desire was always to be a player. Edvin even said his biggest idol was Cristiano Ronaldo, player for Juventus and Portugal national team. His desire was to ply his trade as a professional player but fate had picked a different route for the actor.

Edvin Ryding Boyfriend – Is the Young Royal Actor Gay?

Young Royals follows the life of Prince Wilhelm who has a notorious streak about him. Wilhelm likes to party and he is also gay, but no one knows about that. The show has resulted in thousands of fans looking over all Instagram posts of the actor to find if he has a boyfriend. The fans want to know if the actor is gay as the character he plays on the streaming show.

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Well, we dug deep into all of his social media pages as well as a search of details on the internet, nothing turned up any detail about the actor’s relationship detail. It appears Edvin is single, he does not have a boyfriend or girlfriend, to the best of our knowledge. The actor seems focused on his acting career and though he has some ladies and gents on his Instagram, Edvin is single at the moment.

Edvin Plays Prince Wilhelm in the Netflix Series Young Royals

According to synopsis released by Netflix, “Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at his prestigious new boarding school, Hillerska, but following his heart proves more challenging than anticipated.” Wilhelm gets into a fight while intoxicated and that results in his parents removing him from such situation.

Edvin Ryding plays Prince Wilhelm in Young Royals. He is the youngest child of the family and his behaviors result in him getting sent to a reputed boarding school. In the school Wilhelm finds friends, admirers and struggles with his own feelings towards another student.

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Young Royals is arriving on Netflix this 1 July 2021. There are 6 episodes in the first season and the cast is led by Edvin Ryding as Prince Wilhelm, with Omar Rudberg, and Malte Gårdinger also starring.

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