Is Anant Ambani Autistic? – Anant Ambani is being called autistic, but he is not. Many people are making fun of his facial expressions and the way he delivered his speech. However, he has had ‘Chronic Sinusitis’ making breathing difficult, and the facial expressions are the result of his health problem, not autism.

Anant Ambani, the 28-year-old son of billionaire entrepreneur Mukesh Ambani, plans to marry longtime lover Radhika Merchant. However, the family planned a three-day pre-wedding celebration in Jamnagar, India, where most of the Bollywood celebs, including cricketers and actors, participated. The pre-wedding celebration features a performance by pop diva Rihanna and over 1,200 guests, including billionaires from around the world, chiefs of state, Hollywood, and Bollywood elite.

Anant Ambani, the groom-to-be, praised his parents. He expressed gratitude to his parents, Mukesh and Nita Ambani, for their consistent support throughout his health difficulties since boyhood. However, not everyone liked the speech; many have trolled him for his appearance and his way of giving speeches, many calling him autistic. So, is he really autistic?

Anant Ambani Autistic: Trolled for Having Autism Behavior

Anant Ambani is not autistic, as claimed by several people on the internet who are trolling him.

The Ambani family is open about their son Anant Ambani’s health problems, but he is not autistic. Mukesh Ambani seemed clearly affected and in tears as his youngest son and groom-to-be, Anant, thanked him and Nita Ambani for their support and encouragement while he fought with health issues from childhood.

Anant Ambani does not have autism. celebsindepth.comAnant Ambani does not have autism.
Source: People

There are people who are even trolling Radhika, Anant Ambani’s soon-to-be wife for choosing him, an autistic person just for money. People call him dumb and say that he doesn’t deserve all this publicity, as he is weird. No doubt, the Internet these days doesn’t seem to be a safe place for anyone.

Although he has a little different behavior than any normal person, that doesn’t mean you can give Anant Ambani the tag of being an autistic person. The reason he acts differently is due to his health problem; he has been diagnosed with asthma, which has led him to carry a heavier weight, so he doesn’t want to face cameras and feels uneasy due to trolls.

People should understand that health problems can badly affect anyone’s behavior, but trolling them is really not the right thing to do. To be honest, the speech he gave was really touching and is the most loved by the audience, but why are people only focusing on a chance to degrade him? In a touching video that has now gone viral, Mukesh Ambani fought to hold back his tears when Anant expressed his thanks.

The video has resonated widely on social media, portraying a touching instance of familial love and support amid the lavish celebrations. Whatever the case, to conclude the discussion, Anant Ambani is not an autistic person.

Anant Ambani Isn’t Autistic, and Autism Behavior Is Due to Health Problems

In his speech at the ceremony, Anant Ambani praised his parents for making him feel unique and went on to speak about his battles with health and asthma, which have a connection to his troll regarding autism.

Anant Ambani has had 'Chronic Sinusitis' but not autism. celebsindepth.comAnant Ambani has had ‘Chronic Sinusitis’ but not autism.
Source: NDTV

Many people are making fun of his facial expressions and the way Anant Ambani delivered his speech and comparing his behavior to that of autistic people. He has had ‘Chronic Sinusitis’ since he was seven years old, which causes nasal obstruction and congestion, making breathing difficult and causing pain around the cheeks and eyes. This remained the primary reason for his obesity. The facial expressions are the result of this.

Anant Ambani had severe asthma at one point. Yes, he had severe asthma and thyroid issues. His weight came with him from childhood. Doctors prescribed him a large dose of steroids (a strong drug) due to his severe asthma. Because steroids are known to cause hunger, the desires lead to binge eating and weight gain. Prolonged use of steroids resulted in a significant transformation in his physique.

The onset of hypothyroidism added to his problems. This resulted in a lowering of his metabolism, which proved to be another factor contributing to his weight gain. After the internet had had its fill of Anant trolls about his weight, everyone was aware that he had made news after shedding 108 kg in 18 months. It caused quite a stir on social media.

Anant Ambani commended Nita Ambani for her persistent efforts to prepare the festivities in Gujarat’s Jamnagar ahead of his wedding to Radhika Merchant. He also stated that his mother has worked approximately 19 hours each day for the past four months in preparation for the wedding. His autistic behavior is due to a health problem, not being autistic.

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