Angelo Dawkins’ Wife: Relationship With Grace Russo – Grace Russo is not the wife of Angelo Dawkins, as speculated by fans, but they are in a relationship, and they have been dating each other for a long time. The couple shares a baby boy whom they welcomed in July 2020. There have been other rumors and speculations about the two. So, to know more about them, read this article!

You must be familiar with the name, The Street Profits, right? Well, the Street Profits are the WWE’s three-time tag team champions, who have each held the Raw, SmackDown, and NXT Tag Team Championships once, are now competing as “the Pride” stable on SmackDown and they also became the second WWE Tag Team Triple Crown Champions in addition to that.

Gary Gordon better known by his ring name, Angelo Dawkins, and Kenneth Crawford better known by his ring name, Montez Ford’ are the two members of the American professional wrestling tag team, The Street Profits. They are now the fastest team to accomplish this in 499 days, and they are one of just three teams (the other two being The Revival and The New Day) to do it and as tag team champions on both the Raw and SmackDown brands, they ruled for a total of 312 days.

The tag team champions have been in the spotlight for a while now and the fans want to know more information about them including their personal lives. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the personal life of Angelo Dawkins, details about his wife to be precise. Well, let’s read this article to find out if Angelo is married or not, and if he is not who is he dating in 2024!

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Grace Russo Is Not the Wife of Angelo Dawkins: She Is His Girlfriend

Angelo Dawkins (@adawks_cog) is not married so he doesn’t have a wife but he is in a happy relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Grace Russo and together they have a baby boy whom they welcomed together in July 2020. The couple have not made any announcements about them getting married so the only conclusion we can draw is that they are not married.

The 33-year-old professional wrestler has always been a member of the Street Profits tag team and he made his stage debut alongside partner Montez Ford (@montezfordwwe) in 2016. Since then the professional wrestler has been in the spotlight and after the two of them became Raw Tag Team Champions their popularity grew even more.

With all the popularity, the viewers also want to know about his personal life and what Angelo Dawkins does and whom is he dating. The most asked discussed topic about his personal life is if he is married or not. It’s not surprising for the viewers to be interested in the personal life of celebrities as they always want to know more information about their personal life. Well, let’s get right into it!

Picture of Angelo Dawkins and Grace Russo. Picture of Angelo Dawkins and Grace Russo.
Source: Instagram

Angelo Dawkins’s love for his loved ones appears to outweigh any pride or happiness he may have over his career accomplishments as the professional wrestler seems to care about his loved ones very much. Speaking about the loved ones, the 33-year-old professional wrestler is in a long-term happy relationship with Grace Russo.

The pair is frequently photographed together at public events, particularly those sponsored by WWE and they look quite good together. Although the exact date is not verified from when they have started dating but there is a speculation that the two of them have dating since January 2016 and Dawkins frequently posts images of the two on his social media.

As it turns out, Grace is not only a girlfriend of Dawkins, but she is also his agent; on social media, the latter frequently refers to his partner as ‘the agent’. Even though Grace seems to prefer a quiet existence, Dawkins never misses an opportunity to tell the world that he is going on a date with her when the right moment comes up. The couple appears to be very much in love with one another, and their warmth and love have made the fans glad to witness their relationship grow. Maybe they will soon be husband and wife.

Angelo Dawkins and Grace Russo Have a Baby Boy Together

Angelo Dawkins and Grace Russo‘s (@gracestephanie01) happiness was further enhanced in July 2020 when they welcomed a healthy baby boy into their family. The WWE star, in particular, seizes every opportunity to strengthen his relationship with his kid. Their youngest child was welcomed into the world with much joy. When chatting about his child on social media, Dawkins prefers to refer to him as ‘lil homie’ rather than by his son’s name.

Angelo Dawkins and Grace Russo with their lil homie. Angelo Dawkins and Grace Russo with their lil homie.
Source: Instagram

There is not much other information about his son but he surely loves him a lot. As the couple share a child together, the people have been asking questions if the couple is married and Angelo Dawkins’ wife is Grace Russo but they have never made such announcements about getting married and they would probably announce that they are husband and wife but for now they have yet to make this announcement.

So, in conclusion we can safely say that Angelo Dawkins is in a happy relationship with his long-term girlfriend Grace Russo and they are not married in 2024.

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