Madison Anderson’s Boyfriend, Conn Davis: Are They Still Together?

Madison Anderson is said to be dating her boyfriend, Conn Davis. Madison and Con started dating back in January, but it’s unclear if they are still together or not, as Madison doesn’t follow Conn on Instagram but Conn does, and he has also shared her image.

Every day, The House of the Famous provides us with new topics to discuss. When you lock a group of celebrities in a house for over a month while surrounded by more than 50 cameras and 60 microphones, friction, and drama are unavoidable. We don’t leave anything out, thanks to the hosts, Jimena Gallego and Hector Sandati.

One such cast is Madison Anderson, aside from the normal issues and pressures that come with this type of competition, the most difficult thing for the Puerto Rican model has been the lack of communication with the outside world, as she has admitted on multiple occasions via the live stream available on

Due to her appearance on the show, fans are more curious about her. Madison Anderson, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019, is a Puerto Rican-American model and beauty pageant winner. Those who are aware of Madison know every single detail about her, but those who got to know her from the show The House of Fame has been interested in learning about her personal life, especially her boyfriend. So who is her boyfriend?

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It’s Unclear if Madison Anderson and Her Boyfriend, Conn Davis, Are Still Together!

Madison Anderson (@madisonandersonberrios), an American model, has not made it clear whether she has a boyfriend or not. She prefers to keep her personal life private and does not desire media attention. She was dating her boyfriend, Conn Davis (@conndavis). However, we are not sure if Madison Anderson and Conn Davis are still together or not. But let us discuss their relationship.

Madison Anderson with her boyfriend, Conn Davis.Madison Anderson with her boyfriend, Conn Davis.
Image Source: People

Madison Anderson was previously dating her boyfriend, Conn Davis, and he is 38 years old, so he is older than her. People published an article on May 9 stating that the model, actress, influencer, and singer had only been dating her partner for three months when, on January 17, she made her entrance into the most famous house on Hispanic television.

Beyond the controversies and strains that this type of competition generally entails, the most difficult thing for the Puerto Rican model has been losing touch with the outside world, as she has admitted on multiple occasions via the live stream available on Madison Anderson also revealed on The House of Celebrities at the time that she already knew her partner’s family. She disclosed;

He introduces me as his wife.

Davis surprised the mansion’s “Barbie Boricua” with eight bouquets of sunflowers on March 8. Because of the rules of the game, the fisherman was unable to personally bring the flowers to his sweetheart, but they did come. It poured sunflowers in “The House of Fame” that day, and the singer received the information via helicopter. Each bouquet contained a message for the contestant. “Madison, you are the light of my life,”. “Madison, you are the woman of my life.” “Madison, I would wait 100 years for you.” “Madison, you have support from all over the world.” “Madison, Puerto Rico has your back.” “Madison, the whole family loves and supports you.” “Madison, smile, my love; you’ve got this.”

Madison Anderson's boyfriend, Conn Davis, has shared her picture.Madison Anderson’s boyfriend, Conn Davis, has shared her picture.
Source: Instagram

Conn Davis Jr. is renowned as the younger brother of Hannah Davis Jeter, a well-known television personality. He worked as an investment banker with America’s Executions, or “AmerX.” In addition, he is a partner in the Concord Blue Virgin Islands. Conn Devis Jr. is most intriguing since he explores the seas and enjoys fishing on seashores with family and friends. We may see photographs of Crevalle, Pompano, wahoo, mahimahi, common lionfish, and other fish on his Instagram account.

He is also well-known as the ex-boyfriend of prominent actress and model Hannah Ferguson (@hannahfergusonofficial). The couple started dating in 2015. They were in open relationships and frequently shared loving photos on social media. Since 2015, he was dating Hannah Ferguson. Following that, they began meeting regularly and gradually progressed into a love life. The duo frequently attends events together and has been open about their love. Unfortunately, their relationship ended,].

However, we are not sure if Madison Anderson and Colin Davis are still together or not. Madison doesn’t follow Conn Davis on Instagram, but he still follows her and has even shared her pictures. We believe they are still together and going strong. We could not confirm nor deny their current status.

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